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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Veronica Walkthrough

Veronica in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest Veronica Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

Veronica in Dying Light 2

Veronica is a story mission in Dying Light 2 that follows Nightrunners. Open the global map and return to Old Villedor (you need to zoom out on the map as much as possible to see the fast travel points). Enter the Bazaar and talk to Barney standing by the screen on the left. Enter the house, kill the enemies and break open the door. Finish off the rest of the renegades and look through the other door to find Vincenzo.

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Exit and return to the Central Loop. Head to the dam and talk to Veronica, who is waiting inside the marked building. You can speak for Mia or remain silent. Where Veronica stood, find the newspaper article on January 23, 2022 (commemorative souvenirs). Head to the indicated location and Veronica will give you an item that protects against chemicals. Run to the building ahead and jump up the rungs between the two towers. Jump to the left, onto another building, and onto the platforms outside to get to the top. Open the hatch and go down.

Run past the zombies using the ultraviolet flashlight. Clear the flooded hall and open the door using the lockpick. Climb up the stairs behind the door and activate the generator. Next, you need to climb to the floor on the other side in the same room to find a control room. Grab the cable and carry it back to the generator you just turned on. Go to the elevator to Veronica. You can calm her down.

All doors are locked. Jump onto the crates in the corner and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. There is a yellow rag there. Jump down into the next room and open a shortcut back. The red shield is behind the closed door. Go to the back room, where there is furniture covered with a white sheet. Jump under the ceiling from above and follow through the open ventilation to the right room. Now you can connect the green shield and the red shield with a cable. Go after Veronica, then go back along the marker and insert the key into the control panel. You will be locked up. Enter the back room and jump through the hole in the ceiling. So, you get to Veronica's office and can find out the truth about the woman. First you need to break out the ventilation grill in the corner. You will receive a commemorative souvenirs.

Let the girl open the way further. Jump to the specified door from the table. It's difficult, but possible. Hold "Space"! Take the blocker to protect yourself from the chemical attack. Talk to Veronica and try to find out about everything. Destroy all Renegades and return to Veronica. Continue fighting in the hall with enemies, and then look through the bars. Jump up to return to Veronica. Use the Survivor's Sense and follow the trail. Climb up the elevator shaft until you see Waltz. Run away from him and fight on the roof.