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Location of all the stuffed animal in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

The location of all the stuffed animal (toys) in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Start the game to play the new mode. Go up the stairs and go through the door to the room with a hole. See the cut-scene; go back to the room where you came from. There are all the animals.

You'll have to hide from the brother and distract him. Do not forget to take binoculars.

Having found the stuffed animal; put it in a basket located near the starting area. Find all the hidden animals and you can complete this mode.

Where to find a monkey

Head to the lower level of the location and find a monkey right under the red wooden structure, located not far from the “pen” for animals.

Where to find the lion

It is also on the first level of a new location. You can find it under a pile of cobblestones near the entrance to the hole of a gopher.

You need to dive into the lake, and then swim to a luminous place. There you will find an object. Take it and return to the lion. Use the object as the main item of inventory and wait until the animal starts moving towards you. Take it to the "pen".

Where to find a rhino

This toy you can find on the lower tier. Use binoculars to find a rhino near a radio receiver. It lies on a huge wooden box. Find the desired object; use the cracks from which the air flows shoot. Jump and climb on the furniture. Then take the rhinoceros and take it to the basket.

Where to find zebra

Go to the red chest with three drawers located in the center of the location, and look around. You will notice a toy in the form of a zebra.


Use the cracks from which the air flows shoot. From there, you can easily take a zebra from the middle box.

Where to find a bear

You can find a stuffed bear under a huge toy in the shape of a bird tied to a chair. As in the case of a lion, you can not immediately take a bear.

The fact is that as soon as you approach the bird, it immediately starts to make a lot of noise. Your brother can hear. Take a basketball with you to distract your brother and quickly take a toy.

Where to find a lemur

This toy you can find on the edge of the final area. Look for a large pile of cobblestones that lead to the window.

Use stones to go upstairs. Then turn around and look for a big black chair. You will find a lemur.

Where to find a goat

A goat is located on top of gigantic boxes, located near several huge trees and a large bookcase painted in red. You can either go upstairs through the boxes, or take of air flows. Try not to make a lot of noise.

Where to find an elephant

Go to the giant clock, located near the place where you previously found a rhinoceros.

There is a key rack over the clock on the wall. Take a toy.

Where to find a cow (beetle)

This toy looks very strange, so we can not say for sure whether it is a cow or a beetle. You can find it on the second shelf of a large red bookcase, located next to the "pen" for animals. Go to the toy and press the interaction key.


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