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All Collectibles for a Detective Board in Sifu

In order to get several achievements related to the scheme, you will have to find in Sifu all the clues and hidden clues in the Squats, the Club, the Museum, the Tower and the Vault
All Collectibles for a Detective Board in Sifu
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
11 февраля 2022

The Squats Sifu Board

  • Fajar – The Botanist. Pick up this item from the table at the start of the game, after the prologue. Impossible to miss.
  • Squats. The item is available by default.
  • Bandits. Meet the first enemies on the level.
  • Skull Letter. After the first two opponents, open the gate and go left. Examine the note on the glass front door of the house.
  • Avenue Door. Examine this door by trying to open it. The door is opened with a bunch of keys, which you will receive a little later in this level. Short cut to the boss.
  • Junkies. On the second floor of the house, where the door to the avenue is, enter the open apartment and approach the man on the couch. Press "2" to examine the evidence.
  • Purple Mist. When you go up to the top floor and jump into the next building, kill three enemies. Two people throw bottles. There is a bag of purple powder (drug) on ​​the kitchen table.
  • Giant. Get automatically by story.
  • Banknotes. After defeating the giant, examine the table where he was sitting.
  • Skull Brothers. Get automatically by story.
  • Bunch of keys. Get automatically by story.
  • Metal Gate. Get automatically by story.
  • Club Flyer. In front of the corridor with steel gates there will be rooms with many enemies. Drugs are produced or packaged here. There is a flyer on the table of the room on the left.
  • Purple Mist. In a large warehouse where drugs are also produced or packaged. After opening the steel door. Look on one of the tables. The item is small and easy to miss. Until the second giant!
  • Card Key 206. After killing the second giant and two enemies, run along the alley past the crypt. Once in the room in front of the boss, look for an item on the table.
  • Private Room Door. In the same place as the key card, go behind the screen and inspect the door.
  • Red envelop Get at the very end of the game. In the hideout, you need to explore room 206 to get the key, then return to the level and open the door described above (before the boss). There is an envelope on the table.

The Club – Sifu Detective Board

  1. Sean. The item is available by default.
  2. The Club. The item is available by default.
  3. Searching for Sean. Deal with the guard at the entrance and go to the reception at the beginning of the club. Ask where Sean is. Do not touch him! Deal with the two opponents on the left, then return to the administrator and ask the question again.
  4. Clubbers. Get automatically by story.
  5. Flash kick. Get automatically by story.
  6. Access Door. On the dance floor, examine the door in the far right corner. You need a student pass, which you will receive later in this level.
  7. Code door. Examine the door on the dance floor in the far left corner. Next to a door that will open automatically. You will find the code for the door in the Museum, after defeating the mini-boss. Behind this door you can find the key of Fire, which is needed to open the box of Fire in the Club.
  8. Fire Key. Open the door with a combination lock on the dance floor, at the beginning of the club. You will receive the key for killing the mini-boss in the Museum. More details below.
  9. Sean's student. Get automatically by story.
  10. Disciple’s Pass. Get automatically by story.
  11. Tech Guy. You need to get to the top floor, where the techie (DJ) operator's room is located. For example, when you receive a student pass and return to the club, open the door in the far-right corner of the dance floor. Service Door - From the clue below. Go past another door and go up. In the dark corridor, kill the enemies and enter the equipment room on the right.
  12. Three Trials. Get automatically by story.
  13. Hacker Key. Talk to the techie described above after inspecting Jingfen's computer in the Tower. Select "Computer Access", then "Corporation".
  14. Sean's Values. In front of the room with the box of Fire, you will find yourself in an alley. He's on fire too. Examine the three hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls.
  15. Fire Chest. Search after the previous lead. Opened with the Key of Fire, described above.
  16. Sean's Father. Find the photo inside the Fire Box.

The Museum – Sifu Detective Board

  • Kuroki is an artist. The item is available by default.
  • Museum. The item is available by default.
  • Security. Get automatically by story.
  • Museum map. After defeating the first guards, look on the small table on the right, in front of the stairs leading up.
  • Stairs Access. Pass the first exhibition and examine the passage to the left of the elevator. You need a key card, which you will receive at this level.
  • Elevator. Climb up the stairs and inspect the elevator. Can be done on any floor. You will find the key card a little later. Opened with the elevator key you get before the boss fight.
  • Exhibition: Identity. Get automatically by story.
  • Exhibition: Cycle. Get automatically by story.
  • Sean's Army. Get automatically by story.
  • Exhibition: Twins. Get automatically by story.
  • Get automatically by story.
  • Museum Keycard. Get automatically by story.
  • Artists Residence Door. The locked door on the fourth floor is unlocked by the artists' key, which can be found in the Tower (read below).
  • Family Photo. Hidden behind the door to the artist's residence.
  • Club Code. Defeat the woman with the staff on the third floor of the hall where the elevator is (optional battle) in the story. Opens the door with a combination lock in the club, on the dance floor at the very beginning.
  • Strange Mask. Examine the mask that the woman with the staff was looking at on the third floor.
  • Temporary exhibition. On the table in front of the entrance to the fourth exhibition, according to the plot.
  • Elevator Key. Opens the elevator. Obtained after defeating the twins before the boss fight.

Tower – Sifu Detective Board

  1. Art Auction. In the hall at the beginning of the level, examine the rooms on the left. Search on the table.
  2. Elevator. Examine the right elevator in the lobby, closed.
  3. Jinfeng’s Computer. After meeting with the woman, inspect the computer on her desk.
  4. Safe Jinfeng. Interact with the computer, then get the hacker flash drive from the Club (described above), come back here and interact with the computer again. Get a lead.
  5. The Guardian’s Vow. Lies inside the Jingfen safe.
  6. Artist Key. Lies inside the Jingfen safe.
  7. Get automatically by story.
  8. The Sanctuary. Under the screen with a projector in a room with communicating enemies.
  9. The Rift. Automatically according to the plot.
  10. Conspiracy. Get automatically by story.
  11. Elevator key card. Get automatically by story. Opens the elevator at the beginning of the level to get to the rift.
  12. Dawn. Get automatically by story.
  13. Shadows. Fight the ninja in the Rift. Get automatically by story.

The Sanctuary – Sifu Detective Board

  1. Newspaper. Enter the first building and examine the tables on the left.
  2. Inner Garden Door. In the second room of the Vault, the door is ahead. Opened with a key card, which you get towards the end of the level, in front of the boss.
  3. Room 206. On the second floor of the apartment to the right of the hall. Opened with keycard 206 from the Slums.
  4. Flower key. Search in room 206.
  5. Fajar medical report. Search in room 206.
  6. Aromatic Garden Door. Get automatically by story. It opens with the key of the same name (read below).
  7. Aromatic Garden Key. Get automatically by story.
  8. Statue. Examine the statue in the inner garden where the giant will appear. It's on the left side of the cliff. A man is sitting next to him.
  9. Keycard. Defeat the mini-boss with the staff before going to Yan. Automatically.
  10. Alchemist's vow. In the last room before the boss, with shelves and scrolls. On the far table on the right.
  11. Yang's flowers. Get automatically by story.
  12. Five values. Get automatically by story.
  13. Tombs. Get automatically by story.
  14. Sacred mountains. You need to complete the game for the true ending.