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Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — Death’s Door

We tell you how to complete the fourth story mission Death’s Door in the game Horizon Forbidden West: all objectives, tips, hints, guides, boss battles
Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West — Death’s Door
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
17 февраля 2022

Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West: Death’s Door

Follow the marker to find the Sylens camp. Aloy will say something, and then you can use the green console. There is one data carrier each on the right and on the left. Do you see the trace of the huge sphere being dragged along the ground? You need to follow this trail to find Hades.

Talk to him. Sylens will then contact you. Come outside. At the bottom of the reservoir, find the desired plants. Then highlight the fuel cell on the water sprayers and shoot it down before destroying the machines themselves. Having picked up the part and the plant, you can craft a fuse. Just like they did explosive traps by holding the down button.