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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Walkthrough

Gollum notices the bird. Climb up the wall. Hold Shift and run to the wall with white paint. Don't click anything else! Gollum himself will run up the wall.
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Walkthrough
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
25 мая 2023

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Walkthrough

Chapter 1

The standard WASD keys are used to move around in the game. By moving the mouse, you can select the desired viewing angle. When holding Shift, Gollum will accelerate, but he does not have much stamina. Move the only way and jump over the obstacle by pressing the "Space". Jump on the walls where the ledges are visible and climb higher by pressing W. Continue to the right and jump over to another ledge.

The game will tell you when to take a running jump, but in general, do not forget about this opportunity. You can only climb on selected walls. In this cave they are covered with thickets/lianas, later they may differ in a more relief surface (a large number of convex stones). Keep moving up, jumping on the walls with vines. At some point, you will notice that stamina is consumed. This happens if there is no surface under Gollum's feet. In this case, do not linger in place, but look for a place with a ledge.

After climbing the high wall, start descending elsewhere by going to the edge and pressing E. Watch the cut-scene. Climb up the wall, enter the cave and inspect various objects. On the left side there is a hole. Crouch down by pressing CTRL and crawl forward.

Gollum notices the bird. Climb up the wall. Hold Shift and run to the wall with white paint. Don't click anything else! Gollum himself will run up the wall. Do the same with the vertical wall. To jump away from the wall, press the F key. This is a very important feature!

Hide from the orcs in the grass and go right. If you want to make less noise (very important later on), hold down the CTRL key (to crawl while flat on the floor). After jumping down again, you will be discovered by the orcs. Just run forward and jump over the abyss. Keep climbing and watch the cut-scene.

Chase the orcs hiding in the grass. It's not worth rushing. When they enter the fortress, jump onto the yellow ledges on the wall to the right of the entrance. Climb up and chase the orcs. Go down below, hide in the grass. When they split up, sneak up on the nearest one and hold Q to choke him. Find the stones on the left and throw one of them at the lantern on the bridge. Don't forget to use Gollum's gaze by pressing the R key.

First choice coming soon. You can agree with Gollum and kill the beetle, or choose Sméagol and continue watching. If you chose Sméagol, convince Gollum:

  • He's just looking for pollen.

Once inside the cave, pick up food and apply it using the indicated keys. Move in any way until you are caught by the Narzul. This should happen in any scenario!

Chapter 2

Pick up the token, chat with the inmates and go to bed by the window. Follow the marker to the cart, go further and talk to the Beast Master. Climb over the fence, show yourself to the beast and run into the cell on the left. Climb the wall, find and activate the lever. Immediately after that, a cut-scene will start. Climb down and run away from other animals. Be sure to climb onto the stone ledges to avoid damage. Animals must break wooden barriers. Lure them inside the cage, climb up, carefully cross the beams and pull the lever.

Ride the trolley and talk to the head of the mine. Follow the fragile person. You need to find 8 tokens. It is difficult to get lost here, so we will not describe anything. Just keep an eye on the yellow markers for new targets. Talk to the orc and go to bed.

The next day, go back to the mines. After talking with the orc, go after the fragile man. He will open a hole. Climb through it, use the walls and find a barrel. Set fire to it and quickly go back the same way. Do this in two more places and meet the male slave. On the way to the barracks, a cruel orc will stop you and demand to give him bread. If you beg, he will still take it away.

After a few days, go to the Beast Master. Drive to a new place, follow the male slave. When he opens the passage on the right, jump down into the sewers. Swim forward and get out of the water. Run away from the animals without stopping. Jump over all wooden obstacles. Climb to the very top in the corner of the location and climb inside a small pipe. Climb up the walls. In many places you will have to jump back to the F key.

Climb down and go through the area with the orcs. In fact, everything is not so difficult here. Stay in the shadows, use narrow passages and manholes. When the orc is standing on the left under the yellow ledges, pick up the stones and throw them at the metal object in the center of the room, opposite it. While he's distracted, climb up the yellow ledges to the location you were shown during the cutscene.

Go down below and move along the right side, hanging on the ledge. So you can bypass all the orcs. Cross to the other side, climb the wall and soon grab the bridge leading to the right minecart with your hands. Climb to the left. One of the orcs is with a lantern. He walks across the bridge from one end to the other. The other stands not far from the funicular. You need to wait for the orc with the lantern to go to the right, get up at the left edge, lie down and move inside the funicular. Hide in the box in the middle. Note that if the orcs suspect something, you will not be able to interact with this crate.

Then you will have a very long way to the right place. First, jump into the pool at the very bottom. Get to the surface, go to the edge and hang on it. Go down below and you will find yourself in a place with orcs. It is advisable to hook on the edge and climb to the left, below the route that the nearest orc is moving along. Do the same for others. At the end there will be a wall around the corner leading above this place. That's where you need to be!

With acceleration, jump on wooden platforms, jump between walls located opposite each other. Jump on the wooden wall and the pole. Swing and jump only when Gollum sways in the direction of the desired ledge! Continue climbing the wooden walls and platforms. Jump onto the pole of the spinning wheel, from it onto the red wall. Run along the wall with white paint. In general, be guided by the marker.

Soon it will be necessary to jump again from the pole of the spinning wheel to the red wall. Go around the corner and run up the paint wall. Then - on a vertical wall with paint. Climb up the red wall. Jump across the platforms avoiding the large pillars on the spinning vertical wheel. Climbing higher, jump onto the pole of the spinning wheel. Pick a moment to jump onto the platform in the middle. If you get close, you do not need to jump far, otherwise you will fly past.

When you are at the top, go down to the indicated booth along the wall (first hang on the edge) and pull the lever. Exit and turn left. You have already been here, but now a passage has opened on the left. Jump on large suspended platforms. The third one will move. Jump on it. Cling to the edge of the spinning wheel and jump from it to the other wheel below. Run up the red wall and push off to the other side. Run along the end of the spinning wheel and jump onto the wheel on the right. Then you need to hook onto the ledge of another vertical wheel. There are several of them on its end. When you get up, quickly jump to the other side, otherwise you will fall on the stakes. Keep jumping on the spinning wheels and clinging to the red walls.

When you jump onto the pole, turn around as you need to jump onto the roof of the cabin where you originally jumped from. There is no other way. Climb inside the building with two orcs. You need to get to the stairs on the right. In the next room with two orcs, throw a stone so as to distract the orc in the passage. In this case, the second orc should be further away. Once in the map room, examine all the interactive objects (use the R key). Get out through the window on the right, pick up the moment and run to the funicular.

Watch the cut-scene. Find three tokens and Gollum will pass out. Climb into the hole indicated by the king. Go up. Start moving to the right place. In certain places, you need to jump sideways or push off the wall, and you do not need to climb up to the very ceiling. There will be obstacles and you might not make it! In general, you need to climb higher and higher. Distract two orcs, throw a stone at the lantern, and make your way through the dark areas. Climb into the window from above, jump on the walls above the orc. Set fire to the barrel and run forward. Jump into the iron bowl that moves along the rails.

You can blame the cruel orc or the frail male. If you choose an orc (Smeagol's decision), then convince Gollum:

  • The orc is stealing our bread!
  • Fragile Man's friends are indebted to us.

Go to bed.

Chapter 3

Go to the roll call, go to the funicular and activate 5 levers. It's simple, and they will be marked with markers. Enter the other funicular and go to meet the Candlemaker. Climb up and inspect the door. It's locked, so head up the wall to the left of it. Examine all the rooms and go to the Candlemaker.

Choose whose decision to accept - Gollum or Smeagol. If you choose the option with Smeagol, then to convince Gollum, say the following:

  • He could hurt Sméagol!

To be continued...