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How to Fly in Horizon Forbidden West

Talk about how Aloy can learn to fly dinosaurs in Horizon Forbidden West
How to Fly in Horizon Forbidden West
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
19 февраля 2022

How to ride a flying dinosaur in Horizon Forbidden West

In short, this can only be done as you move along the storyline. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll give you a simple answer: be patient and go through the storyline, and only closer to its completion you will be able to ride a flying dinosaur.

And with such a dinosaur, it is easier to connect all Tallnecks. That is, you won’t have to suffer with them as in the first part! Moreover, there are Tallnecks, which simply cannot be climbed without a flying dinosaur.