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ShowGamer.comLittle Misfortune: Walkthrough


Little Misfortune: Walkthrough

This is an unusual adventure game with a side view in which the development of the plot and the fate of the little girl depend on your choice.

Walkthrough Little Misfortune


After the introductory video, you will control a girl named Misfortune. Pick up a jar of glitter from the floor mat. You can throw glitter by pressing F. Look under the bed on the left side, examine Babsi, read the diary and decide what to do with the coloring - leave Babsi or take with you. We took with us. Select one of the toys - a unicorn or stone. We took a unicorn. Leave the room and go right. Run to drop the vase. Interact with it and repair it. Collect all the fragments and be sure to place the flower inside. Go through the next door. You will find yourself in the kitchen. Take a look in the fridge and soup pot on the stove. Both there and there, you apply glitter by pressing F. Approach mom and apply glitter. Go outside and there will be a choice. We told mom that we were going out. Study different subjects outside. Apply glitter to the car and the dead crow. Go right.

George Field and House

If you play with the dog, then a branch will fall on him and he will die. Free to go to George's party together. Once on the beach, you interact with the sand. You will find a jar of cookies - one with a prediction and one for a doggie. Whatever you choose, crows will snatch the dog. We chose cookies for the dog. Agree to tell George what happened to the dog. Decide what to do with the fish. We let fish into the water. Enter George's house by ringing or knocking on the door. Examine the corpse on the rope and apply glitter to the boots. Go out into the forest.


Take the straw doll from the tree. Soon you will see a fox. Draw a drawing for the fox, take a brush. Enter the cave. Even if you refuse, you still have to do it.


Enter the cave. [caption id="attachment_8494" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption] Go straight. You will be on a hamster’s party. Hamsters will start to fight. Choose to prevent a fight. The hamsters will run away. Pick up a bag with pill. The main character will eat one pill. Keep moving. There is a remote control with a red button on the wall, press it. A ladder will appear. [caption id="attachment_8495" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption] Use a slingshot to hit the fire alarm. Go and climb up the stairs again.


Look at the poster - Missing. Keep moving. You will reach the bench. Read the inscriptions on it. Ride a horse. Next you will meet a duck with a boombox. We gave an opportunity to dance a duck. Move on. Ride the carousel and then pick up a straw doll. We continue to move. Along the way, a voice asks us questions. We answered like this:
  • No.
  • Not happy
  • No.

Cemetery for animals

The grave you need is at the very end. Dig a grave. Benjamin stole eternal happiness. Use the glitter on the grave. And follow Benjamin. Pick up a straw doll at the exit.


Stop by the stone and read the inscription. The heroine will take part of the stone.


Have to fall into the norm of the fox. Keep moving and pick up the bottle. [caption id="attachment_8496" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption] Pull the lever to open the way further. We did not use the bottle on the fox.


You wake up on the street. Listen to the voice. Look around. Move on. A man will leave the store. We returned his wallet. Get to the stop and press the button to call the bus.


You need to throw a stone at the zoo window to get inside. Go to the zoo. Steal the bird seeds from the cart. Apply the sparkles to the fountain. Head to the wolves. You will see a stone slab. Insert the stone that you took earlier and read the inscription that appears. There is a building behind the cage with the wolf. Log in there. Inspect the pockets of the coat. Take a piece of paper with numbers. There is a safe in the room, but we need a password. You will also find a straw doll. Go to the computer. Enter the code 5468. So, now we know the code from the safe - 27581. [caption id="attachment_8497" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption] Open the safe and take the key. Next we go to the cage with the wolf. Read the note.


We continue to move and answer voice questions. Our answers:
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes


At the entrance to the amusement park, you will find one ticket. Inspect all carousels before you will spend your single ticket. If you decide to eat sweets, the heroine will become a little bad. She uses glitter to improve her health. We spent our ticket on the HorrorHouse attraction. Next will be free rides. Walk 7 times to get coupons. Further, these coupons will come in handy. Then you can spend the coupon on the fortune teller and buy all the prizes. Read the inscription on the straw doll.

The other shore. Forest

So, you are on the other side; keep moving past old and broken toys. The heroine will run away from the monster. Next, talk to the fox, but he will run away again. The heroine will run after him. Stop when the voice asks. Apply the glitter to the trap. The voice asks questions again. Our answers:
  • Yes. We believe in magic.
  • No. I do not trust.
  • Yes. I'm afraid of death.

Benjamin House

Inspect everything in the house. Look at the cassette. Read the diary that lies on the bed. Use glitter on the video player. You can try Benjamin's tea. A fox will appear and you will hear the voice of a monster. Run after the fox. There is a window behind the picture. Move the chair and climb through the window. A picture will hang in the room. Open it and press the button. Go to the opened hatch.


Use glitter on a deer. Examine Benjamin's bag. Keep going. The heroine will go home by train.


The heroine will be at home. She will speak again with a voice. He will offer her to play. When a voice asks for a door, you need to hide under the bed. [caption id="attachment_8498" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption] Next, pick up a straw doll and go in search of Benjamin. You will see mom. But no one hears you. It turns out that the heroine was dead from the very beginning. Benjamin saved her soul and will lead the heroine into the world of the dead. If you have collected all the crystals, then you can get the achievement of eternal happiness. The mask will disappear from mom’s face and she will smile. [caption id="attachment_8499" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Little Misfortune Walkthrough Little Misfortune Walkthrough[/caption]



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