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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Nightrunners Walkthrough

Nightrunners in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Nightrunners Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

Nightrunners in Dying Light 2

Talk to Frank in the Fisheye, then head to the new tower. Like last time, you will have to climb a lot, mainly along the ledges outside the building. Don't forget to use the grappling hook. And along the way, be sure to find a container with inhibitors. Go through the dark apartments, use the elevator shaft and go up. At the top, you'll find Night Runner's Diary #6 (cassettes). Climb up, activate the radio tower. Decide who to give it to. When you move up the tower, cling to the rotating metal cylinders. Move to a new location, kill all enemies and start the generator. Get to the indicated building. Before you jump down and open the marked door, find the note (memorabilia). Finish off all the renegades and go to the meeting point with Hakon.

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Get inside the church and fight the Renegades. Talk to Hakon and defeat him. If you want him to survive, don't threaten him. After waking up, pick up a note (memorable souvenirs). Kill the enemies, climb up and inspect the two doors. Behind one of them is enemy. Defeat him again, then try to leave the church. Hakon will rise to his feet and speak to you. You can finish him off or say you don't want to fight. Then, if he survived, Lawan will appear and you can convince her that Hakon deserves forgiveness. Before you go outside, pick up a list of victims of Lawan (memorable souvenirs). Return to the Fisheye and talk to Frank and Lawan. A series of conversations will begin, and you will almost be able to confess your love to Lawan. Of course, if she was helped. The task will end.