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Walkthrough Internet Cafe Simulator 2 — Guide

Let's start by getting to know the objects and some of the personalities present in the game...
Walkthrough Internet Cafe Simulator 2 — Guide
Андрей Павленко
Дата публикации
27 января 2022

Walkthrough Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Let's start by getting to know the objects and some of the personalities present in the game:

  • BTC Miner - a seller of various mining devices, to trade with him you need to pay the homeless $ 100 (we'll get to know him later). The product is updated after sleep.
  • Second-Hand - Store of used items. Here you can buy various items and electronics cheaper than in the ZAMAZOR e-shop. The product is updated after sleep. Also, by interacting with the seller of the store, you can sell your items to him for an incomplete price (the items must be in your hands or in your briefcase).
  • Club - a strip club, the entrance to which costs $100. In addition to its direct purpose, there are several slot machines and a table with a game of Blackjack inside.
  • Also in our house on the second floor is our competitor - a computer club.
  • Homeless (beggar) - he will give us tasks that will reveal something to us. I advise you to go through them as early as possible, because. one of the mission rewards is uninterrupted power supply. Tasks appear after sleep.
  • Thief - trying to steal our items from the club. Before the theft, he moves slowly in the club, crouching, after that he runs at a run. He is not embarrassed by our presence in the club, however, during our absence, he acts more actively.
  • Terrorist - trying to blow up our club, killing visitors. It runs fast, it's hard to react to it, it can destroy objects with an explosion (fail under the textures).

What are blank discs, thermometer, etc. for?

  • Thermometer - is used to measure the temperature in the room. In each room, the temperature does not depend on the neighboring ones, so it is necessary to install an air conditioner in each room.
  • Mop - necessary for cleaning the room from debris, traces and feces past the toilet.
  • Spray - needed to freshen the air in an Internet cafe. There is no device that replaces his work in this version of the game. You can buy it at Second Hand.
  • Blank disc - needed to record hacked (pirated) games and sell them.
  • Fire extinguisher - I think it's understandable for what. You need to extinguish the system unit itself when the inscription "Fire" appears, and not spray around it. You can buy it at Second Hand.
  • Bat - your additional damage from your hand. You can buy it at Second Hand.


Needed to carry multiple items at the same time. They differ from each other in price and capacity.

  • Basic Backpack - $475 - 2 slots
  • Mountaineer Backpack - $1000 - 4 slots
  • Camo Luxury Backpack - $2050 - 8 slots
  • Pro Backpack - $3000 - 10 slots

Any backpack is suitable for completing the task with bats.

Types of earnings

List of types of earnings by profitability and reliability:

  • The direct task of the club
  • Mining
  • Sale of pirated games
  • Selling hot dogs
  • Warcry game
  • Casino/cases, etc.

PC, console, VR, vending machines - what to choose?

Computers, consoles and VR operate on the same principle, differing only in the price of their installation:

  • PC - from $872 to $7679 (excluding mouse pads)
  • Consoles - from $1742 to $6574
  • VR - from $1173 to $6402

*Prices are taken from the ZAMAZOR online store

  • Slot machines - have a fixed prepayment, do not depend on electricity.


You need to buy permission from a homeless person for $100 to buy video cards and BTC Miner for mining. After obtaining permission, you need to go to the seller-miner, who has a video card rack ($650), 5 video cards ($500 each) and 3 BTC Miner ($999 each) for sale.

  • BTC Miner produces 75.3 MH/s while consuming 10.62 Kw/s
  • One graphics card delivers 50.3 MH/s while consuming 3.54 Kw/s.
  • A full rack (of 6 graphics cards) delivers 301.5 MH/s at a consumption of 21.24 Kw/s

Based on simple mathematical calculations, video cards are more profitable than BTC Miner.

After purchasing BTC Miner and/or video cards, you need to link them to our account. To do this, you need to install the "Miner" application, in which the miner code is written in purple text, it must be entered into BTC Miner and video cards.

The crypto is mined into your portfolio on the CRYPTO website, where you can immediately sell it.

Follow the dynamics of cryptocurrency prices, after each sleep, the buying and selling rate changes.


Unfortunately, not, it is not yet available in the game (or I did not find how to do it).

How to hack and sell games?

You need to buy blank discs and hack the games themselves to sell games. Also, you need to download CMD.

To hack the game, you need to go to the crack site and enter the specified ip into the CMD application using the join server command. CrackedWebsiteApp opened for us, in the "Crackable Games" tab, the games available for hacking, the difficulty of hacking and the game ID are indicated. The list of games is updated after sleep.

You need the game ID for hacking. Go to CMD and write a command to find the port: send package . I recommend administering 5 to 10 packets at a time.

Repeat the input of packets several times until you find the correct port (it can be from 1 to 999). If the input of packets fails, you will need to wait a while before the next input, and also roll back a certain number of ports (depending on the level of complexity of the hack). Next, you need to crack the correct port with the crack command. After hacking, the game will appear in the "MY CRACKS" section, and orders for the game in the corresponding "Orders" section. To sell the game, you need to burn the game to a disc, for this you need to insert a blank disc into the drive and burn the game to it. After that, you need to take the disc with the game to the customer, which will be displayed on the map. Be careful, the customer has a waiting time.

Attention! A disc with a hacked game is forbidden! During a search, a disc with the game is seized from you and a fine of $ 85 is issued.

Selling Hot Dogs

The cart with Hot Dogs costs $1540 to open, it pays off very slowly, we can't interact with it in any way, we can only take money from the cash register. There are no expenses for it, I advise you to buy with a stable income.

Warcry Classic

Warcry Classic is a local MMO game that allows you to earn a pretty penny. You need to farm coins inside the game to withdraw funds. You need to put the character in armor, preferably maximum, to fight the golem for effective farming. During this time, it is easier to develop your club.

There are 6 types of mobs in total:

  • Slug - does not provide danger. Kill to get mucus and up to 5 coins in each cell.
  • Spider - also not dangerous for us even at the first level; kill to get a cobweb and from 5 to 10 coins in each cell.
  • Evil plant - available for killing without any items; destroy it to get from 10 to 20 coins in each cell.
  • Skeletons - already to kill them, you need to buy armor; when killed, bones are dropped and from 20 to 30 coins in each cell.
  • Orc - the penultimate ferocious mob. Toy can get orc heads and 40 to 50 coins in each cell.
  • Golem is the real boss! To fight him, you need the best armor. Kill him to get a shard and more than 100 coins in each cell.

*There is also a chance to get a healing potion from each mob.

Artifact cost:

  • Slime - 2 coins
  • Web - 5 coins
  • Sheets - 10 coins
  • Bones - 20 coins
  • Orc heads - 50 coins
  • Shards - 100 coins



Be sure to open, because. makes it possible to open the toilet. You can improve by purchasing various household appliances: a coffee machine, a toaster, a refrigerator, a vending machine.

You can also hire two workers: a cook and a waiter.

I do not recommend improving the kitchen in the first couple, first of all you need to open the toilet. After that, you can already put a vending machine and a waiter, then everything else. the refrigerator does not carry any function (or I did not notice).


It is necessary to raise the rating. Do not forget to wash off their feces after unscrupulous customers, as well as clean the sinks and the floor with a mop.


To hire workers, you need to install the EMPLOY app. Only 5 workers and a robot vacuum cleaner are available in the game.

CHEF - 4 DAYS / $200

You need a kitchen to hire. Increases only the level of customer service, which affects reviews. There is no cooking animation, just walking around the kitchen between household appliances.

MASCOT - 3 DAYS / 150$

Attracts visitors with its dances. Works only during the day shift on the street near the entrance to the club. Affects only the flow of customers.

BOUNCER - 3 DAYS / $260

Our bouncer, the second most important hired worker. Stops thieves and defaulters with his amazing pinwheel. It cannot cope with a large flow of people, if two or more non-payers come out at the same time, it will stop only one, similar to thieves (there is only one target). Required to be hired after Guard.

CLEANER - 3 DAYS / 600$

The most common robot vacuum cleaner. Cannot cope with a large flow of people (when two floors are open). Doesn't clean up poop on the floor. I recommend to buy after the opening of three premises or with a large flow of people.

MAID - 5 DAYS / 350$

The only girl working in our internet cafe. Available for hire after the kitchen opens. Works as a waitress, delivering food to customers. Doesn't affect reviews wanting more girls in the club. I recommend hiring immediately along with a cook or buying a vending machine.

GUARD - 5 DAYS / 300$

The very first and necessary for us security guard of the club. Has a firearm, stopping terrorists with it. Makes no mistakes regarding Bouncer. I recommend hiring after buying 2-3 gaming seats.

How not to go bankrupt at the very beginning?

At the beginning of the game, you have access to $2000, a simple table and a chair. You don't have to do the tutorial right away. You need to buy a computer in Second Hand for no more than $ 1000. Also immediately buy an air conditioner, download Steem and Virus Scanner. Buy a couple of games and a premium version of the antivirus. You can also go to Kawaii by choosing any game we are given 100 coins that can be sold for $100. At first, try to increase our income by quantity, after a stable income, turn to quality. Don't skimp on staff. Hiring security as soon as possible.

If you are very lucky, you can play Fruit Slot, the minimum bet is 10$, our goal is to win free spins (3 candies), they can not only pay back, but bring you a profit, because. that's when the multiplier (bombs) works.

What can you save on?

You should not immediately put a piggy bank, a cart with hot dogs, improve the kitchen and toilet, this will not give you a big profit. These items affect service and pricing respectively, and you need to export in quantity rather than quality in the beginning.


  • You can accept cash payments while sitting at the computer. Turn to the client and press the spacebar.
  • Initially, I recommend buying 2-3 BTC Miner, then only video cards
  • Pumping physical skills is almost useless
  • The bill won't come if you don't sleep
  • Empty sprays and fire extinguishers can be sold to a merchant in Second Hand