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Red Dead Redemption 2: how to get an ornate Dagger

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can meet the real vampire. You will have to study the back streets of Saint-Denis in search of mysterious inscriptions. You get "Ornate Dagger" (Vampire's knife) for the victory.

All mysterious inscriptions in RDR 2:

You need a place above the second letter N in the name Saint Denis on the map of the city. The mysterious inscription is located on the corner of the building, on the red wall. Do not forget to press the button to put it in the diary.

The next inscription is located near the square where the hunter usually stands. You need to go to a small fenced-off nook through the Iron Gate and inspect the wall between wooden boxes and barrels.

The third inscription is on the wall behind the local store building. You need to turn into the lane and go from the side of the docks and railway tracks.

Go to the courtyard near the post office and the electric theater of the "magic lantern". There is the fourth inscription.

Look in the neighboring yard. It is located immediately behind the gunsmith's shop. The last inscription is hidden on the wall with stone arches and a flower in the tub.

After collecting all five inscriptions, you can study the map in Arthur Morgan's diary and find the vampire's lair. It is necessary to do this at night. He'll wait in the dark alley opposite the local church. Take your weapons with you and be ready. Kill a vampire. You will receive the rare "Ornate Dagger".




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