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Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest X13 Walkthrough

X13 in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Guide — Story Quest X13 Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
3 февраля 2022

X13 in Dying Light 2

Run forward into the fog and use the Survivor's Sense to find the trail that will lead to the entrance. After the video, you will be in a different place. Jump on pieces of the ruined road and get to the desired object. Soon you will have to split up with Lawan. Examine the corridors on the left and right. Kill all Renegades and return to Lawan. Pass dangerous zombies. You can run through, as the chase will stop right after the narrow passage in the ajar door. Search several rooms for collectibles - Mia's birthday photo, X13 letter from the boy to his mother, X13 Wayne's medical file, X13 Gabriel's medical record, X13 Wendy's medical record, X13 Charles' medical record, X13 Oscar's medical record. After the cut-scene, you will be able to pick up X13 Peter's medical card and X13 nursery rhyme for Dr. Waltz.

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Talk to Waltz, then fight him. There will be several stages of the battle. On some of them you need to chase Walz, although on one - do not poke your head into the fog, otherwise you will turn. In the end, a decision will have to be made. You can let Lawan kill herself and save the city, or you can choose to save Lawan. In this case, half the city will die. One way or another, Aiden will leave the city, and with him Hakon (if he survived).