Full walkthrough Obduction

Start a new game. You can choose the method of transportation. Free movement is always better.

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Move to the river and to the left, past the fire. Go up the hill until you do not stop the game. Wait, when glowing object will fly to you.

You will find yourself on an unknown planet.

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Walk through the gorge, go ahead and see the object in the form of a crystal. Nearby there is a sign and a button. Click on the button and listen to the message. Use the cursor and the left mouse button to interact with objects.

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Go ahead until you see the gray house.

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Go to it. You can find a note in the mailbox. And you need to listen to another audio message near the house.

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The door is locked inside the house. Turn around. You can go to the left and see a few graves. Aura is blocking the way.

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Go right from the house, if you stand back to him. You will see a flying creature (from mines). It sits on the roof of the house. What does it mean? A little further there are several houses with boarded-up doors and windows. Nearby you will find a message, which saw earlier (in the first audio messages). Turn on the sound clip.

Go to the right side to the rock. There is a pass between the houses. Look to the right and see another audio message. Run it and learn about the Tree (you can see red leaves in the background,).

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Now you can bypass a rock on the left or the right, but will see a locked gate to the Tree. Move deep locations, where you can see blue and red gleams.

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Soon you will see the building with the device. It is forming the gleams. The building is locked. To the right of it there is a small building, through which you can get on the wooden walkways. You will find a metal door inside the buildings.

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Click on the green button of the device (the center of the door).  Metal shield is fallen, and you talk with a man. He tries to leave this place.

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He asks to restore the power.

Walk on the wooden bridges on the left . Stand on it, move the lever to the right to go upstairs.

From here you can get a device with a red beam. Go over the bridge, through the rocks and turn right. Do you see the dam? Pull the lever to open it.

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From here you can get a device with a red beam. But can’t to interact with it. Run away over the bridge up. Turn right and go to the partition that holds water. Pull the lever in the direction to raise the barrier. Look down to see where the water is now flowing.

Go back the same way. Move to the dam. Under a waterfall, you can activate the audio message from Mayor Joseph. Go to the dam. There is a lever on the contrary.

Examine the partition. On it there is a thing resembling a valve with two blades. So for these blades you can move up or down walls. There are three positions: two partitions on the same level, right above the left or right above the left. You need to make sure that the right partition was lowered into the water, and the left - raised up. Then again, pull the same lever. The partition must turn 90 degrees. So you get the access to the other side of the location.

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Follow the path. To the right you will see two rods. Behind them there are steps. If you go over the top, then you will stop near the very partition. There are metal step and go on until you can’t.

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Follow ahead until you find yourself in a new place. There is a huge stone sphere on the right, and under it there are tracks and motorcycles.

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On one of the columns you can find the white button but nothing happens when you press it.

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Go on. There are several carriages and rails on the right side. Blue car is a generator that you need to run. Walk up to it and look at the panel. You see the green switch on / off, switch on the tube (red arrow), which takes two diagonal position, as well as fuel measurement sensor. The arrow of fuel is pointed on E – EMPTY.

Please note that red metal pipe goes of the generator. Follow for the pipe. Because the pipe will go black hose - move along it and find yourself at a gas station.

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IMPORTANT! Green switch set to OFF and the arrow on the place where one pipe turns into two, set so that the left end was lowered down.

Go back to the gas station and turn the lever on the column. Go back to the generator (wagon) and see that the fuel sending unit points to F - Full. After that,  you need turn ON the green toggle, while you not touch the arrow on the adapter.

Now pay attention on the metal door to the right of  toggle switch and arrows. Move it to the left to close the fuel sending unit, but open another yellow switch. It can turn to the left (PRIME) and in the right position (START).

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Switch the dial to the PRIME (left). And it is necessary not only to switch, but also hold!!!! The bulb on the left will start to fill up with fuel. Wait when the game automatically turns off. After that, move the switch to START. Again hold!!! Hold until the generator will started. You will hear a distinctive sound and the light will illuminate green without flashing. Power is restored!

Go back to the man. This is the same S.V. He will say that now we need to turn off the dome.