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All Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West

A list of all the codes that will be useful when completing the story and side missions of Horizon Forbidden West
All Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
19 февраля 2022

There are several doors in Horizon Forbidden West that require a code to open.

Codes in Horizon Forbidden West

You can usually find out all these codes by scanning nearby collectibles (data carriers). They often contain a hint with a door code. Sometimes you need to scan multiple storage media to get different pieces of code. Occasionally, you need to examine the room itself, where the door is located.

Or you can do nothing, and use our tips:

  • Main quest Death’s Door: 7482
  • Main quest Cradle of Echoes: 237
  • Side Quest: Forbidden Legacy: 102023 first door and 4020625 second door
  • Side Quest: Nights of Lights (Relic Ruins: Hidden Ember) - 739135
  • The Daunt (Relic Ruins): 1705
  • No Man’s Land (Relic Ruins) – 2204
  • Restless Weald (Relic Ruins) – 1923
  • Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins) – 2109 (7th floor)