Walkthrough We Were Here Forever — All Puzzles

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Walkthrough We Were Here Forever — All Puzzles

Co-op We Were Here Forever is divided into several chapters, consisting of different levels. Almost everyone will have 2-3 (or more) puzzles.
Walkthrough We Were Here Forever — All Puzzles
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
12 мая 2022

Walkthrough We Were Here Forever - All Puzzles

We Were Here Forever Walkthrough

First, let's talk about how this game is played. You must communicate with each other. Using microphone on computer/laptop or chats. If you communicate via Discord, then we recommend opening the settings and muting the session. Otherwise, you won't be able to move at the start of the game.

Chapter 1. How to get through the Prison

  1. One player sees one thing; another sees something else. To solve the first puzzle, one player names the figures that he sees inside the cell (you must first exit your cell of detention), starting from the outer and ending with the inner. The other player enters these symbols on the disc by the door. Both doors will open.
  2. In the next room, you need to simultaneously pull the chain mechanism and quickly run to the opened door.
  3. In the third place, you need to find the missing part of the disk and install it. The other player should find the disks to the right of the door. Each player finds symbols and points them to the other. You need to enter them in a different order - from internal to external.
  4. Then you will get torches. Find the disks and put them back in place by the door at the end. Go back and turn down the path to find a large symbol. Use it to open doors. Pull both levers at the same time.

How to get through the Catacombs

  1. Player 1 will be on the left; Player 2 will be on the right. Go forward and open the doors. You are on opposite sides of the ravine. Player 1 will have access to the rope. It allows you to exchange items. Exchange keys. For the key to fit, it must have the same color and shape as the keyhole. Player 1 is in the next room looking for spool 5. Then he goes up the stairs and picks up spool 2 (from the bed).
  2. Both players approach the device. Player 1 controls the square levers, Player 2 controls the round ones. Prompt each other so that the levers do not interfere with the movement. You need to put levers on the same symbols. The electricity will turn on, trolleys will appear.
  3. Player 2 uses the key given to him by Player 1 to open a nearby door. Looking for four disks and a key behind bars. Player 2 asks 1 how to install the discs at the box where the tape 5 was. Get the key. Applies a key to such a lock, and player 1 finds a cart and uses it to cross the abyss.
  4. Player 1 ends up where Player 2 was. Both players use the fallen shelf to find Coil 1 and the Red Star Key. Go up the abyss and open the door with the key. Find a wagon. One player uses a cart.
  5. Find a turnstile. Go to the wall on the left. Both players stand on different sides. One sees the reel and symbols, the other reels. One says which drum he sees, the other finds the symbols associated with it and calls them to the first. The first one introduces these characters. You need to enter 5 correct characters in a row.
  6. You will find the key, the middle gear and the coil 4. Install the gear into the turnstile. Open the device door with the key to reunite the players. The door to the right opened. Go there and open it with the key. You will enter a room with a projector. Install the coils and turn on the projector. Memorize all hints.
  7. Need to split up. One turns the key at the boiler, goes to the handles on the second device and activates in the correct order. The order on the reel is top right, bottom left, top left. There will be smoke from the boiler.
  8. The second player activates the lever at the red button, the first goes to the cauldron and pulls the other lever. Simultaneously!
  9. The second player pushes the small wheel behind the lever towards the big one. The first one goes to the back of the boiler and pulls the lever.
  10. One pulls the blue lever, the other pulls the chain at the left edge of the cauldron to make gas, and runs to the key that turned at the beginning, on the cauldron.
  11. Go to the room with the projector and you will see an elevator. Go upstairs, open the door and see the handles. There is a device for moving objects and a locked key. One moves to the other side of the ravine, to the place where player 1 spawned. There is a tapestry with directions (hint). Tell player 2. After entering, he will receive the key.
  12. Player 2 goes to the place where player 2 started. Opens the door with the key. Uses the cart and finds a large gear. Picks up. Player 1 helps him get back.
  13. Install the gear on the turnstile and go through it. One player stands on the box, the other presses the button. Both will leave the catacombs.

How to Get through the Disc Room

  • You will be divided. One player is in a room with a projector pointed at the disc. Use the torch to light the projector. See symbols. Nearby there is a table, nearby - books. Study these books. There are figures on the disks, and the numbers for them are indicated in the books.
  • The player at the other disk reports the symbols, the other player looks for the corresponding numbers in the books. The player enters on the disks something like circle-1, square-3, and so on.
  • A book and a lantern will appear in the room with the projector. Someone is stealing a book. Grab a flashlight. Put in the projector. Part of the symbols on the disc will glow, the disc will become stationary.
  • The second player returns to the box and with the help of it passes into another room, with a disk and a wheel. Using the wheel, sets the symbols as in a room with a projector. In this case, the player in the room with the projector uses the panel to choose which symbols will now change by spinning the wheel found by the other player. This is how you open the door.

How to Get through the Trap Room

  • You need to go through several traps. The player from the room with the projector only prompts, and the second one moves through the traps.
  • The player at the traps picks up a metal sphere. The player at the top looks at the panel of symbols and speaks them to the other. The second player follows these symbols strictly without repeating.
  • A lever, tiles and a timer will appear. Again, the player sees the desired tiles from above. You have to go through them in the allotted time!
  • Walls will appear below. But there is no time. The top player names tiles that the bottom player MUST NOT step on.
  • Like the second test. The player sees a disk with three symbols from above. They change after each step of the player from below. These symbols MUST NOT be stepped on by the bottom player.

How to Get through the Caves

  • Both players must open the gate at the same time. You will fall into a trap.

How to Get out of the Toy Box

  • Separated again. There will be buttons with different card suits. And doors with different numbers. I'll try to explain.
  • Conventionally: Player 1 is at door 1, Player 2 is at door 5.
  • Player 1 through door 1, press the hearts button.
  • Player 2 through door 6, press the clubs button.
  • Player 1 - press the hearts button and go through door 2, which was opened by activating the clubs button.
  • Player 1 will run into a blocked platform. Player 2 - click on the clubs button. Platform unlocked. Player 1 stands on the platform and goes to door 3. Doesn't enter it!
  • Player 2 - click on the clubs button, player 1 finds the diamonds button.
  • Player 2 - press the club button again and go through door 6. Go to door 8. Go through door 8.
  • Player 1 - click on the diamonds button. The bridge leading to the button of clubs will lower. Press the button of clubs, go back and press the button of diamonds.
  • Player 2 will land on the middle platform. Stay where you are.
  • Player 1 goes to the diamond button and presses it. Press the clubs button.
  • Player 2 - go through door 9.
  • Player 1 - press the buttons of diamonds and clubs.
  • Player 2 goes to door 6 and the club button. Doesn't press?
  • Player 1 presses the clubs and diamonds buttons and goes to the end of the level to door 3. Go through door 3.
  • Player 2 presses the clubs button and Player 1 sees the way down.
  • Player 1 goes down and finds the pike button. Presses.
  • Player 2 returns to door 9.
  • Player 1 through door 4, finds another club button. Presses.
  • Player 2 returns through door 7.
  • Player 1 presses the spade button again.
  • Player 2 stands on the middle platform.
  • Player 1 presses the spade button again and goes through door 4.
  • Everyone makes it to the end of the level.

How to get out of the Jester's kingdom

  • As in the previous cases, you must look for clues and communicate them to each other.
  • At some points, one player will be at the top, the other at the bottom. The top prompts the bottom.
  • You need to visit all the "rooms" with doors, there are symbols, they can be rotated. The doors must match.
  • You will visit different dimensions. However, if something changes in one dimension, it changes in another.

Chapter 2

To be continued...

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