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Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under guide

Open the door by turning the valve. Move forward to the platform where the rocket launch will take place. When control returns to you, unscrew the broken blue valve. Go a little to the left of it, to several buildings.
Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under guide
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
16 января 2022

Open the door by turning the valve. Move forward to the platform where the rocket launch will take place. When control returns to you, unscrew the broken blue valve. Go a little to the left of it, to several buildings. There will be a chest in one building. When you open it, you will find an improvement that the astronaut will take. There is a red valve in the building on the left. Take it and bring it to the pipe. Turn the valve after installation. When the cut-scene ends, jump into the sewers, into the green pipe.

Move forward until you hit a closed bunker. You need to open it. Come back. In one of the episodes, you will see how a person falls on a hill on the left. Climb a little higher up the slope from where you came, and climb the stones to the blue pipe. Jump onto the yellow pipe from it to get to the fallen merchant. It will give an improvement — X2 to movement speed. Now you not only move faster, but also jump further. Go back a little along the yellow pipe and take a running jump to another yellow pipe on the right. From it, jump onto a small piece of blue pipe. You will find yourself on a glass surface, under you is the same valve.

Go to the cave, jump over the rocks along the left wall. Dive into the water, climb the slope and climb up. With a run, jump onto the sticking board, get to the red valve and turn it. Watch the video.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Cave — jump, knee bend and pickaxe

Your task at this stage is to gradually collect all the coins on the location in order to buy a pickaxe. You will not be able to collect 42 coins at once, so you will have to spend 10 coins on upgrades - bending the knees (crouching) and increasing the height of the jump. Let's collect each coin step by step:

  • Go forward and you will see an upgrade and pickaxe merchant. There is the first coin (1/10) to his left, in the grass.
  • There is another coin in the passage on the right, under the boards. But you can only pick it up with bending your knees. There is a second coin (2/10) to the right of this passage, near the gray stone wall.
  • Return to the beginning of the location. There is a glazed room with a button on the left. Look to the right of it for the third coin (3/10).
  • On the other side, there is a ledge with a couple of coins. Go there, go between the stones and pick up the fourth coin from below (4/10).
  • Move to the merchant and follow the passage to the right of him. On the left, there are ledges that you cannot jump onto. Go around them and at the glass wall you will find two coins at once (6/10).
  • Go to the very end of this cave and look for a coin on the left (7/10).
  • Not far from this place, on the right, there is a crevice in the wall. Go there, open the chest and find four more coins (11/10). One is probably hidden behind a chest.

Go back to the merchant and buy knee bend. Now you have 1 coin left. Collect further:

  • Turn around from the merchant, walk along the gray block and press the button to light the red wire. Walk along the wire, duck down and move through the illuminated cave. Collect two coins along the way (3/10).
  • Exit at the other end and climb up the gray block on the left. At the end there is a coin (4/10).
  • Find a crack in the wall near the gray rise and move to another part of the cave. There will be a puzzle with a gate and three buttons. We will return to it later. In the meantime, bend down and crawl into a small hole under the gray blocks with gates. There is a chest with three coins (7/10).
  • Behind the stone behind the chest, find another coin (8/10).
  • Go back to the merchant, duck down and collect two coins under the boards that lead to another cave (to the right of the merchant). 10/10!

Now buy a boosted jump.

  • Walk along the boards to the part of the cave with the miner. Climb up the ledge on the left. Jump to the central ledge with a coin (1/42).
  • Jump further along the ledges and click on the red remote control. Return to the beginning of the cave and you will see an energy springboard. Step on this red trampoline to fly back to the button. Along the way you will collect two coins (3/42).
  • Jump again on the ledges in this cave and look for a yellow crystal on the side wall, on which there will be a coin (4/42).
  • On the opposite side, there is a passage that leads to two more coins and a grate (6/42).
  • In the same cave, below there are two coins under a stone. Crouch down and take them (8/42).
  • Finally, from the ledge where there is a passage to two coins and a grate, jump onto the second highest stone in the middle. From it, climb to the topmost stone and jump onto a wooden platform with a chest. Inside it are two coins (10/42).
  • Return to the merchant and jump onto the ledge to his left to get a coin (11/42).
  • To the left of the merchant there is a green pipe. To the left of it is a gray block. Behind him is a coin (12/42).
  • Return to the beginning of the location and jump to the ledge on the right to collect three coins (15/42).
  • Climb even higher, press the button to turn off the fire, and jump over to the other side. there, lower the blue bridge with the lever. You will see a man with a box of matches. Take a match, go back to the fire and light it. By the way, on the same rock where the fire is located, there is a coin (16/42) on the left.
  • With a burning match, return to the little man at the box of matches. On the right there is a piece of paper. Burn the cardboard and take the coin (17/42).
  • With a burning match, go down and burn the cardboard to the left of the merchant. Take a metal ball near the merchant from the spoon and put it on the red button near the glass room at the beginning of the location. Open the chest to get 3 coins (20/42).
  • Return to the beginning of the location and look on the left for a hole behind the grass. Crouch and crawl there to collect two coins (upgrade required) - 22/42.
  • Go to the next room behind the burnt cardboard to the left of the merchant. While jumping, press the lever on the ledge on the left. A green pipe will open. Enter it, run jump onto the lid of this pipe and pick up the coin on the gray rock (23/42).
  • Go back and take the metal ball. Together with him, go through the green pipe, which was used earlier. Walk under the streams of water. Drop the ball into hot lava. When it is hot, move it to the cardboard. Take the coin (24/42).
  • Jump on the stone ledges through the lava, duck down and enter the cave. Look to the left for a candle that can be lit. A little further on the same level there is a chest with two coins (26/42).
  • Nearby, look for wooden boards on which you can climb up. Climb higher, holding the ball in your hands, burn the cardboard and find the second candle a little further. Jump onto the ledge on the side and jump over the candle to another ledge. Look for the third one there. Jump to the ledge to the right of the candle (from the ledge behind) and burn the cardboard in the wall. This will lead you to a cave with water. She will cool the ball. Jump on the ledge on the left and take the first coin (27/42).
  • Climb up the red boards to collect three coins (30/42).
  • Jump down into the room with the pool. Take the battery and install it in the hole in the corner. This will open the room with the yellow key. Take the key and open the lock on the door. To the right of the door there is a chair and a table. Jump over the gray block from them and pick up three coins (33/42).
  • Get out of here and run to the left. There is a coin (34/42) under the wooden board leading upstairs. At the end there will be lava and a ball. Heat the ball in the lava and go back through the door to the guy in the pool. Throw the ball into the pool to heat up the water. It will give you a +1 health boost.
  • Climb up the red planks outside again and jump from the blue one to the palm tree in the pool room. From the palm tree, jump even further to the coins on the ledge. There are three of them (37/42).
  • Leave the room and run to the left. Climb up the board. Under the other board there will be another coin (38/42).
  • Follow even higher through the water, to the red crystal, and look on the right for a coin (39/42). Go right and see another one (40/42).
  • Jump down and collect two coins (42/42).
  • Climb up the boards and jump into the corridor. On the left there will be a doctor at the gate, and on the ledge in front there is a coin (43/42). Go through the gate and collect two coins (45/42). You can press the heart button to restore health.
  • Climb up the fork and take the coin (46/42). Jump to the cactus and further, to the ledge with the blue key.
  • Together with the key, go back and inspect the blue castle near the lava on the left. Open it, and then be sure to go to the left, where 3 coins (49/42) are hidden behind the wall.
  • Go back a little and climb the boards on the right. Press the red button and jump up on the springboard. In flight, you will collect four coins at once (53/42).
  • Return to the room with the pool, take the battery and go back. Go left, up the boards to the red crystal. Turn the corner and jump over the wall. Place the battery in the slot to open a shortcut here.
  • Take the metal ball and stand on the red trampoline that was created as a result of opening the blue lock. Lower it into the lava, jump back and jump over the rocks on the right. Enter the room that was just opened with a battery (to the left of the doctor's room) and place the orb in the green pipe. Return to the main corridor with the wolves, go a little to the right and up the boards to the red crystal, where the red-hot ball flew. Burn all the cardboard at the red crystal. Collect three coins (56/42).

Go back and buy a pickaxe. You will have 14 coins left!

  • Try out the pickaxe to the left of the green pipe. Break the blocks until you find a coin (15).
  • Go to the cave with the miner where the first red springboard was. Jump on it to the red button and break the wall. You will create a shortcut to the doctor. You can kill enemies with a pickaxe. However, after a while they will be reborn.
  • Return to the miner, who was found at the very end, when the cardboard was burned. At the red crystal. Help him break the gray blocks. Walk forward and reflect the red sphere.

How to get to Cage town

Go downstairs, immediately break the wall on the left to get 3 coins (29). Enter the ruins nearby, open the chest and kill the enemy. Pick up an upgrade: from now on, you will see the health bar of your opponents! Break the jugs on the left and right side by side to get 2 coins (31). Nearby, there is a fire with a sword - a reference to Dark Souls.

Keep going down. Kill an enemy. There is the entrance to the cave on the left, but there are strong blocks. A little further from the entrance, there is a blue pipe from which water flows. There is a niche with two coins (33) nearby in the rock. If you go to Cage town, you will fall into a smelly green liquid, and no one will let you in. There is a shower room on the left, but it is occupied by another character. Climb up and collect two coins (35). Go a little further, where the refugee camp is located. Look for a garbage bag to the left of the entrance. Take it and place it on the pipe above the shower stall. It will be free. You can wash off the dirt and go to Cage town.


Return to the village to the left of Cage town. Break the blocks on the left to get 3 coins (38). Break the blocks to the right of the cardboard refugee tents to get 3 more coins (41). There is a blue dumpster in the far-right corner. There are blocks behind it. Break and get 3 coins (44). There is a cave on the left, but it is closed with strong metal blocks, so you cannot get inside. However, if you climb up and go along the rock on the right, you can find a coin (45) under the skull.

Go to the city (wash yourself) and meet the mayor. He wants you to impress him. There are matches nearby. You can pick up and light it in the refugee camp on the left. Then light the candles outside the city, especially at the gates. Break the jugs inside the city, at the closed door on the right. There will be one coin (46). You can search the area on the left for four more coins (50). There is a miner in the center. He will say that a stone pickaxe is required to destroy such a block.

On the right, there is a passage to another part of the underworld, but you do not have the necessary equipment. There is a coin (51) to the right of the passage/ There are blocks in the far-right corner. Break and get 3 coins (54). There is also a candle and matches near the right wall. Take one match and light it from the burning candle at the gate (I wrote above where to get the fire and light this candle), then return to this place and light the candle while jumping.

Enter the forge on the left, break a normal block and buy a stone pick for 20 coins. I have 34 left. There is an iron block on the right. After breaking it, you will find an iron pick for 100 coins. So far, you don't have that kind of money. Go to the window on the left, break the four iron blocks and see the goods:

  • Improving health - 30 coins
  • Pickaxe range - 30 coins
  • Health regeneration - 30 coins
  • Card - 60 coins


There is a coin (35) in the neighboring house. You can go into the cave behind the village to the left of Cage town. There will be a long battle, which will open a cache with a chest. Inside it is a free pickaxe range upgrade.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Outside Cage town

Return to Cage town and break the block in the center, at the miner, and then jump into the well. Collect the coin from above and below (37), duck down and make your way under the pipes to the gray blocks that can be broken with a pickaxe. You will find three more coins (40) and a green key. After picking it up, open the green lock on top. Collect three coins (43), get to the chest and get the ray gun. Aim at the target on the ceiling, shoot with LMB and hold RMB to pull. Now connect the two wooden edges of the ledges with a purple beam to walk like a bridge. Connect the crate and the wooden shelf on the near wall to reach a secret location with a chest. There is health regeneration inside it.

Back at the start, shoot the two wooden corners on the blue blocks blocking the path. After connecting them, click on the RMB to open the passage. Press LMB + RMB to remove the beam you placed. Then connect the two metal antennas (more precisely, the pieces of wood behind them) to lower the elevator. Get on the elevator and remove the beam to go up. Connect the wood panel to the edge. Jump forward, pull the RMB panel and jump up to where there are 4 coins (47). Climb down, pull the wooden panel again and enter the blue pipe.

You will return back. Take the time to search all the rooftops using the purple beam. Break iron blocks. Return to the beginning of the city. Climb over the fence on the right and see the second candle. Light it up with a match. Also climb the building on the left. There is cardboard. Burn it, jump down and break the blocks to find the third candle. You can also open the door by pressing the red button. Light the third candle.

You can exit the city and climb over the fence on the left. Pull the lever to create a shortcut. There is a greenhouse here, but the character will say that you smell uninteresting. Smelly water is also not suitable. You can break the blocks on the right to collect coins. Light a match, go to the far-left corner and create a bridge over a high wall. There will be a fourth candle. When you light all the candles, look to the left behind the fence and garbage cans for a character with a saucepan on his head. He will ask you to light 4 candles. If you did this, you will receive a reward from him - improved health.

There is a button on one of the buildings. By pressing it, you will open a building with pipes connecting Cage town with different locations. For now, the path to the cave that you have already explored will open.

Way to another City

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Return to the city and enter the cave on the right. Climb over the fence using the purple beam. Kill the enemies, follow on. Enemies with shields can be pulled into lava. Jump on ledges. Kill everyone and the passage on the right will open. Take the coin and jump down to the healing station. Get down even lower, climb the rocks on the right and look down. Do you see the little tree? Shoot it and right click to push the block up. Connect the pieces of wood with a beam and go to this thin column. Connect it to a distant piece of wood, with a coin. After collecting coins, jump higher. Pull yourself up to the wooden board from above by right-clicking a few times. Click on the button to make a skeleton with a shield appear. Connect it to the wooden board behind you. Climb up the upgrade - the magnetic buckle makeshift bridge, jump into the closed room and pick up the.

Press Q to magnetize to nearby metal. Press "Space" to fly up and get out of the room. Run to the electronic circuit near the character. Stand inside the magnetic coil. Turn on the magnetic buckle and press "Space" until you charge the circuit. A trampoline will appear. Jump up and climb higher using the magnet and the big metal gear.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Magnet and Missing Lever

Look to the right. Do you see the yellow pipe? Soar along it with a magnet. Kill enemies. Find a wooden block with a metal spike at the bottom. Stand on a hill and pull the block up using the beam. Use the magnet and fly over the metal spike on the raised column. Extend the block behind the glass and connect both, creating a bridge. Jump onto the bridge (not the pike!) and move forward. Create another bridge and move on. Jump down, break the gray blocks and take the match. Light it on the box and go past the speakers to the right, where there is cardboard. Burn it. take another match and jump down. Install it in place of the lever and switch. Drop down the block from above and use the magnet to fly up. You will find that the gate is now open.

Move forward through the location until you find a closed building. There is a red button on the left. There is a cart with boxes more to the left. Place one of the drawers on the red button to open the door. Go there, jump down into the room and switch the lever to turn the green pipe. Get out of here the same way, using the magnet to climb up along the pipe. Grab another crate and go through the green pipe outside to get into the same building. Put the box on the red button. To the right of the button there are pieces of wood. Reach for the top. Create a bridge to the other side by connecting two pieces of wood. Jump to the blue ledge along the wall and get to the closed door. The character will say that you need to turn the valve. Jump up to it with the included magnet and turn. Go through the opened door.

Get down. There is a lever on the left. Switch it up. So, you connect the pipe to the very beginning. There is also a red button. Go right and climb up with the magnet along the pipe. Jump to the ledge, pick up the walkie-talkie and bring it to the red button. Install the walkie-talkie on the panel on the right to order the worker to stand on the button. Through the green pipe, return to the entrance to the building. Take the box from the red button and move it through the pipe. Take another box. When you have two boxes in the room, take them to the far corner. Place one crate on the raised platform. Move the second one to the same place and start running in the direction of the red button. Hurry up to stand on the platform before it has time to rise. It's difficult, but doable. Climbing up with the second crate, jump over to the red button. Leave the box on it and climb up with the magnet and nails. Go through the opened doorway.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Jump down, to the left. On the right, there is a pipe that needs a valve. Jump even lower. The valve is behind a glass wall. Use a magnet to pull it along with you. Climb back up by creating a purple beam bridge. Make sure the valve is following you. Climb even higher along the pipe to push the valve into the hole. Install it on the pipe and turn it to open the door.

How to find a Magnetic Repellent

You will be in another part. First, jump down and go to the right to switch the lever and create a short path back. Return to the trampoline and jump up. Fly over the nails and the yellow pipe to the roof of the building you came from. Collect coins and find a worker in a yellow helmet on the roof. He will say that there is a useful device in the next building. Look down and jump down the green pipe. You will fly out of another hole. Jump onto the platform and enter the building. Jump down.

Use the magnet to climb back up along the metal rails. Do not hurry. There are wooden boards on the other wall. This is somewhere in the middle of the height of the room. Pull towards them with a cannon. Go to the next room, collect resources. Find metal rails in the corner and climb a little higher with the help of a magnet. Move to the yellow LEGO block with the coin. Jump to the next ledge, climb higher with the nail. This will get you to the coin in the corner with the passage leading to the chest. Inside the chest is a magnetic repellent. This is a story item. There is also a secret location behind the chest. Break the blocks and take critical damage +5% from the chest.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Throwing a Pickaxe and the Second Floor of Cage town

You can go back with a repellent! Optionally explore this area to collect coins and optional upgrades. When you go back, in the place where the matches were used as a lever, look to the left for nails. Climb up and go to the secret area, using the nails and magnets repellent. We'll have to break the blocks, and then pull the wooden sash. You will see a glass room. It's optional! Walk around it by pushing and pulling using the purple beam. When you go up to the room, move one of the bolts (LMB + RMB).

Go around the rock on the other side and slide the other bolt behind its wooden part. Now return to the roof, lift the wooden door and jump down into the room. There will be a very useful improvement here - a pickaxe throw. By clicking on RMB, you can throw a pickaxe. Do this to knock down the red key and open the door. Climb up the open door on the ceiling of the glass room and throw the pickaxe to break the blocks on the cave ceiling. Pull down the wood-ended post and lift yourself higher using the magnet. So, you can return to the familiar cave, and from there - to Cage town.

In Cage town, climb up the fork in the center, push yourself up and flip the lever to lower the ramp leading up. Half done!

Second floor of Cage town

Explore the second floor, and when you're ready, follow the signs to the far corner. The index signs depict gold ingots. Climb up the blue ramp and you will see a closed passage ahead. Climb over the wall using the magnet and the repellent, the nails. Defeat all enemies and you can go further. Go ahead and follow Red. He will show a chest behind a glass wall.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under


Go to the far-right corner. There is a passage and a yellow pipe on the wall. Climb up along it and find the glass roof. Click on the red button. You can find matches on the left and light the grill for one of the heroes to get coins. By pressing the red button, you turn on the blue springboard from below. With it, you can quickly return to this roof. Find the pink pipe on the side. Take it by pressing the E key. Go to the box of matches. Light a match and burn the cardboard on top. Together with the pipe, go up using the magnet. Fly along the pipe and set the pink piece. Go back. The large glass slab in the center of the roof has a white button. Click and a metal ball will fall out of the pipe.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Jump inside the bank. Press the red button and go around the lasers as they disappear. Next, use the nail to push away from it to the nail above you and then to the nail in front. So, you will overcome the laser floor. Kill all enemies to open the door. Turn on the lasers by pressing the red button. Follow them and break the cubes on the left. Hide in the niche. Follow the lasers further and jump over the metal pipe using the magnetic buckle. You enter the offices.

There is a battery slot in the far-left corner. The battery itself is located directly above it, by the blue pipe. There is a break on the blue pipe. Climb along the vertical blue pipe into the hole. Through the hole in the wall, press the white button to reappear the pipe. Take this pipe (it will shrink) and thread it through the hole. Go down the hole and fly along the blue pipe. After fixing the pipe, get to the battery and install it in the slot below.

What does a battery do? The battery provides a charge that you must deliver to the console in another part of the room. To do this, create a purple beam from the middle of the cabinet near the battery to the table under the blue pipe. Take the part of the pipe and leave it to the right of the table, right against the wall (where the disguised man is also standing). As a result of this, an electric charge must reach the remote control. The door will open.

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Click on the red button in the hallway. Connect the door and the bench on the other side and follow the purple beam above the lasers. Click on another red button. Shoot at the wooden ceiling. When the lasers disappear, pull towards him by right-clicking a few times. Press LMB+RMB to turn off the laser beam, then shoot another piece of wood on the ceiling where there is a nail and pull yourself up. The magnet must be turned on for you to stop at the nail. Pick up the moment, shoot at the edge of the board and pull. Go through the door.

The path ahead is blocked by a guard. Find an air vent blocked by a gray block among the ingots on the left. Break the block and crawl inside. Climb up along the yellow pipe and look for a walkie-talkie at the very top. Go back with the walkie-talkie back and install it in the hole by the table on the right. Now return to the ventilation, climb up the yellow pipe and immediately near the place where it goes to the ceiling, look for ventilation in the wall. Break through the gray block and enter the room. Collect the coins and press the button to open the room under the ceiling.

Connect the door to the wooden edge on the ledge in front, go to the other side and take the battery. Carry the battery back to the yellow pipe. This time you need to jump not to the upper level, but a little lower. There is ventilation. Break it with the pickaxe, move inside with the battery (using the magnet) and drop the battery into the hole between the bars. Return to the guard, use the magnet to move the battery into the slot, right through the glass. Go further, install the red element from the shelf on the left to the device with the red lamp. The door will open. Take the portable Tesla gun from the chest. Kill the skeleton. To do this, attack him with a cannon, and while the enemy is stunned, go around and hit with a pickaxe from the back.

Back out, shoot the remote on the left to open the door, and leave the bank. You will be stopped by a policeman who will send the hero to jail.


Look at the next cell. There is a pipe covered with a wooden board. Lower it by firing a purple beam. A red hero will appear. Climb up the created purple bridge and break the blocks. Jump down and get out through the ventilation into the courtyard. Immediately shoot the remote on the right. A door will open at the top. Connect the boards from above with the fence, climb up there and jump through the attic into the room. Inside the chest is a golden module. Now you can connect golden blocks with a purple beam. Do this to return to the attic and get out.

Connect the fence to the golden block on the wall, above the lake. Get up there. Connect the two antennas together and wait. The gym will open. Go to the table, take a dumbbell and lift it up (lift the screen up and down). Repeat steps 10 times. Now you can carry stones. Move the nearest stone and place it on the button.

Go outside, jump down and transfer the stone to the red button. The block will rise. Jump on it from another stone that stands against the wall. Shoot the golden growth on the rock from above and right-click to drop it down. Do the same with the next one. So, you can jump to the pipe, fly up with the help of the magnet and break the cracked glass to get into the prison. Click on the red button to release the red one. Take the green key from the table and go back to the beginning of the location to open the door.

In the cave where the enemies were fought, connect the two gold growths, climb up and shoot the Tesla cannon at the remote control. After opening the door, return to Cage town. You need to find other upgrades to get to the third floor!

How to get into the Jungle (Purple Pass)

Walkthrough Supraland Six Inches Under

Shoot the remote on the left to open the nearest building. There is a remote control with a blue button inside it. Find a building with a closed door and figures - a square, a circle and a triangle. First, learn where the wires lead. Then you need to press the three blue buttons as quickly as possible:

  • The first button inside the building at the ramp leading to the bank.
  • The button is behind this building, on the ceiling.
  • The button behind the closed building that is opened by these blue buttons.

But, before pressing the first button, go to the second. Connect the wooden part of the floor to the pieces of wood on the wall. You will need to climb up the beam and jump in the direction of the button to press it. Now stand closer to the exit from the building and press the first button. Run to the purple beam behind the building and press the second button while jumping. Run to the closed building and connect the wooden ledge to the wooden block below and then climb up to the third button. Success is difficult, but possible. Once you open this building, collect the purple pass and open the gate to the jungle nearby.

Shoot the remote to lower the bridge. Take the anvil and place it between the two antennas to the right of the closed passage. A room will open on the left, where you will need to pull the lever. Jump down and let the enemy break the glass floor. After dropping down twice, click on the device in the room to disable the enemy's shield. Finish him off. pull the enemy with the shield into the lava, and shoot the other with the Tesla cannon. The door will open.

Fight enemies in a large room. In the second wave, you will need to jump from the ledge to the nail and fly up to the metal plates, and from there - jump to the enemies. After three waves, a door will open. Open the door with the red button, go into the room and close the door behind you (with the same button). Connect the door and the wooden board on top. Climb up, break the gray cube (throw the pickaxe) and shoot the Tesla cannon at the remote control. You will enter a large cave with a purple crystal.

The button that opens the door on the beach is behind the fire. There are blocks to the left of this room. Break and find a chest with coins. Climb up the blades to the closed door and jump onto the ledge on the right. There is a wooden part here. Connect it to the wooden part on the tower and follow the beam. Break the gray blocks between the two golden antennas. Place the anvil on the button and collect three coins. Then place an anvil between the button and the gold antenna. Connect the two golden antennas with a purple beam. Then stand at the door, shoot the anvil and quickly go through before the door closes.

There are three antennas in this location. Near one of them is a battery slot. Jump on the stone slabs next to the rock, where there is a ledge with a battery. Take the battery, install it in the slot. You can move the iron block left and right using the wood pieces (LMB and RMB to pull the purple beam). First move to the right. Then connect the left wooden part with the gold growth on the rock. Climb up, go through the first opened door and get to the second. Click on the right mouse button so that the purple beam will pull the metal block towards the golden growth and the third antenna. The next door will open. Fly up with the magnet, make your way between the purple LEGO blocks and open the chest. You will receive a plot upgrade - a power cube. Use it to press buttons or use it as a stand.

Jump down and create a cube so as to block the path of the flames. Go through and press the button (jump to it with a cube). Again, block the path to the flow of flame and go through the opened door behind the blades. There are three cubes here, but you need the red one. Go to the door you went through, use the magnet and fly up to the shelf above the door where the red cube is located. Pass it through the three red rings and the door will open.

Pull yourself up to the pipe and use CTRL to dive underwater. Make your way through the water into the next room and jump out of the water on Shift using the magnet. Place the cube on the red button and go through the door. Listen to Red. He will say that there is something cool on top of the green crystal. Open the wooden door by pressing the small red button. You will arrive at the beach.


The Beach

Follow the plot, and look for secrets on your own, if you wish. So, look around. Go to the tower. Fly up along the blue pipe and fire the Tesla cannon at the remote control. The door below will open. Go down and go to the first floor of the tower. Take a sponge and put it on the grate nearby, behind the fence, to put out the fire from below. Rise again to the second floor and go to the purple rings. Fly up with the nail and create a purple cube to fly through the rings. Downstairs will open the descent to the basement. Follow there and pull the lever. Return to the shower room. Remove the trash bag from under the pipe.

Outside, find a fragrant flower near the blue pipe. Place it over the shower. Put a sponge in the shower to make it fragrant. In the same room, a door opened, to the right of the shower. Climb up and put the sponge on the grate. Come outside. There are two rescue houses. You are interested in the one closest to the tower. Wait. When the girl runs under the drops of a fragrant sponge, the rescuer will be distracted by her. Run into the house and press the red button. Now you can climb to the third floor: go up to the second along the blue pipe and fly even higher, to the third. Click immediately on the red button to create a springboard at the bottom.

Get down. Walk around the tower and find cubes on the side of it that can be broken. Break and place a purple cube on the purple button (create). You will see the block drop. Stand on it and create a cube so that it disappears from the button. You will go up and you will be able to take matches. Light the matches by the campfire on the beach and take them to the two runners to light a fire nearby. Return to the campfire on the beach. Create a cube above it and click on the white button nearby to drop the battery. It will hit the cube and not explode. Pick up the battery and fly up on the springboard. There is another springboard nearby (black circle). Stand on it and look down. You are standing right above the fire near the runners. Throw the battery into the fire. The runners will hear the explosion and run. Blue will run through three rings and the springboard will work. You will fly higher. Immediately click on the red button to create a second springboard at the bottom.

Jump down and find an umbrella on the beach. If it is not there, click on the white button next to the house. Take an umbrella and fly to the penultimate floor of the tower. Set the umbrella in a stand near two people resting. Climb up to the top floor. Find this same umbrella, jump on it to push off to the ledge with the purple button. No need to press the jump button when touching the umbrella! Set the purple cube on the button. Climb down, pick up a bag of garbage and fly back up. Pay attention to the swing made of LEGO bricks. There is a metal block there. Move it to the other side using the purple beam. Now climb up with the trash bag on the swing and leave the bag on the edge. The other side will rise and you will be able to get inside the house. It opens with the same purple button to which you jumped on the umbrella.

How to Return to the City

Take a plot improvement from the chest - a teleporter. Climb down and look for the Cage town sign. There is a black non-working trampoline. Pay attention to the gear with a green ring nearby. Create a teleporter ball at the top of the chute. While it's rolling, return to the trampoline. When the ball hits the gear, you will fly up. There is a building with several doors. Create a cube on the button and go through the door. Create a cube nearby to open the next door. Leave the teleport ball here and go back through the green pipe. Re-create the cube on the button and teleport to the left ball (RMB). Go through the opened door, create a cube to open the next one. Click on the button to open the door on the right. Take the blue key and open the blue lock. In the room you will see the mayor of the city.

Go down into the room on the left and place the green ball into the gear. The wooden board will move to the right. Climb back up by pulling with the violet beam. Create a purple beam above the red button and place a power cube on it. Get on the trampoline on the left. Remove the purple beam (LMB+RMB) so that the cube falls on the button and creates a trampoline. You will fly forward and find yourself in a cave.

The Castle (Endgame)

Leave the cave, create a cube on the edge and jump to the ledge ahead. Throw a bll from the teleport there and teleport to it. Then fly with the help of a magnet, starting from metal cutlery. Jump forward. Pull the violet beam to the wooden boards with nails without turning off the magnet. Rise higher by making jerks. Rise up above the nail and make a dash towards the fork. From the fork, dash to the ledge ahead, throw the ball and teleport to it. Throw the ball again while jumping and teleport before falling into the lava. Rise above. You will see two antennas. Stand on the trampoline and shoot the ball. When it rolls down and connect the two antennas, the trampoline will work. You will be near the castle. The mayor will close the door for you.

Climb up from the fork on the left, dash higher and find the second entrance to the castle. Walk along the corridor, jump down and set the button on the ceiling. Enter the hall with some creature. Now you cannot harm him. There are 3 locks in the hall. You need to open everything! By the way, the doors open when the creature makes sounds. In addition, when the creature makes sounds, light objects fly upwards. For example, your cube or battery.


Exit through the balcony on the right and jump down to the island in the lava. Return to the gate, climb up the fork (magnet) and make a dash. Don't go to the castle corridor. Instead, jump onto the hanging flag on the left. Then select the teleport. Jump forward and turn the corner. Quickly shoot the ball and teleport to it to get to the balcony. Shoot the ball. When the monster makes a sound, the ball will fly up into the green button. Click on the white button to make the key appear. Take the key and jump down. Return to the monster and open the first lock. Press the red button and defeat the enemy. It's safest to shoot him with an electric gun.


After the victory, look at the main door of the castle. There is a ledge above it. Throw an orb there when the creature is meditating. The ball will fly up. Teleport to him. You will enter the room with another key. First, find matches (if the monster is meditating, they fly under the ceiling, above the box), light one and burn the tent. Click on the button to get the battery. Climb down and enter the room to the left of the door. There will be detention cells. When the monster is meditating, throw the battery up to the ceiling to install it in the slot. Then create a purple cube next to the ledge where the cameras are. When a monster is meditating, you can carry a metal ball. Do this, use the cube to jump up and leave the ball between the two detention chambers.

Leave the ball from the teleporter in a small passage. Use a purple beam to connect the prisoner's wooden shackles and the golden antenna. Electricity should now be applied to the golden antenna. Return to the main hall and immediately turn right when the monster is meditating. The second door must be open. Take the key and open another lock. Defeat the enemy a second time. Now he will spit out green clots of acid after each of his attacks.


After the victory, go up again with the help of a teleporter and a ball. Press the white button and install the battery under the ceiling, in the slot near the cage. The first door will open, but the second will close. Also find two buttons. Place the ball from the teleport into the green button. In purple - a power cube. to prevent the cube from flying up, create a purple beam above it by connecting two shelves. Now light a match and put it on the floor under the battery. Go through the first door and wait. The match will fly up, the battery will explode, the second door will open. The third door is open thanks to two pressed buttons. Take the third key and fight the boss. The task is complicated by the fact that when it hits the ground, fire rings will diverge. Jump over them. rings also appear during the explosion of red clots. After the victory, go through the green pipe. The flow of money has stopped!

Third floor of Cage town

Go to the second floor, to the warehouse where the wire leads. Follow through the warehouse, use the cube, and then the teleporter. Throw the ball through the pipe and teleport to the lever. Switch it, go back and go to the third floor, to the mayor's house. After the cat scene, go inside, create a beam and find the yellow key under the attic behind the cube. After taking it, go outside and climb up along the pipe, using a magnet. Open the window with the key, shoot the ball and teleport. Flip the lever to direct the flow of money in the opposite direction. Follow the mayor, watch the cut-scene and hit him. Enter the elevator and get out of the cave. Enjoy the final game.

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