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ShowGamer.comCall of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

Call of the Sea is a first-person adventure game. And in this guide, I suggest you check out the step-by-step instructions on how to walk through it!


Swim forward until the main character wakes up in her cabin. Go to the table in front. There is a locked suitcase on the right side. Examine the note and pick up the orange diary on the left edge. After that, open the in-game journal by clicking on TAB. You will see the house number - 506. Enter this code on the suitcase lock and press the square button. Take out the map of the island, a strange artifact and a photograph of your husband from the chest. Hold LMB and turn the photo to find the key on the back. Then you can leave the cabin.

Chapter 1

Read the note on the left and move deeper into the cave on the left to examine the strange symbols depicting the sea through the hole in the wall. Having done this, go back and move inland. At the very end there will be a gate blocking the path. Look on the right, on the boxes, for the box with the initials. Open it with a key and you will see a diagram with a hint. Go back a little and go to the stone slabs on the left, where the flower wreaths are. Move the slab to the right of the wreath lying on the floor to find a round object. Return to the hedge and insert the round object into the hole on the right. Pull the red levers on the left and right.

Move on. Read the note on the box on the right. There you will also find a photo of all members of the expedition. Examine the device on the left. It consists of five discs that you can rotate by selecting specific symbols. Move deeper into the location to find clues to four symbols (you have already found one in the cave on the shore). Go forward without turning anywhere. The red board will be on the left. Look through it at the mountains. A little further, there will be another board submerged in water on the left hand. Further there will be a clearing with many red boards. But only one can be interacted with: look for it on the right, with a birdhouse for birds. Finally, go back and turn left into the swamps to find a board through which sunlight passes. Once the diary contains sketches of all five boards (perhaps optional), head back to the spinning disc puzzle.

Look, there are 4 out of 5 sticks on each board. The missing stick indicates the position of the symbol. For example, on a board with a mountain, there are 1, 2, 4 and 5 sticks. This means that this symbol must be selected on the middle disc. The complete solution to the puzzle looks like this:

• Three triangles (indicate the sun)

• Three arrows to the right (point to the bird)

• Three peaks (mountains)

• Three waves (symbols, sea)

• A figure resembling a porcupine (fish)

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

After you have set all these symbols, press the red button to lower the bridge. Go deeper into the location.

Chapter 2

Take a look around first. Examine the hole by the stone wall on the right. Then examine the totems near the three huts. Also examine the holes with drawings on the roof of these three huts. Walk left and find the fourth totem. The magazine should contain images of four totems. There is also a grave there. Go under the canopy and look at the back of the tombstone to find the third drawing (one complete and one incomplete you found in two of the three huts in the main location).

Go back and head up the slope. There will be a hut with a totem, parts of which can be rotated. Use the torn pieces on the table to the right to create a picture of four creatures. Also examine the stove on this table. Now interact with the column and rotate its parts so that you get one correct from all four sketches in the magazine. You need to select the upper part of the upper left totem from the bottom at the top, the second from the top of the lower left totem, the second from the bottom of the lower right totem and the lower part of the upper right totem. The solution is shown in the screenshot below.

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

Get into the cache. Examine the photo lying under the far wall to unlock a hidden achievement. Next, take the plate from the table, go back down and insert it into the hole in front of the stone wall. Climb upstairs, examine the tent on the right and go down into the pit using the rope ladder. There will be several buttons in the floor that you can press. Pass them, go forward and pull the red lever to lower the bridge. Behind him there will be a rope ladder going upstairs. This will create a shortcut to the houses above. Return down to the room with pressure plates. Examine the eyes depicted on the walls. Red goo will begin to ooze from the eyes. You need to study three of these eyes so that the main character makes sketches with black spots. Each eye has two spots. These clues should be used to solve the puzzle below.

Move to the device in the far hut, above. Use the red toggle switches to select positions, and use the plus (or minus) button to adjust the size of the spots. The screenshot below shows the solution to the puzzle. All you need to do is set a small black point where the red point is located.

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

You will receive a lens. Set it on the nearest telescope and look through the lens to find the constellation diagram. Go back down to the pressure plates in the pit. You need to move according to the indicated scheme, and you need to start from the right point in the passage that leads to the bridge you lowered and a short path to the upper huts. Quite simply, follow the diagram in the diary. The pit will be filled with black slurry. After loading, swim forward, under the water between the columns, and then watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Go inside the ship and go up the stairs. Go left and turn left. You will see an electrical cabinet with circuit breakers. There are four levers in total. Number them from left to right from "1" to "4" and then omit them in the following order: third, second, fourth, first. All bulbs should turn green. Lower the lever on the left to apply power even further. You can go to the far radio room to read different notes. Pay attention to the device with keys (consisting of nine dials).

Go outside and lower the lever on the wall to the left, opposite the four previous switches). You will supply power even further. Leave the ship and activate the lever next to it, by the boxes on the left. Go to the tents on the left. Examine each tent. There are a lot of interesting subjects that reveal the plot. You are interested in the passage to the cave. There is the last lever to the left of it. Pull it down to illuminate the equipment inside the cave. Move there and examine the tent. Turn on the projector and view each frame. Then take the note from the box on the right. It contains the location of the keys, which are labeled with certain characters. Now use a keyboard device nearby. Press each key to find out its numeric code. All these digital codes will be transferred to Nora's diary.

Go back to the projector and select a sea level just above the minimum. Such as in the screenshot below (all these symbols will be useful to you):

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

If you want to get a journal entry with this scheme, exit the cave and go to the right. Turn right behind the tents and go up the mountain. There will be a barred passage on the right hand. Follow the bridge to the left and exit to the bay with a huge stone organ. There are different buttons and devices here. Go right and go down the steps to the very bottom. Click on the wall with several symbols indicating sea level. Nora will remember it. Go back to the tent with the projector, rewind it to the very beginning, turn it on / off and start flipping frames to the right. To the picture above. Nora has to say that this is the right slide. And you will be able to examine it (after examination, its image will be transferred to the heroine's diary).

Return to the ship, to the radio room, and examine the device with dials. Turn it on with the black toggle switch on the left. On the right, you will see floating stones. With the help of three black tumblers, you need to make sure that these stones are on the same level. From left to right, the toggle switches should be directed to the following marks (start counting from the first!):

  • Third (short)
  • Fifth (short)
  • Sixth (long)

As soon as you get the picture from the screenshot below, the device will show the numbers. You need to remember them:

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

There are 9 digits in total. But every three is a certain sound. If you received the digital codes for each note from the tent inside the cave, then now you can understand what symbols are needed:

  • 262 - symbol with a dot in the center
  • 349 - symbol with four dots
  • 415 - symmetrical symbol with two triangles to the left and right of the center (there is the same one, but with triangles above and below)

But that's not all! Remember that diagram from the projector. Depending on the sea level, the symbols transform into different ones! As a result, you should have the following symbols to play on the organ:

  • Symbol with dot in the middle
  • Two symbols in the middle
  • Two triangles above and below

Go back up the mountain to the stone organ. Activate the device in the center, near the cliff. You will turn over the slab and see all 7 symbols. Black slurry under the symbol indicates that it is open, gray - closed. Before the exit to the organ, there is the first symbol under the arch. And it needs to be opened as it is a single dot symbol. Lift the latch up. Exit to the organ and go left. There will be two symbols on the left hand. Open the closest one (with two points), and close the far one, with two symmetrical triangles. There are steps nearby. Go down a little lower and make sure the single four-dot symbol is covered. Return to the middle and go right. Close both symbols on the right hand and open one symbol just below (with two triangles on top and bottom). You should get the following picture:

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

Turn around from this panel and you will see another panel allowing you to customize the slab above the pit. Close the hole completely, turn around and press the diamond-shaped button again. If everything is set up in the same way as in the screenshot above, the stones will make a bridge. Run forward across the bridge, go upstairs and read Harry's note in the box. Then click on the four buttons on the pyramid panel, and then on the central one. The stones will line up, and you can go down. Go forward, because now there are no stones and you can go to the temple.

Chapter 4

Move to the top of the mountain and examine various objects. There is a switch on the tower on the left, but now it is inactive. Go to the large temple door. It is closed. Stand with your back to it. There are four symbols on the floor opposite the door. Be sure to study them so that the correct location appears in the journal. A little further there are three columns with frescoes. Each has one symbol. The fourth column is overwhelmed. You can walk down the stairs to the left to see the fresco. Each column also has four diamond-shaped buttons.

You need to click on one specific button, depending on which symbol is depicted on the fresco of the column and what position it occupies in the diagram on the floor (in front of the door). For example, on a collapsed column, you need to press the left button when looking at the fresco. As soon as you press the correct buttons, the plates will open and water will pour onto the wooden wheel from the side.

Go to the device for generating energy. As you can see, the wheel is actually spinning. There are 3 levers to the left of it. You can bypass these levers and find a green button. Press on it, set the holes so that the rods behind the levers can enter them. First you need to set the hole for the lever closest to the spinning wheel. Then run and activate this lever. The gear will start to rotate. Then again run to the green button and set the hole for the second lever. And after - and for the third. When all three levers are locked, a panel with round buttons to the left is activated. You need to make all these buttons light up.

Each button toggles itself and the buttons on the left and right. That is, one press changes the status of three buttons. Solving the puzzle is as simple as possible. If you did not press anything and only one button is lit, then press the second button clockwise and the second button counterclockwise (from it). Then lower the two switches in the tent, move to the wooden tower and lower the lever in the tent to the right of it. Climb the tower and interact with the switch. Nora will fall down. Walk forward until you find yourself inside the house. Go up to the back room and interact with the box in the chair. Go to the locked passage to the temple. Lower the lever on a nearby device and interact with the microphone.

The temple will open and you can go inside. Go deeper and take the elevator up. Having done this, examine the four frescoes on the walls. Also look at the symbol highlighted in white on the wall. Also, go through every note you find. As a result, you should have four frescoes in your diary, symbols to the right and words to the left of them. Below, there is a diagram of a circle consisting of four parts (With numbers).

Now stand in front of the closed door with numbers. Set the arrows up and to the right on the two slabs on the left. On the two symbols to the right - both down. a passage will open. Follow through it, read the note and examine the drums. There are three drums: the more, the rougher the sound. Hit the center, largest drum first. Then you will hear two sounds that need to be repeated. Then it will continue. Listen carefully to sounds and repeat combinations. Once you do all this, a stone gate will appear. Interact with the palm-shaped panel.

Chapter 5

Swim forward and interact with the same panel. Find the next one and swim underwater again. The path further blocks the current. There is a device underneath. Examine it. The vessel must be lifted up. Now click on the button on the right so that the liquid flows through the winding tube. After 2-3 seconds, press the button on the left so that the liquid flows in a straight tube. If you get the right moment, the liquids will touch and fill the vessel. The flow is inverted in the opposite direction. Swim through the tunnel. Get to the next panel and interact with it to turn into a human.

Go to a spacious cave with different stone huts. First go right and go down the tunnel. Examine the symbols around the column. Nora will sketch them in her diary. In accordance with the sequence of these symbols, you need to activate the columns with four buttons. First, activate the column near the entrance to the location. Then climb to the very top and activate the next column. Go down a little lower to the house with red palms and activate the third column. Go back to the entrance. Look not far from it (if you stand with your back, then to the right) houses with symbols in the form of stripes.

There will be a fourth column inside one of them. From the entrance, go left and up the path to the houses with purple symbols. There will be a pedestal with a button next to it. Click on it. Two columns will go down on the side. Go down to them (to where you examined the symbols around the column) and press the button. The water level will drop, and you can get to the next panel.

Swim underwater. First, adjust the gate to invert the flow. This must be done with two openings. To do this, lift the middle vessel up, and then start the liquid with the buttons on the right and left. Just like they did it before. When, in both cases, the current will move you forward, return to the first gate and press the yellow button on the pedestal. An opening will open at the bottom. Quickly swim through all the gates in order to have time to get inside the underwater cave. There you can find a panel for interaction.

Once again, being a man, go forward and to the right. Press the button on the stand to further lower the water level. Follow in the opposite direction, get down below and below and find the panel. Swim to the opening, invert the current and move forward. You will swim automatically through several passes until you find yourself at the panel that allows you to transform into a human.

Climb the rope ladder on the right and examine the symbols on the wall that Harry left behind. Go back down and examine the panel on the right. You need to make sure that the liquid reaches the center through four tubes at the same time. First, press the top and right buttons almost simultaneously. Wait 3-4 seconds and press the bottom button. Almost at the end, when the liquid through the three tubes is near the center, press the left button with a straight tube. As soon as you select the correct time of pressing, a boat will arrive, on which you can go to the sanctuary.

Chapter 6

Walk right and insert your hand into the stone circle. You will mix blood with black slurry. Examine the various notes and go to the altar in the center, opposite the gate of the sanctuary. Interact with the altar to sprinkle blood on it, and then enter the sanctuary. Examine the constellations on the doors on the left and right. There are four constellations in total. Also examine the floor in the center. All this should be in the diary. Click on the two buttons to the left and right of the eye in the floor. Four stone discs will roll out. The same buttons are active on each. You need to activate the disc to the left of the eye and opposite it. When the buttons on these two discs are active, one of the doors on the right will open.

Go through the door, go upstairs and insert your hand into the disk. You will receive another character. Now on each disc in the main hall 2 buttons are active. Return to the main hall. Disable all buttons to keep the floor clean. Stand on eye on the floor. Clockwise on disks you need to select:

  • Bottom right button
  • The second button from the right (which was available initially)
  • Bottom right button
  • No buttons are inactive

The second door on the right will open. Go through it. A new puzzle awaits you. There is a panel with four buttons (three diamond-shaped and one round). This panel only controls black shapes. The round button raises stones in the directions in which the black pieces are directed.

For starters, you are interested in the middle and right buttons. Set them up so that when you press the round button - a bridge forms, leading to the same panel for the white figure. This panel consists of the same buttons, but this time you will be controlling the white shapes. Set everything up so that you can get to the far side by the white stones. Go back and use the left and middle buttons to control the black shapes. As a result, you should have the following path to a round disk with a new seal:

Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide
Call of the Sea — Walkthrough & Guide

Return to the main hall and turn off all symbols. Stand by eye on the floor. Activate the lower right symbol on the two discs closest to the eye. One of the doors on the left will open. Go there and insert your hand into the disc to get the fourth symbol. Return to the main hall. Now 4 buttons are active on each disc. Set the following symbols:

  • On the disk to the left of the eye - the second button from the left
  • On the disk to the right of the eye - the second button from the right
  • On the disk more to the right - the second button from the left

The last door will open. Walk through it, dive into the water, interact with the altar, and swim forward. Climb to the surface and insert your hand into the disc to get the last symbol. Return to the main hall. It remains to set the buttons for the last time:

  • On the disc to the left of the eye, place the right symbol
  • On the disk to the right of the eye, place the second symbol from the right
  • On the second disc to the left of the eye, place the left symbol
  • On the second disc to the right of the eye (counterclockwise), set the top symbol (middle)

Go ahead, move to the corpse in the chair and watch the video. Go forward, listening to Nora, who is trying to figure out what happened. You can save in the room with photos to see both endings of the game.



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