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Side quests in Horizon Forbidden West in Barren Light

We tell you how to complete all side quests at the Barren Light location in Horizon Forbidden West: all objectives, tips, hints, guides, boss battles
Side quests in Horizon Forbidden West in Barren Light
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
17 февраля 2022

Walkthrough of side quests Horizon Forbidden West: Barren Light

This is the second major settlement you will pass through in the game. There are also several quests.

Shadow from the Past

Reward: 2 Skill Points, 1750 Experience Points.

To take the task, enter the fortress and go up to the left. Chat with Conover, who is sitting in the cell. Agree to help and follow the marker. Examine the traces of blood, then use the scanner and highlight the path. Move along the purple trail, inspecting the right places. Bypass or eliminate cars. Examine the killed enemy, cross the bridge to the right and look under it to find a parking spot. Turn on the scanner and follow the markers further. Go around the enemies and climb the rock on the right to get into the tunnel.

Eavesdrop on the conversation of the sectarians and kill everyone. Outside, in the far part, there is the corpse of Rayad. We need to pick up the visor and take it to Conover.

Countless Trophies of Keruf (Бесчисленные трофеи Керуфа)

This will be a long quest that will involve collecting different parts of the monsters. You can start it by talking with Keruf. When you complete the Embassy mission, you can meet him again, at the first bonfire in Desolate Lands. There will be his first student with three contracts. We will talk about them in a separate article.

Signals of the Sun

Reward: 1 Skill Point, 830 Experience Points.

To the right of the Barren Light, there is a soldier dragging a corpse. Talk to him, then start climbing. At the top, kill all machines and talk to Raynah. She needs a lens. Jump down and break the wall using the grappling hook. Go inside and break down another wall. Outside, climb up and break the third wall on the second floor. Get inside and jump up. So, you can get to the very top and remove the lenses from the antenna. Give them to Raynah to complete the quest. In addition, in the future you will be able to sell her all the lenses you find. She waits in the Barren Light.