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Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — Reach for the Stars

We tell you how to complete the first story mission "Reach for the Stars" in the game Horizon Forbidden West: tips, hints, guides, boss battles
Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — Reach for the Stars
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
17 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West: Reach for the Stars

After the introductory video, collect a plant that will replenish the healing stocks shown in the lower left corner of the screen. Restore HP, collect other items and move in the direction of the target indicator. Go down below, collect the woodworker and create some arrows through the circular menu. The game will tell you how to do it.

Get to the first enemy vehicles. Hide in the grass and use the right analog to scan the enemy. Study all its details. In the case of Burrower, the weak spot is the eye.

How to defeat Burrower:

  • Vulnerability: fire.
  • Vulnerable point: eye.
  • Cargo bay: must be shot down before destruction, contains resources.
  • Acoustic system: must be knocked down before destruction, a key resource for improvement.

Each enemy has one piece that is used to upgrade weapons or armor. Be sure to knock down these details! Finish off the enemies, find the ladder and shoot the red mount to lower it. Climb up, bend down and follow the opening. Find the entrance to the complex and examine the green scanner. Open the door ahead. Examine the corridor, examine the blockage and collect resources. You can highlight them with a scanner. Create a grappling hook on the workbench, aim at the rubble, click on the "triangle" and throw the grappling hook. Keep holding R2 to destroy the blockage.

Use the console, stand on the stone in the middle and jump to the hook point. Double-click on the "cross" to grab onto the ledge. This can be done thanks to the hook. Walk to the right, jump on the wall and lower the ladder for Varl. Destroy the debris ahead, deal with the enemies using stealth and rocks. The game tells you what to do.

Kill all the Burrowers, run to the marker and dismantle two traps in the corridor. Create a trap through the crafting menu (hold down button). Destroy new enemies - rubble. You can use explosives.

How to defeat the Rubble:

  • Vulnerability: frost/acid.
  • Fuel cell. Deprives attack, destroyed on death. Causes an explosion from electric projectiles. Key resource for improvement
  • Cargo bay for resources. Shoot down before the destruction of the enemy.

After defeating everyone, jump onto the ledge from the mountain of debris, climb higher and use the wall with hooks on the right. Open the door, examine the data carrier on the right and go through another door. The media must be examined by a scanner. Behind the door, jump to the right column with ledges, climb up and to the left. Use the next console and talk to Varl. He will give a freezing blast-sling. Select it outside and hit the enemy. Run up and perform a critical hit.

Go past the shuttle, kill the enemies and find a ladder to knock down (shoot the red clip). Go inside the room, follow to the right and climb even higher on another ladder. Move along the wall, and after the cut-scene, go down the cable.

Kill the enemies and at the end of the area, shoot the stairs. Climb up it, jump up and pull yourself up to the ledge (twice click on the "cross"). Repeat the steps, climb up another ladder and use the pipes on the left. Jump over the abyss by reaching for the ledge, jump over the pipes and climb even higher to the marker. Use the console in the specified location.

Exit and go to the structure. Use the scanner, then pull the piece of metal towards you using the grappling hook. It remains to climb up and shoot at the luminous dot. Do the same with the second point (climb up from the first, up the stairs). Watch the video. Kill enemy. In scanner mode, highlight the data store, the vulnerable spot. In the second part of the fight, you can pick up the dropped heavy weapon. Climb up and go inside. In the far room, the final video will start. First mission is completed!

The Point of the Lance

This is a short quest. There will be several of these, and they are called "interlude" in the game. You need to climb the Spire. There is a wooden pillar behind the sphere. From it to the "circle" jump to the wooden scaffolding. Push off from the walls, stand on a long beam and turn the next one with a hook grip. Jump onto it, pull the panel out with the grappling hook and climb up the Spire. Watch the video. Chat with different characters, upgrade the spear at the workbench, and tell Marad when you're ready.