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Safe Codes in Dying Light 2

Read how to crack every Safe. List of all codes for safes that you can find in Dying Light 2
Safe Codes in Dying Light 2
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
11 февраля 2022

Safe Codes and Passwords in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you can find several locked safes. Some of them open as standard, with the help of master keys, but there are safes with a toggle switch that require knowledge of the password. Usually, the password is hidden somewhere nearby. Rarely associated with a quest. Fortunately, all codes for safes in the game are the same for every gamer, so this guide will be as useful and relevant as possible.

Inside some safes, you will find inhibitors that allow you to improve Aiden's health or stamina. You need to rotate the toggle switch with the dial by moving the mouse around the table until the desired number (or number) appears. Then left click to confirm your choice. After entering the code combination correctly, the safe will automatically open.

All Safe Codes in Dying Light 2 (how to open all safes)

  • Trinity, a tower in the Bazaar. The code for the safe is 510.
  • Houndfield, Nightrunner hideout - 101.
  • Houndfield, safe in Dr. Katsumi's office, St. Joseph's Hospital - 973. Found as part of the "First Biomarker" side quest.
  • Houndfield, Crocodile Plains, during the side quest "Not Your Level". Code - 11 11 19 (date on the photo, you need to subtract 2 years).
  • Horseshoe, the code from the safe on the water tower (side task "Moonshine", the year of the discovery of America) - 14 9 2.
  • Quarry End, safe in the house - 22 67 66.
  • New Down Park, the code for the safe in the office is 10 28 64.
  • Downtown, bandit camp in the city center - 313.
  • Muddy Grounds, the code for the safe on the water tower (side mission "Treasure Hunter") - 3 21 67.
  • On the border between Muddy Grounds and Wharf, the code for the safe in the wok container is 10 10 10.
  • Garrison Boulevard, the code for the safe at the power plant is 314.
  • The code for the safe in the camp on the bridge, the border of Downtown and Wharf - 74 17 76.
  • Code from the safe in the temple of St. Thomas - 444.
  • Newly found lost lands, the code for the safe in the restaurant is 459.