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Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — To the Brink

We tell you how to complete the second story mission - To the Brink in the game Horizon Forbidden West: all objectives, tips, hints, guides, boss battles
Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — To the Brink
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
17 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West: To the Brink

Reward: 2 skill points, 2500 experience points.

After going down on the lift, talk to Vuadis and Joruf. Make your way to the settlement of Chainscrape to meet Petra. There are several side quests here. At the workbench, upgrade the bow, and then follow the marker in search of Erend.

Arriving at the place, deal with the enemies. Lure them into electric traps. Talk to Turlis. He will say that you can visit him to complete the hunting grounds trials. We will talk about them later. After that, follow Erend's trail. Turn on the scanner and you will see purple footprints. Follow them. Go around or destroy the cars along the way. After reaching Erend, after the cut-scene, destroy enemy. Shoot acid arrows at the flasks on their backs. After defeating everyone, listen to Erend.

Run along the marker, killing enemies. At the very end, help the civilians deal with the enemies, and then go to Chainscrape and talk to Ulvund. The mission will end with a conversation with Vuadis.