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SCP: Secret Files – Solving the Clock Puzzle

Read how to Solve the Clock Puzzle in SCP: Secret Files
SCP: Secret Files – Solving the Clock Puzzle
Юлия Кушнарёва
Дата публикации
15 сентября 2022

What to do with colorful clocks in SCP: Secret Files

Clock in SCP: Secret Files - how to solve (guide)

During the passage of one of the story missions of SCP: Secret Files, you will encounter clocks located on different floors of a looped staircase. You can get out of here only if you correctly set the time on all the clocks.

First, find a hint in the form of a rehearsal schedule. Then pay attention to the time indicated in this schedule. On each clock, the time will be as close as possible to what is indicated in the schedule. For example, if the clock indicates 20:50, and the schedule has 21:00, then it is on this clock that you need to set 21:00. And so on.

And now for the color:

  • red clock - 19:45
  • blue clock - 21:00
  • yellow clock - 11:11

Be sure to interact with the blue clock last to gain access to the seventh floor.