Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide

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ShowGamer.comChicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide

Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide

Read detailed walkthrough of the visual noir adventure Chicken Police, the main character of which is a detective rooster

Chapter 1

Talk to Deborah, who came to the detective's office. You will receive new personal information (Deborah), learn about the Atlas hotel. Look in the drawer of the detective's desk, and then take away the cigarette, badge and pistol. Talk to Deborah again, and learn that the victim is her owner. And all the threats were sent in the form of letters.

Then again interact with Deborah and conduct interrogation. Ask which part of town she lives in, why she came tonight, why she came and not the employer. Further:

  • What exactly did you expect when contacting me?
  • Are you in trouble?
  • Don't you think all this is suspicious?
  • Listen, Deborah, why should I believe you at all?

You will learn that the mysterious employer is Natasha Kotenko. She is friends with the gangster Ibn Wessler. Talk to Deborah again, then open your inventory and examine a postcard with a message from Natasha. Natasha is in the Czar Club. And she knows Molly, the wife of the protagonist.

Use the phone and call Lewis - 555932. Talk to him, after which the map of the game world will be unlocked.

Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide
Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the police station by selecting it on the map. You can talk to the porcupine Fillis. Go inside, talk to Monica, standing on the left. Also, in the lobby you can talk to Mort and Bosco. There is a collectible (some kind of magazine) on the chairs in the center. Go to the shooting range through the door in the far-right corner and talk to Marty. Turn on the light, shoot, and then talk to Marty again. Exit the shooting range and talk to Police Chief. Say goodbye to Monica.

How to get to the Czar Club

Go to the Czar Club. Talk to the Bouncer on all topics, ask all questions (separate icon) until you find out that his name is Archibald. When you ask all the questions, you can contact Lewis (a dialogue icon will appear). He will ask the bouncer to let you into the club. Turn left, examine the bird and talk to Filmar. Chat with the bartender and pick up a luxury whiskey from the counter. Wessker will be entering the room shortly. Turn all the way to the right and talk to him. Ask all questions. Then start interrogating:

  • You seem to be a busy beast. What do you do?
  • Why would someone blackmail your girlfriend?
  • Did Natasha have similar troubles in the past?
  • Is everything all right between you and Natasha?
  • So, Natasha thinks she is in danger, but she continues to walk alone?

Once in Natasha's room, talk to her. Pick up the collectible from the chair on the left. Interrogate her:

  • Ask her about painting on the.
  • What do you know about Ibn's business?
  • How has Ibn treated you lately?
  • But what about Filmar? Is he here by your grace?
  • Who is the suspect?

Ask all questions and return to the club. Talk to Olivia and ask her all the questions. Chat with the brute standing next to Olivia. Then talk to Filmar. He will give phone numbers. And Natasha gave you the key.

How to open a safe in a House

Go to Weekend House. Try to go inside. Then take the weapon out of the trunk and enter the building. Examine Deborah's corpse and look in the purse nearby. You will receive a business card with initials. Report the murder using the phone on the right. Dial 555-111. Examine the statuette above the fireplace. Click on the small panel at the bottom of the statuette. You will find a safe inside the fireplace. You need to display images of the correct animals:

  • Top left - stork
  • Left below - lion
  • Top right - ram / sheep
  • Right below - fox

All these animals are depicted on the coat of arms of the city, which hangs inside the police station.

Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide
Chicken Police — Walkthrough & Guide

Inside the safe you will find a fragment of the painting. Go to the Hotel Atlas. You will need to draw up an investigation plan:

  • How did the business start? Select Natasha and the threatening note. Be sure to link these clues. Point out that these threats are clearly directed at Natasha.
  • Then add the list of names you received from Filmar and indicate that Natasha kept it a secret.
  • Then select Lewis. He may know something.

Call Lewis at 555-932 and question him. Learn about the Sweltering Nile. Go to the Sweltering Nill.

Chapter 2

Сhat with all the characters in the brothel. Help the fox zipper up on the dress, and then talk to the secretary. Ask her all available questions. She will leave. Use the door on the left to be escorted to Madame Zaiwas, owner of the Sweltering Nile. Ask all questions, and then conduct interrogation:

  • Tell me, did you really spy for the king?
  • Why did you decide to open a brothel?
  • You tried to protect her. From what?
  • You knew it was risky, but you let her in anyway. Why?
  • Did it ever occur to you that you could benefit from Natasha and Ibn's relationship?
  • When was the last time you saw each other?

When she leaves, look around the books and find a clue about the right time. Set the time to 7-52 on the stopped clock on the left.

Go through the secret door, look around the room and examine the strange book on the table to see that part of the page has been torn out of it. This page is in your inventory. Then talk to Madame Zaiwas and her secretary. After losing consciousness, move the mouse cursor along the entire rope. The beginning and the end are marked for you.

After rescuing you will find yourself on the pier. Talk to the old captain, ask him all the questions. There is a collectible on the dock on the left.

Go to Bubo's House. Talk to Bubo about all topics and then complete your investigation. Select Madame Zaiwas with the left photo and Ibn with the right one. Put them together and point out that they could work together. Then indicate Natasha's secret and select “Ibn wants to hide Natasha's secret. Or is it Natasha herself.  Then select the hint "Zipp - Rat". Zipp knows too much about Natasha's past and Ibn's affairs. After that, talk to Bubo again and take the collectible from the lounger.

Drive to a place called Hop Dog. Chat with Tim, ask him all the questions. And then interrogate:

  • And why were you looking for us here?
  • Did the cops take anything?
  • Working on the main article of the issue, right?
  • Tell me about Madame Zaiwas.
  • What was Zipp doing before he was taken away?

Then enter the diner, inspect the poster and the jukebox. When the song titles are loaded, break the top of the machine where the dog is depicted. You will find a bracelet with some number.

Go to the Police Station. Shoot at the car of gangsters on the way to the station. Use RMB to recharge and hide. Don't aim at the enemies themselves! Go to the station, talk to everyone and ask Monica questions. She will distract Bosco. Talk to Zipp, ask questions, and then interrogate:

  • How did you make Ibn Wessler angry?
  • What did you have to do for Ibn?
  • Why you, Zipp?
  • If you are released, do you know what will happen?
  • Did you save the bracelet?
  • What exactly did Zipp want from you?

Go to Bubo's House. Talk to Ursula and Bubo. Ask all Bubo questions to learn about Albert Wessler, Ibn's brother. Return to the hotel and call the mental hospital - 555-966. There will be no answer. Talk to Marty to find out about the new location (hospital). Then complete your investigation. Choose the secret of Natasha and Ibn. Natasha was a courtesan, and Ibn wanted to keep it a secret. Select a bracelet and pair it with Ibn. Zipp disposed of the corpse and took the bracelet. Add a clue about Wessler's twin brother and pair with the bracelet. Albert Wessler is a psychiatric patient. Ask all questions to Marty. Call the hospital again at 555-966. This time you will be answered. Then dial Lewis - 555-932.

Chapter 3

Go to a Psychiatric hospital. Talk to Miranda, ask all questions and head up the stairs to the right. Chat with Dr. Quetzal, ask questions and conduct an interrogation:

  • What special treatment did Albert receive?
  • What did you think of Albert when you first met?
  • So Albert was free to leave this place?
  • Albert talked about his brother?
  • Have you examined his wounds?
  • Concentrate, doctor.

Talk to the doctor again to get to Albert's room. Take the collectible from the cabinet on the right immediately. Next, look at the writing desk on the left and take the Wesslers' photo. Find Albert's letter there. Examine in inventory to find out that Albert is madly in love with Natasha.

Drive to the hotel; shoot back from your pursuers. Investigate. Select a fragment of the picture and Natasha. Natasha tried to show us a picture. Add a photo of two brothers and Natasha. The painting led to Ibn and Albert Wessler. Add a clue about fatal passion. Therefore, Albert fell in love with Natasha, killed his brother and secretly took his place in order to win Natasha's heart. Talk to Marty and Lewis.

Go to Wessler's Residency, go to the entrance and go inside. Talk to Olivia and Natasha. Then Wessler will appear. Follow him up the stairs on the right. Take the collectible from the bed, ask all questions to Wessler and interrogate him:

  • When did you decide to take the place of your brother?
  • So do you see yourself as both at once? Even now?
  • Was that your plan? Take his place and live happily ever after?
  • Why did Ibn throw you in a mental hospital?
  • Is that why you decided that we should die?
  • Natasha was kind to you.

Watch the video, and then chat with everyone around the mansion (including the knight statue and entrance). Then the final cut-scene will begin.



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