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How to Save Everyone and Get the Best Ending in Dying Light 2

As for me, this is the true, canonical ending of Dying Light 2, which reflects the very name of the game Stay Human.
How to Save Everyone and Get the Best Ending in Dying Light 2
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
11 февраля 2022

How to unlock the true ending of Dying Light 2

  1. Perhaps, in a conversation with Hakon at the beginning of the game, you need to say “Agreed” when he offers to go out of town together.
  2. When you go to the Tango Motel and Hakon offers to "beat on Sophie and Barney", say that you promised her and help Sophie.
  3. In a conversation with Sophie in the motel when she is holding a crossbow, say that you can help each other and promise to help in the second choice.
  4. Don't kill Jack and Joe by choosing peaceful phrases.
  5. Give the water tower to the Survivors. This is how you save the Bazaar.
  6. Agree to help Hakon when you discover that he killed Lucas. Save him from the sniper.
  7. How to save Aitor? On the ship, when the wounded Aitor appears, save him by completing the quest of the same name. Give him small leaves.
  8. Before the Broadcasting quest, talk to Lawan and agree to listen to Frank. Talk to Frank.
  9. Once on the TV tower, pass the link to Frank. If the city survives, it will now be ruled by Free Runners and Night Runners.
  10. Don't kill Hakon in the church. Say you don't want to fight (when you leave the temple).
  11. Don't let Lawan kill Hakon by saying she won't get better. The girl will spare Hakon, who will be able to save her in the future. Also, Lawan will become the Night Runner, and Frank will forgive Hakon, who will return to the Fisheye.
  12. Back at the Fisheye, be sure to stop by to talk to Lawan (when Frank talks about Veronica). Choose romantic options, show interest and care for Lawan.
  13. When Frank gets shot with an arrow, don't listen to Matt. Agree to stay and help Frank first. Find the medicine from the healer and bring it to Frank.
  14. In Williams Fortress, trust the Colonel as Matt is indeed deceiving.
  15. At the very end of the game, let Loan sacrifice herself. Hakon will save the girl, and when Aiden leaves the city, she will join him and set off on his journey.