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Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide

Read full walkthrough Beholder 3 - Secrets, Directives, Information, Evidence, Items, Endings
Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide
Юлия Кушнарёва
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22 февраля 2022

Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide

Read detailed walkthrough of all tasks in the game Beholder 3

Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Secrets, Directives, Information, Evidence, Items, Endings

At the very beginning, click on "Space" and Delete. Repeat pressing the last key. Right on your keyboard. Click on "Space" to sign the contract. After the introductory video, the protagonist of Beholder 3, Mr. Schwartz, will find himself in an apartment building. Now he is a house manager.

New Start

Chat with Ernst and follow him to the common rooms on the left side of the first floor. Use a descaling agent to clean your washing machine. Also remove garbage from the container and toss fuel oil into the oven.

Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide

Important! In the future, you will need to periodically throw out the garbage, throw oil into the oven and clean the washing machine. In the first case, nothing is needed, but in the other two you will have to buy heating oil and a descaling agent.

Follow the simple steps and follow Muller to your apartment. Talk to him in different places. Look around your office. You will receive three surveillance cameras. Install them in the common rooms on the left, just on the three sensors hanging on the ceiling. Talk to Muller again.

Take care of your family

Just talk to all family members - wife Sabine and children Alexander and Kim. Choose any phrase. Your apartment is located on the first floor, on the right.

Tip. Do not forget to communicate with Sabine every day (morning or evening) and ask for money in the family budget. It's easy to forget about it. Sabine does not give much, but every penny counts.

Alex will ask for a new trumpet, Sabina is waiting for an anniversary gift, and Kim wants a pet rat. Buy a trumpet for Alex at the kiosk to the left of the house. A rat for Kim can be caught in the washing machine. As for a gift for Sabine, buy chocolate ($300) from the huckster on the street at the night.

Get to know the tenants

Soon the phone will ring. You need to talk to five tenants. It is advisable to do this in the evening, when they all come home from work. You are interested in four apartments on the second and third floors. If the character refuses to talk in the apartment, then try to talk to him in the entrance or on the street. For example, this should be done with Ulrike Weinerts.

Tip. You can search all the furniture in your house, and then sell the items found in the shop to the left of the house.

Tip 2. Also communicate with characters who have an "exclamation mark" icon above their heads.

When you talk once with each neighbor, you will need to create his profile. In a conversation with each tenant, you will learn some interesting information. Go to the office of your apartment and use the equipment. Select Dossier. Then click on any tenant on the left, select the information found and click on it. Then select the name of the tenant in the item on the right and click on the "Submit" button. For each information you will receive money and authority (120 dollars and 75 authority).

Tip. Don't stop there. Look at the schedule when the tenants leave, then search everyone's apartment. Look for prohibited items highlighted in yellow or red. Yellow items are information that is sent through the Dossier menu. Items in red color are prohibited means, evidence. If you send them through the "Report" menu, then this tenant will be arrested. To avoid possible mistakes, do not look for all the information from Bullhauser's apartment. They will come in handy later.

Tip 2. Try to steal as little as possible. If you stay in someone else's apartment for too long and steal a lot of things, a cop will appear. He will not arrest you, but will issue a fine of $800 or more, and will also take away any stolen items. It is not yet clear who exactly is calling the cop.

Tip 3. Finally, spy on the neighbors through the peephole. You will see everything that happens in the first two rooms. Sometimes icons appear above the neighbors' heads. Click on them to receive new information for the dossier.

As soon as you collect profiles for all five adult neighbors, the task will end.

The Pusher

Muller will call you on the phone a few seconds after completing Get to know the tenants quest. Listen to him. You need to find out more about Magnus Hermann, who lives above your apartment.

There are several goals. Let's execute them sequentially:

  1. Buy a security camera or rent one from the common areas on the ground floor. While Hermann is not at home, set the camera in any room (better - in the middle one to see how he drinks and get information).
  2. Talk to Magnus when he comes home. It happens late at night.
  3. Then, when Magnus leaves in the late morning, enter his apartment and inspect all the cabinets. Start in the second room. You will find several forbidden things. Among other things - penicillin and a book. Steal them to get evidence. Remember, you don't have to steal things to get evidence. It is enough to click on the "two squares" in the left corner of these items when searching furniture.

Once you have the penicillin and/or the book, return to your office and complete the "Report". Do not apply penicillin to it. Instead, list the novel and article 6019. Hermann will be arrested. You can also plant drugs on him and accuse him of violating directive 6028. You will find drugs in the closet of your apartment, in Kim's room on the assignment "Sabine's Suspicion".

Alex's problems

After the Get to know the tenants quest, an "exclamation mark" will appear above Alex's head. Talk to him. He needs a math tutor. Go in the morning or evening to the left apartment on the third floor, knock and chat with the man. Ask for math. He will agree to become Alex's tutor. Go to Alex and report the good news. Wait for the exam, and then talk to Alex again. Now I will definitely take him to the University!

Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide

Enemies of the state and state police

Chat with the sick boy Alfred Weckert from the left apartment on the second floor. There should be an "exclamation mark" above his head. Search the dumpster on the ground floor and give the boy the police uniform. It is not necessary to communicate with his sister.


Talk to Elisabeth Weckert during the quest "The Pusher". Offer to help with your son. When you find the penicillin in Magnus's apartment, take it and give it to the woman. You can give it away for free or ask for $1400. By the way, penicillin can be bought from pusher.

Emergency operation

After Alex's exam on the assignment "Alex's Problems", another quest will begin. As part of this challenge, you need to raise $3,000 and pay the bill for Alex's surgery. As mentioned above, it is best to collect as much information as possible on the neighbors and compile a dossier on them. When you pay the bill, wait for the operation to complete and talk to Sabina. She will be grateful to you.

Find new tenants

After the quest Pusher open the inventory and go to the tab with the "folder". Click on the "Submit" button and move into the house of a new tenant. Do it with two apartments. In addition, do not forget to collect compromising evidence on new tenants and send a dossier on them.

Beholder 3 Walkthrough - Game Guide

A friend from the past

Answer Mueller's call or call him yourself. He wants you to interrogate Bullhauser. Talk to him when he is at home. Install at least one camera in his apartment (you can buy or rent in a common room), then search the apartment and collect new information. For example, in the apartment you can find sweets and cards. Submit this new information via the Dossier menu. Call Mueller.

Indirect communication

On the second or third day, Sabine will ask to speak to Kim. Talk to her, then talk to Sabine. It doesn't matter what you choose in the dialogs. Get $100 as a reward.

Sabine's suspicion

After the previous task, in a day or two, Sabine will again be marked with an "exclamation point". Talk to her and agree to find out what Kim is up to. Return to your apartment and search the large closet in the middle room where Kim's bed is. There you will find drugs. Put them in your inventory to get the achievement. Talk to Sabine about drugs. Then chat with Kim.

Youthful exuberance

The task will begin simultaneously with the quest "A Friend from the Past". When you pick up the phone and interrogate Bullhauser, this mission will appear. Enter the musicians' apartment opposite (№ 3) and talk to Wolf Henker. Tell him to leave the apartment. Then go outside and look for insects in the bushes on the right. Return to Wolf and show him the cockroaches. He will leave the apartment. Search it. Gather evidence and remove the Resistance flag from the wall. Show it to Bullhauser, then go home and denounce Wolf using the flag and directive 6001. The police will arrest Ulrik. Tell Bullhauser about it.

Bad influence

When you deal with Hermann and settle in Friederike Feibein, your wife will have a new task. Talk to her. She suspects that Friederike is using drugs and is a bad influence on Kim. Wait until night or when Friederike is not at home, visit her apartment and find a love letter in the kitchen. Talk to Sabine about it. The task will end. If you tell that Friederike is in love with Kim, a new task will begin.

Forbidden love

Sabine offers to get rid of Friederike, who is in love with their daughter Kim. Search the apartment. You can find at least three clues for denunciation in it - chocolate, a green apple and a love letter. You can choose a love letter and specify directive 6006.

The forgotten criminal

The task will begin after the mission "Youthful exuberance". We need to follow Wolf. He will come out at night. Fix the evidence when he is standing by the bush under the lantern. Then take the pistol out of the bush. Show it to Bullhauser. Write a new dossier on Wolf. Point out directive 6026. He won't be arrested again! Talk to Bullhauser and Wolf in turn. The task will end.

Breaking ties

Mueller is pleased with the report, but wants you to jail Bullhauser. In the evening, after 20:00, spy on Bullhauser's apartment. You were supposed to give Bullhauser a gun on the "The forgotten Criminal" quest. Search the apartment and find a gun in the kitchen. You can make a denunciation of Walter, and he will be arrested. But you can chat with him when he returns home and ask him to leave. So, you get a secret achievement, and Walter says that you will hear more about him.

The stone wall protests

The task will be given by Sabine. Talk to her. I couldn't convince Kim. We see, it depends on whether Friederike was arrested.

The Lost Daughter

A day after the failure of the previous task, Sabina will have a new one. Kim never came home. Talk to your wife.

To be continued…