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Creepy Tale 3: Ingrid Penance Walkthrough — Guide 100%

Take the bread from the mother's hands, move to the right and press Q twice to apply the loaf of bread to the mud puddle.
Creepy Tale 3: Ingrid Penance Walkthrough — Guide 100%
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
13 марта 2023

Creepy Tale 3: Ingrid Penance Walkthrough 

As punishment for her actions, Ingrid ends up in the underworld. Making her way through the darkness that wants to devour her heart, the girl goes to redemption. Her fate is in your hands...

Chapter 1

Take the bread from the mother's hands, move to the right and press Q twice to apply the loaf of bread to the mud puddle.

Chapter 2

After falling into the swamp brewery, move to the left side and pay attention to the furs and the wheel. To the left of the wheel, an invisible valve is lying on the floor. Pick it up and install it on the control panel to the right of the wheel. Turn the valve so that a can of worm is at the bottom of the wheel. Launch the bellows to light the coals and light up the room. Pick up a jar of worms. When the worm crawls away, inspect the bowl of a strange creature. Decide whether to pick up or discard the slimy chicken foot. At the time of going through and writing this article, I did not know what it gives or does not give, so I picked up the subject.

Walk past the pot and note the three vines in front of the poisonous flower. Pull the right, middle and left vines, and then use the chicken foot on the plant. You can come and feed or throw a paw. The choice in favor of good action is obvious.

Chapter 3

Walk right and talk to Mloch. He will tell you that in response to all your actions, it will be decided whether Ingrid can return home. Answer politely. Approach the waterfall to see the number of sins and good deeds on Ingrid's hands. Press ESC and go right. Approach the cliff and interact with it.

In order not to fall into the lava, you need to jump on the plates in the correct order: right, right, left, right, right, right, left, left, left, left (to the beginning), and all the time to the right.

Chapter 4

Pick up the knife and garlic from the table, and then use the left opening (the right one leads down to the hole). Use the knife on the seam on the left side and go inside. Go back and go to the mouth on the right. Slowly and carefully pull out the bone to do a good deed. Return through the seam to the gear room. Wait until the creature turns away (when the light comes on) and insert the bone into the gears. Pick up the two halves of the bone, re-pick the moment when the monster turns away, and set them in two different places.

Go back, go down and wait for the elevator to go up. Jump down where the elevator was and use the knife on the protruding half of the gear. Pick up half of the gear and a piece of liver. Enter the passage on the left and pull the vine on the left side. Return to find that the pit is now covered. Return to the passage to the left of the large liver. Use garlic on the first vine (then pick up the lever), on the second - a piece of liver. From the second mouth, take out a horn-shaped tooth. Go back to the liver, through the passages rise to the very top and go into the seam. Pick up both bones, and when the creature turns away, insert them into the rotating gears. Quickly go down to where the hole was, and take the second half of the gear on the right. Wait for the liquid to start dripping again and fill the horn with it. Use the acid from the horn on the third tentacle, then stand in the sticky slime on the right. Use any gear half to glue them together.

Climb up and set the gears next to the mouth. Insert the lever and pull it. watch the long scene with the pumpkin. Go to where the three tentacles were and roll down the slippery slope.

Chapter 5

Answer politely

To be continued...