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Side quests in Horizon Forbidden West in Chainscrape

We tell you how to complete all side quests at the Chainscrape location in Horizon Forbidden West: all objectives, tips, hints, guides, boss battles
Side quests in Horizon Forbidden West in Chainscrape
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
17 февраля 2022

Walkthrough of side quests Horizon Forbidden West: Chainscrape

Chainscrape is your first settlement, which you will discover after the prologue of the game. There are some interesting quests and cases here.

A Dash of Courage

Reward: 1 Skill Point, 830 Experience Points.

Talk to Milduf at the diner. Look for green bushes near any bodies of water, even near the settlement. Go to the second area, activate the scanner and mark the animals. Kill to collect game meat. In the third place, you need to carefully kill the rubble men and search the heaps of garbage that they searched. After collecting all the resources, return to Milduf.

The Bristlebacks

Reward: 2 Skill Points, 2330 Experience Points.

This will be a long quest that will only end in the Desolate Lands. Talk to Jawad the Willing and Ulvund. Chat with them individually. Go to the mine, turn right near the pit where the rails end. Kill the two enemies in the big hall, go up the slope and look into the hole on the left. These are fire vessels. There you should find a note. Return to Jawad in Chainscrape.

Once you're in the Desolate Lands, go to the marked location. Clear the camp of enemies, including destroying all the machines. Lower the bridge. The second part is held by a rope that needs to be shot at (use the scanner), go into the cave and after the cut-scene, return to Chainscrape. Tell Jawad about everything. Ulwund will be banished and the quest will end.

Deep Trouble

Reward: 2 Skill Points, 1250 Experience Points.

Speak to Arnouf in the Chainscrape and follow the marker. Chat with Korvend, enter the mine and swim underwater. Talk to two miners. Dive underwater, accelerate (as if running) to swim against the current. Be sure to push off from the ledge below. Climb up the structures on the left. Climb up the stairs, jump over the beams to the left and kill the enemy. Climb up the slope and jump over the cliff on the rails. Pull the beam towards you using the grappling hook and jump onto it. Get to the cart and push it down. On the way to the exit, talk to the miners, and outside - with Korvend.

Learning Machine

Inside the diner, there is a blue marker pointing to a girl who offers to play a Machine Strike. This is a mini-game with figurines. Complete the tutorial and the task will be completed. Play it or not - decide for yourself.

The Twilight Path

Reward: 2 Skill Points, 1750 Experience Points.

Talk to Petra, then listen to Tolland if you wish, and follow to the camp. Kill the cars and talk to the refugee. Run to the waterfall, jump to the right and climb up the stairs. Climb even higher on other stairs. After the broken ladder, you need to jump onto the wall on the right, push off onto the "circle" and jump onto the wall to the left. In the end, you will find yourself at the top, where there is a fire and an old man.

Talk to him, jump towards the destroyed bridge and pull yourself up to the wall. Climb to the right and climb up. Follow the ledges on the outer wall to the top of the building and search the petrel. Return to the old man, then use the fire and return to the refugee. Complete the quest by talking to her. Tolland will leave regardless of the phrases you choose.

A Bigger Boom

Reward: stud shooter (шипомет), 1 Skill Point, 1170 Experience Points.

Talk to Delah. Listen to the girl, then collect resources. Shoot down the horns. It's simple enough. Shoot them with a hunting bow. Then go to the place where the machine is located. Examine it with a scanner, and then finish it off in any way. You don't need to shoot down the ribs, they drop automatically when the vehicle is destroyed. Collect all resources and return to Delah to receive your reward.


Also note this task here. It is taken from the fight circle in the Chainscrape. Find a white marker with two spears. Talk to Odurg, complete the trials and defeat him. It remains to find the fighting circles in three different Tenakth settlements, destroy their champions, and then the Fortress, the best warrior of the arena, will agree to meet with you.