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Walkthrough Warm Snow and Guide: All Basses & Chapters

Walkthrough Warm Snow and Guide: All Basses & Chapters
Walkthrough Warm Snow and Guide: All Basses & Chapters
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
22 января 2022

Prologue: Chapter of the Wolf

There are two bosses in this chapter

Xuanyue – The female warrior who uses an axe, as the first boss, can be reckless most of the time. It should be noted that when fighting her head-on, you need to be prepared to take hard damage. After all, there is medicine when you pass the level. , the long-range should pay attention to her charge. After entering the stage, it will yell at you and jump to the other side for a long-range attack; at this time, if you are in a hurry to output, it will be easier to dodge from the upper and lower sides.
White Wolf King – Also as the boss of the first chapter, it is easy to be reckless.

You need to be careful about its long-distance charge, it will charge three times quickly, because the map is narrow and long, so it may not be easy to hide at the beginning. But after grasping the rhythm and dodging up and down, there will be many gaps to output it.
Its other trick is to call the younger brother after roaring… To be honest, it will hardly move for a long time after this trick. At this time, it is brave to output, and basically it can be killed no matter what you say.

Chapter 1: Pig Chapter

First of all, I will introduce the small bosses in the front of this level. The names may be random, but you all know what I want to express =w=

pig face girl

= The biggest difficulty of this boss is that her hook not only does great damage, but also is not very easy to dodge, but because the hook is only used when the player is far away from her, if the player who is not very good at dodging the hook will output the output.
= Her melee detection range is only positive, so she can easily output by dodging behind her before she strikes.
= There will be falling rocks after the blood volume drops, but the damage is not high, and it is easy to hide.

Suture Double Pig

= This boss only has two moves, collision and spit meat.
· The collision will only dash forward once. If you see it’s hoofs stepping twice to assist, you will know that it is about to rush forward, and you can dodge it when you see it. In the second stage, there will be three bursts in a row. If you grasp the rhythm and angle, and you are mentally prepared, it will not be too difficult.
· It is not difficult to spit rotten meat, just pay attention to avoid the things that fall down, there is only one in the first stage, and there will be a few more in the second stage.

Pork Noodle Samurai

= The upgraded version of the mobs has similar action logic, only three moves
: Dodge to the player’s side. At this time, see the red ellipse shadow beside you, that is the omen that he is going to dodge, you can dodge in advance. This trick will not be used in the second stage.
· Release the sword energy, just avoid the two lines before they overlap, there is nothing to say.
· The upgraded version of Dodge, it will be used when the HP is low to a certain level. It will draw several straight lines on the field and slash in turn. In addition to finding a good gap to avoid the slash, players should also pay attention to the end of the last slash. There will be a dodge, and the dodging method is the same as the first move, just pay attention to the red shadow.

So in addition to the above three small bosses, the main boss of the first chapter

The final boss of this chapter: Lu Kunhai

Stage 1:

= Don’t rush to output at this stage, because there are big flaws, so it is recommended to dodge with all your strength when the boss makes a move, and when he is exhausted, output with all your strength.

= Rolling is the first point to pay attention to. It is easy to avoid when the distance is far, but there is a high probability of continuous rolling, so it is best to be mentally prepared.

= Continuous attack is the second point, the boss will launch a melee combo, and the last part will fly towards the player from a long distance, so even if the distance is long, you need to be cautious.
= Pressing the ground is a point that long-range players need to pay attention to. At this time, purple ripples will be emitted and long-range attacks such as flying swords will be blocked.
= After finishing this set, the boss will basically be exhausted and gasp for breath. Seize this opportunity to focus on output. When the gasp is over, there will be a closing action. At this time, return to the dodging principle above. Can.

The second stage:

The most important thing in this stage is to pay attention to the position, otherwise, it is easy to be half-blooded directly by eating a set of boss grasping skills.

It is recommended to stand directly in front of the hand when outputting both hands, and the remote player can stand in the front and lower position. (Important!!)

 When you encounter a wave, just move down to the nearest side to dodge.
When the half is red, as long as you are not at the very edge of the map, you can go out with normal movement speed
When the boss is about to vomit blood, take the time to slow down and see where his head is facing (important!!), Dodge in the opposite direction first, then dodge diagonally upwards to the farthest corner.

Basically these three points are the points that need to be paid attention to at this stage. When the hands are finished, the head can only vomit blood and inhale, so remember the third one can also be easily avoided.

Chapter 2 The Chapter of Cranes

There are still three small bosses in this chapter, and the names are probably based on impressions. Anyway, you know what I’m talking about.

White Clothes

This boss is not difficult, just pay attention to stay away from him when he disappears, because his clone will only be in the range at that time, just stay farther away and wait for his real body to come out.

Alien beasts

This boss will randomly select two kinds of animals to fight with the player.

However, pigs and turtles are very similar. They both move diagonally. When necessary, they dodge into the white wall of fire on the ground. The damage is lower than being hit directly. The difference between the two is that the turtle may resist long-range attacks during its rotation.

Among these animals, the one that needs to be paid attention to is the crane, which will summon a whirlwind and attack at the same time. It is the more difficult among these animals. When combined with the two inconvenient animals such as turtles and pigs, you will be very uncomfortable. It is difficult to have a target that can focus on output, and it is even easy to consume a lot of blood or use up medicinal wine in the process.

It is recommended that when encountering a combination of cranes and pig turtles, focus on avoiding and attacking cranes, because after landing, there will be a relatively good output opportunity.

My understanding of this boss is also limited. After all, every fight will be different. If you have any good suggestions, you can leave a message below ~=w=!


It seems to be called this name. 2333

It is a mage who can summon book mobs. Except for avoiding lasers and clearing mobs first, there is no good advice.

Then comes the final boss of this chapter…

The final boss of this chapter: Sima Ying

Stage 1

First is the mechanics, the boss will basically cycle between fireball and starlight.

The fireball is thrown once at the beginning, and there will be a red carpet on the ground; after the boss’s HP drops, there will be three bursts of fireballs.

Starlight falls from the sky with multiple beams of light, just keep dodging; after the boss’s HP drops, it will turn into a small amount of beams with a larger range.

The boss will turn the fireballs on the field into an expanding black hole after a round or two, and blood will continue to drop within the range of the black hole; the black hole will turn into a black hole when it touches other fireballs.

When the field is almost full, my sister will stop everything, and at this time, the black hole on the field can be shattered.

In short, the main point is not to put the sun in the middle of the scene at this stage, it will make it difficult to dodge the boss moves! ! !

In the second stage

You can avoid the red carpet and break the eyes, keep the character in the relatively middle position, and avoid being unable to walk out of the range when attacked by half of the map. The attack frequency will be faster after the HP drops.

Chapter 3 Turtle Chapter

I have only encountered two small bosses so far in this chapter

Final weapon prototype

Pay attention to the rotation of your hands, don’t get too close when hitting the ground continuously, you will be attacked, there is nothing to say other than that, the missiles are very easy to dodge, just pay attention to the landing point.
Final weapon attack

It can’t even hit the ground, and even the small self-destructing robots released are very easy to hide.
The final boss of this chapter: Zhao Changgeng

Stage 1:

After attacking the four pillars, the core of the body will be exposed, and you can perform multiple rounds of output.

Initially and after each round of damage to the core, the gossip dial will be turned once, and according to the turned hexagram, disadvantageous elements will be added to the field.

Which is a dry and Kun is a cylindrical inner circle, once the scope of damage

Hom is water polo in constant motion appears on the map, and launch water bombs hexagonal

-Gen is on the ground appears to stab tracking, more intractable

Shock is a random drop of lightning on the map, and there will be a red circle prompt, which is very good to avoid
Sunda is the appearance of multiple small tornadoes on the map that will knock down the player, moving diagonally.
I haven’t encountered it so far, it needs to be added
Dui is that there is a poisonous swamp on the map randomly, and it will gradually emerge when it appears, so it can also be avoided,
When the core-shell is completely destroyed, it will enter the second stage

Second stage

The boss rides The giant mechanic has four hands, and each has its own attack method

The middle core that the player needs to output will launch a high-damage penetrating attack every round of attack, and the core will sparkle before the attack, be sure to pay attention dodge.

In the first half, focus on avoiding the attacks of the hand and core, and output the core. After the blood volume drops, there will be two fixed attack modes.

One is to attack with four hands at the same time, and emit lasers staggered in the shape of ♥♥♥. At this time, you only need to stand in the center of the Taiji map to dodge, but you must pay attention to the core will continue to attack after the laser, so dodge the four hands Immediately after the attack, you should dodge to both sides.

Another attack method is to slap with four hands in turn, because the core will fire again after the four slaps on the ground, so remember to dodge to both sides for the fourth slap.

The attack will start to change a little after the blood volume drops further, but the dodging method is the same as above.

Chapter 4 Tiger Chapter

There are two small bosses in this level

Jade Concubine

It is very dangerous to fight with her in close combat. Don’t be greedy for the knife. It is recommended to wait a few times and wait for her to attack before continuing to output. When you climb up the ceiling, you will drool as you move, so be careful not to be thrown.
Corrupted Tiger General

Stage 1

 very easy to play, the attack is basically a three-shot, there is nothing special to pay attention to.

Stage 2

Two barrages will be sprayed from a distance. At this time, it is not recommended to blindly output at close range.

After the barrage is sprayed, it will sneak into the ground near the player and jump and fly. After the second wave of barrage is over, it can be easily avoided by dodging continuously (it may jump twice in high difficulty)

It will take a long time after the jump The huge rigidity of time, seize the output and cycle the above steps.
The final boss of this chapter: Qin…forgot

There are two tricks to pay attention to
If the player is far away, they will throw the blade in their hand. If they hit, they will pierce and fix the player, and then grab and slash, causing high execution damage, so please be careful to avoid it.
At close range, you will swing the knife for three consecutive strikes in a wide range. On the way, it will turn with the player’s position, and the last slash will even attack the back. Please keep your distance.
When the HP is low, it will enter the second stage, the attack will be charged, and the range and speed of the three-slash combo will increase.

Generally speaking, it is enough to output at the interval of his attacks, it is best not to take his damage hard.

But at this point, the equipment should basically be formed. If there is medicine, it is best to try to take away the half-blooded boss when the blood volume is healthy and the output is sufficient, otherwise in the case of a war of attrition It’s easy to take a lot of damage from mistakes.

Final Chapter Dragon Chapter

To be able to hit here, I believe that you don’t need any help. =w=
Relying on your own experience and accumulated equipment, you should be able to beat it completely…
There is nothing to pay attention to, just go up and do it!