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Dying Light 2 Side Quests — The Ball is in Your Court Walkthrough

The Ball is in Your Court in Dying Light 2: tips and tricks, recommendations, boss battles, walkthrough and guide.
Dying Light 2 Side Quests — The Ball is in Your Court  Walkthrough
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
7 февраля 2022

The Ball is in Your Court in Dying Light 2

Side quest The Ball is in Your Court - What happens if you tell Dodger about Hubert or remain silent

Tell about Hubert or not in Dying Light 2

Dodger can be found in the Bazaar. He will ask you to check what Hubert is doing. Finding a character is not a problem. Use the Survivor's Sense on the top floor of the house. Follow the hole, which indicates the passage behind the wall. Climb up and find Hubert's room.

After talking with Hubert, you will understand that he refuses to obey Dodger. He injured his leg and does not want to work. Because of this, you will have to do the job that Dodger assigned Hubert. Head to the military vehicle garage to meet Mark and Jonas. They are afraid to go down the mine. Follow there. There are infected downstairs! Keep to the left side of the cars and move down to the end of the room to bypass the first infected. Climb the stairs and go through the door at the end of the hall. Turn right and drop down to ground level. Go around enemies and collect loot. When you find five supplies, return the same way to Mark and Jonas. You can share with them or kill them.

Make any decision and return to Hubert. Go to the Dodger at the Bazaar and decide. You can tell about Hubert or better to cover him. If you cover for Hubert, Dodger will be respectful. Klaus, the leader of the ambush group, will appear. If you decide to turn in Hubert, Dodger will be dissatisfied.

The quest will end anyway, but in the future there are no serious penalties and consequences depending on the decision made.