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ShowGamer.comThe Beast Inside: Walkthrough

The Beast Inside: Walkthrough

The Beast Inside is the first-person game tells the story of a family that fell into the hands of a crazy maniac.

Walkthrough Beast Inside

Select the difficulty level. Walkthrough was written on standard difficulty.

Chapter 1. The Beginning

You will find yourself at a country house. Go to the front door and open it. Pick up any cardboard box lying on the porch on the right side, and go up to the second floor with it. Turn left and place the box on the table near the window.

Now you need to go up to the attic. Look at the ceiling and see the attic door. To open it, you need a tool. There is the note on the pedestal on the right. At the end of the corridor, there is a cane near the pedestal under the window. Take it and apply it to the attic door. In one of the side rooms you can study the figure of an angel.

Open the attic stairs and you will see that the door is locked. Need a key. Emma will tell you that he is in one of the drawers on the ground floor. Go down and turn into the living room to the right of the front door. On the far table you can find a book about pregnancy. Examine the table and the two cabinets with opening doors to refresh the task. Go outside, open the driver's door and press the button to the left of the steering wheel. Look in the trunk and get the attic key from the nearest box.

Go back, open the attic and climb it. There is a figurine of a dancing couple on the left. Rotate the figurine to see the secret message. Examine the angel figurine on the pedestal under the window. Turn around, go to another window and find a can of paint on the shelf on the right. Try to pick it up. The can will fall, and the hero will notice a cache in the floor. Need scrap. There is a staircase nearby. Climb it a little higher and find a crowbar. Use it to remove the board.

Remove the box from the cache, read and pick up the sheet with the code. Examine the decryption device. Take it, examine the box itself. A lock with a code hangs on it. You need to solve it. The code word is FAITH. Put it in the lock and open the box. Take out the key of Nicolas and his diary.

Chapter 2. Uninvited Guest

Time is rewound on September 27, 1864, to events from the diary. Pick up a box of matches from the cabinet, go to the living room on the left and click on X to light a match. Use it to light a few candles. A jar of kerosene is hidden in the cabinet to the right of the blocked passage. You find a photo of the father and his partner on the pedestal to the left of the aisle with an armchair. Examine the statuette of a dancing couple on the table. Examine the angel figurine lying on the pedestal near the window.

There is a kerosene lamp and another jar of kerosene in the sideboard on the side of the table. Take both items. Press F to light the lamp. A scale will appear at the bottom left indicating the supply of kerosene.

Move the chair and go into the office. There is an agreement to purchase land on the table to the left. Nicholas's father bought land to build a pyrite mine on it. And his partner in this was George. Light candles in this room to hear the noise on the top floor.

Go up there and close the window. You will see a stranger. At the opposite end of the corridor, you find a photo of Jacob and Nicolas, father and son (on a pedestal). Go outside and run to the right. You will be at the barn. Remove the two logs and roll the barrel. Explore the castle on the barn. Go around the barn and find a bolt cutter on the wagon. Cut the bolt on the door, enter the barn and remove the sheet. Under it you will find the father's hat and the inscription "Basement". Turn around and see a newspaper clipping to the left of the exit. Expand it to find out about the murder of Norton, the very lawyer who helped Father Nicolas draw down the land for a penny.

Return to the house and see a ghost. Go through the living room on the left to the study, open the door to the kitchen and go right. Open another door, move the bench in the hallway and use a bolt cutter on the door chain on the left. Go down to the basement. On the left, you can find an advertisement for the hotel of Father Nicholas. Follow the bloody trail until you are at a dead end. The door on the left does not open. Slide the cabinet next to it to see another door. To open it, you need a master key. Turn around and pick up the scissors from the floor on the left side.

Come back, with scissors cut the two roots near the door leading from the basement. Climb to the second floor, go left and pick up the mysterious key from Nicolas's suitcase. Watch the cut scene.

Chapter 3. A Bloody Welcome

Go downstairs and talk to Emma in the living room. Follow to the basement, but it's too dark there. Go up to the attic and find the lantern on one of the shelves. Go down to the basement, go to the right and find the fuse box. Open it and examine the place under the fuse. Remove the barn key from the inside of the door. Go outside and go right to the barn. Circle around it on the right side. Open the barn and inside you will find a bloodied shirt, as well as a cardboard box with instructions and a Quantum Localizer.

Get out of the barn and learn about using a Quantum Localizer. When its icon appears in the lower left corner, then there is a quantum cloud nearby. You can get or remove the Localizer by pressing F.

Take out the device and move in that direction in which percentages will increase. Closer to the place, click on RMB and you will see a red cloud in the device. Hold LMB to scan it. There should be a green light during scanning. Go to the house until you hear a new signal. Take out the locator and move to the arbour. Scan the cloud, but the anomaly will prevent it. Look to the left of the arbour, on the lake. Go to it, click RMB and you will see an anomaly over water. Hold LMB and shoot at the anomaly. Then study the memory from the arbour. Bend down and pick up the grappling hook to the bench.

Follow further from the arbor and to the right of the blocked gate. Explore the cloud near the red stairs on the hill. Throw a grappling hook with a rope into it and lower it down. Go up. Follow the path and explore the cloud at the gate on the right. They are closed.

Go a little further, remove the metal sheet on the right side and break out two rotten boards. Use the jump to climb the ledge behind the cave. Soon you will reach a barn with a hanging deer. Go left of the doors leading to the warehouse to go around the fence. You will find a white box. Move it to the white ledge, jump up and find yourself at the warehouse. Try to explore the cloud. Then use the pulses to find three anomalies flying around (one will be above the warehouse). Destroy them; you will see that same stranger. Remove the hunting knife from the haystack in which the stranger was.

Cut the rope on the gate nearby, go behind them and go left. Cut the rope on the other gates. Go there, turn left and drop the hook onto the stairs above. Lower it, go up to the roof and make your way to the barn. Inside, you see a deer carcass. Examine the ladder from the side, knock it over, but it is broken. Find a bolt cutter in the barn, then a door with a chain. Cut it and remove the red beam. Open the door, you will find a white box. Drag it to the stairs, go up and cut the rope holding the deer carcass. Take your hand inside the carcass to find a fuse.

Return to the house, go down to the basement and install a fuse. Rise from the basement to the first floor and watch the cut-scene. Take the roller from Emma’s hands and paint the wall until the woman finds something behind the dresser. Move the dresser to find the portrait. After loading, exit the corridor and answer the phone.

Through the living room in which the main character was sitting, go to the office behind the double doors. Go to the desktop to begin studying the Enigma cryptographic machine. Inspect the instructions. Open the top cover (above the keyboard), select the disks from the table on the left and place them in the correct order. From left to right you need to install wheels II, IV, V, VIII.

Then inspect the same cover and in the small windows from left to right, set the following numbers - 2/14/6 / 22. Open the bottom of the box; connect the three pairs of letters - A-F, G-Z, R-T. Now enter the verification code - BPFLUP.

It is time to start decryption. Examine the sheet to the right of the machine. On its back is given a hint - V / 03 / ST. Take a look at the table that is attached to the inside of the Enigma cover. There are several different settings here. Find the option where there are all the numbers and letters indicated. You are interested in № 17.

So, look under the cover and from left to right install the following disks - I, IV, VII, V. Then put the numbers in the windows - 05/19/03 / 10. Finally, look at the bottom of the device and connect the following pairs of letters - ST, GZ , XO. Now use device and enter letters on paper. You will receive the message "Trust only yourself." Watch the cut scene. Examine the newspaper clipping and pick up a razor. You will receive another letter from Nicolas.

Chapter 4. The Hand of Justice

And again we are offered to plunge into the memories of Nicolas. Go upstairs and enter your father’s bedroom. After hallucinations, study the note from Mary lying on the pedestal in front. You will find out what she wrote to Father Nicolas. There is a clock on the left side of the table. Expand them and find out how Nicholas broke his watch as a child, and his father continued to keep them anyway. The initials are on them.

Open the next door, remove the doormat and crawl under the floor until you fall into the office. Examine the cabinet on the left. It will have a revolver and a master key. Go a little further, light a candle and pick up the amulet. On the back of the initials is George, a partner of Father Nicolas. Go to your desk and study a newspaper clipping about a mine explosion. Interact with the door to proceed with hacking. Drag the master key while hitting the bottom of the cylinders. Click LMB when the cylinders are above the lock line. As soon as all three are on top, the door will open.

Light candles in the room, examine a children's toy and a belt. Move the chair, go down to the basement and break open the door with the master keys. Break down two boards in the room and climb between the walls until you see two characters. When the hero says that he cannot go further, move back. Unknown will pull you out of the wall. Need to look for a way out of the room. There are four pins on the left door. Go a little further and pick up a metal pipe from the floor. There is the judge’s wig on the table. Do you remember that Norton, who helped Nicolas's father sign the lands, was a judge? Pick up the handle that was hidden under the wig.

Find a gear under one of the cabinets (lying on the floor). Install the gear and handle on the door, then rotate the latter and go outside. Follow the trail of blood and shoot back from Norton. It will appear whenever fog surrounds you. On standard difficulty it will need to be shot twice, low - once. In addition, he will run slowly on low difficulty.

There will be dead ends in several places, but you can easily get around them through nearby buildings. In the end, you will reach the hotel, where you have to fight with Norton. Shoot him, dodge flying axes and stay away when he screams. Do the same when fog appears. Just run around until it dissipates. After the victory, go inside the house.

Chapter 5. They are Watching!

Take a note from the table, go to the corridor and call the office. You will learn that you are being watched. Return to the office and take the quantum locator from the table. Go out on the street. Talk with Emma, ​​follow the house (not where the car is, but on the other side) and use the locator. You will find a quantum cloud near the barrel. Pre-shoot anomalies. Then move to the entrance to the house from the side of the machine. Follow the path to the left, diagonally between the house and the passage to the barn. So you get to the fence with a gate. Scan the cloud to find out that the stranger has climbed over the fence. Open the gate.

Go forward and to the right to the treehouse. Break out two white boards, pull out a wooden box and use it to climb higher. Climb up and jump to the next house. Climb through the hole in the roof. Examine the quantum cloud, Emma’s photo, and the device on the wall by the window. You will see a spy. Cut the chain, get down and run after the spy. When he hides in a cave, enter the building on the right and cut the chain.

Follow through the cave, click on LMB in time to fly to the edge of the ledge, and then swim underwater through the side cave. Follow forward, go along the board and catch on time for the edge of the cliff. After doing this, exit the cave.

Go forward and to the building on the left. Jump from it, push the red sheet of metal, bend down and get to the chain on the stairs. Cut it, lower the stairs and go up. Get the machete out of the red cabinet.

Go the other way, cut the bushes. Use the locator to find the first cloud near the Tower pointer. Destroy the three anomalies. Follow further and find a second cloud near a narrow manhole in the rock. Having studied, follow forward and move uphill, and then - from the mountain. In the end, you will find the last cloud and you can find a wiretap device in the birdhouse.

Break boards nearby, go down and get to the pointer. You are interested in Hillside Inn, that is, you need to move to the left. Having reached the tent, go along the path and turn into the narrow passage on the left. Use the machete to get rid of the bushes, follow up the path and throw a stone in a red backpack on a branch. Go down and follow the lower path of the cave to get to the backpack. Take the climber’s rope.

Get out of here and follow the path opposite the place where the bushes were. Go upstairs, you will see locked gates. Follow a little further and find a well in the building on the right. Fasten the rope to the beam and go down.

Continue moving and you will soon find yourself at the burnt hotel. Go to her and see a stranger. Follow the left and enter the ruins. Get to the main part and examine the safe near which the stranger was sitting. Go to the other wing of the destroyed building, break down the board, make your way through the narrow opening and get to the stairs. An old lamp will be lying on it, because of which a fire probably happened. Go ahead and find the pipe. Use it to move the safe.

When you fall down, study the lock on the safe. Need a four-digit numeric code. Walk along the corridor, break out two boards and make your way into the room with the door closed. Remove the board to unlock the door. In the same room, there is a book on the table. It contains a hint. Different pages depict a specific position on the lock, as well as a list of numbers. One digit in this sequence from "0" to "9" is not enough. It is part of the code. Comparing all the pages, you get the code 7516.

Chapter 6. Who was Walter Gilman?

In the hotel you will see a vision. Go to the reception desk and remove the Norton wanted poster from the wall. Try to open the door. The key is in the room of the cleaner, in room 207. Follow the left wing, where you can open one of the doors using a master key. In addition to standard matches and kerosene, you can study a piece of pyrite.

Go to the right wing, light candles. Ahead you will see a mysterious figure. Turn left and find a note from the guest in the room. Continue to the end of the right wing, go up and turn right to find the door of room 207. It is closed by a chain, and there is a saw in the next room. Go through the opened door; go to the hole in the floor so that the ghost will pull you down. Bend down and sneak into the next room, knock over the cupboard and climb up. Take the saw and leave the room. Saw off the chain and go to number 207. Go to the table and study the note of the cleaner. Take the keychain.

Try to get out, but the cabinet will fall. Go to the table and open the balcony to the right of it. Get on the next visor and enter the corridor. At the end of the corridor, remove the plank and take the key to wing A. Turn around, go to the beginning of the corridor and open the door to the left. Push the closet down the stairs and go down to the first floor.

Turn right and open the nearest door. In the room, you will find a card of a psychiatrist. George wanted to discuss some boy, and Nicolas thinks it is him. Again go to another wing, go up to the second floor and open the double doors on the left. There will be a note in the room from a guest who complains about Nicolas, the son of Jacobs, who does not let him sleep at night.

Go back to the second floor on the stairs in the hall and examine the door with chains on the left. Read the janitor's note and enter the code ANGER. Follow wing B, move the white cabinet and climb into the room through a hole in the wall. Examine the note on the pedestal on the left. You will learn about a soldier whose body is located on a chair. Go to the back room to find the roots. Return to the soldier, but his body will not be in place. Click on LMB in time to put the bomb into the corpse. After the explosion, pick up scissors for metal and cut the roots.

Climb to the third floor, break the lock and enter the office of George, the companion of Father Nicolas. You will see a scene in which George and Norton plot against Jacob. Look at your desk and in the middle drawer you will find a bunch of registry keys and numbers 107 and 108. Go to the back of the room to find a note about the disappearance of a certain Henry and a newspaper clipping that accuses Jacob of murdering Norton.

Exit George's office to meet a ghost. Run away from the woman the only way until you return to the hall. Log in to the registry. The chase will stop, and you will find out that the detective stopped at room 203. Take the key to room 202 from the wall. The exit to the outside is walled up. Follow out through the window, climb up, bend down and enter the corridor. Wait for the enemy to go left, move a little forward and hide behind the curbstone on the right. Wait for the enemy to return to the right and again to the left. Follow forward and to the right along the corridor. Open the far door and close it behind you, overturning the closet.

In the back of the room, you will see a scene with detective Gilman and Nicolas's father. Read the note lying on the table to the left. Leave the room, remove the white cupboard from the wall, and follow the room through the open doors. Leave the hotel. A big man will chase after you in the lobby. Run forward and open the door, break the lock. Run out, follow forward where you see, avoid the enemy. In the end, you will fall on a bridge with rails. Dodge the trolley and run into the mine. Keep running away until the chapter ends.

Chapter 7. Hideout

Get to the tents, read the madman's note, pick up the card and grip. Continue moving, lower the bridge and go through the ruins with three hanged people. To the right is a bridge leading further. Go through the cave, pick up a pickaxe and break stones. Run across the bridge and catch the edge of the cliff in time. Continue through the cave. There will be a grate on the left. You can open it by cutting the chain. Behind it is a chest with a six-digit combination lock. The password is unknown. Move to another part of the cave until you fall down. Go outside and go home to talk with Emma.

The spy stole the hero’s telegrams, the wife called the sheriff, who chased the criminal. Use the locator. Open the right desktop drawer and get a warning with a picture of a sparrow from there. Examine the fragments from the broken window.

Go outside, go around the house and find a broken window. From it, go right and left, across the bridge. Explore different clouds with the locator to get to the right place. You go towards the tower and the church. In the end, you will see an electric shield. Follow the three wires and unplug the three shields. When you go through the blue wire, and then climb up the canopy over the wood, jump from it to the boxes and from there to the shield. Having disconnected all three, return to the fence and disconnect the common shield. Go through the gate.

Climb the tower, destroy the three anomalies and look through the cloud. Move aside the white canvas and neutralize the bug. Take the key to the hut. Go down to the house and open the gate. Use the locator. You need to open the door to the basement. Go to the house. Examine the player and computer. Need to find out the code combination. In the same room, there is a note about Adam and Emma, ​​as well as a photo.

Go to the small room on the side. Two notes are hanging on the stand. The left one contains uppercase letters. If you decrypt it, you get the message "Adam still does not know about me." A map also hangs on the wall. Apparently, Adam destroyed all the trackers. Pull the lever in the main room, go up and press the button. You will see footprints on the floor. Follow them to understand two things: A-3, D-2. The values ​​of B and C are on the sheet of the computer. Go to the computer. Enter the code by selecting the characters on the crosshairs A3, B4, C1, D2. After entering the correct password, go down to the basement and find the corpse of the sheriff. Take the next page from Nicolas’s diary from the table.

Chapter 8. In the Mouth of Darkness

Once in the mine, turn around and go towards the dark tunnel. You will hit the human corpse. Nearby is a note of a missing miner who went here for gold, but could not get out of the mine. There is a detective’s second note with Roman numerals VI I III on the two boards. Break off two boards and go forward. Here is a map. The path to the right leads to the passage with the number VI. Go left, turn left into a dark adit and read Mary's note on the table.

Use any map. You need to go through passages VI, I, III in turn. Each time a new green light will come on. This will allow you to get to the door "2". Turn the handle and open the door.

Take a look at the map to see the “question mark”. Move to it and you will find the third note of the detective on the table. It shows the Roman numerals IX, VII, VIII. Go to the corresponding passages.

The third note will be the numbers XVII, XIII, XIV. Now there will be two miners at once in the cave. Follow into these passages. Once in the new part of the shaft, go ahead and turn the handle to raise the gate to the left. Go through them and interact with another mechanism. Only here it will be necessary to move the locking element to open the next gate. Behind them is a trolley. Drag it back past the lever to switch paths. Having done this, move the lever and push the trolley into the fence on the right. Go there and jump down.

Then run away from the monsters, closing the doors behind you. After that, you will need to hide behind metal sheets from the currents of cold. Turn the lever all the way to move the platform. Get on it. It will begin to move, and you will have to hide behind pieces of metal. In the end, get to Gilman. Watch the cut scene.

Chapter 9. Family Reunion

Take a knife and cut corpse’s hand off. Throw a stone up to bring down a bucket, and then rise along a chain. Hurry to click on LMB or RMB to grab the wall. Repeat these steps in a few more places to get Adam out of the well. Outside, Adam will free himself from the handcuffs.

Follow the path towards the house. Turn left, tear off the board and go down. Go where the lantern shines, and you will reach the bridge. Climb to the second floor and talk with Emma, ​​who is in the back room.

After that, go outside and open the sheriff’s car. Examine the note on the seats, the lighter on the dashboard, and then open the glove compartment. Inside it is hidden information about the Hyde family. It turns out they changed their last name to Stevenson. Whether it is a coincidence or not, the surname of the main character, Adam, is Stevenson. There is information about the secret room and a photo of the statue on the back of the report.

Enter the house, into the office of Adam on the right. There is a statue here. Examine the hole above the fireplace to insert a disc into it. You will receive a note. Put it on the tablet on the left, turn on the desk lamp and you will see the inscription "1864 AD". Interact with the drive. Rotate the disc over the years so that 1864 is aligned with the letter D on the gray (fixed) disc. Then rotate only the yellow ring to move the letter A to D and 1864. A secret niche will open. Pick up a sovereign apple and place in the right hand a statue standing on a corner nearby.

Go upstairs; study the inscriptions on the wall and the diary lying on the table. Turn the page and read Nicolas’s diary to find out that because of his father’s behavior, he was crazy. Remove the pillow from the bed and pick up the next page from the diary.

Chapter 10. Unsinkable Secret

Follow the only route and pick up the last detective note from the stone. Nicolas decides to go to the swamps to Mary, who kept some terrible secret of the Hyde Family. Follow the only route. Move through the swamps, avoid monsters. In some places it will be necessary to rise in the middle of the swamp, because the distance to the desired place is too large. A little further you can throw stones to distract monsters. Do it twice. The second time you need to run to the lantern and pull out the grate.

Next, you will need to first throw a stone to the right, and then turn the handle to raise the grate. Run through it until it descends. In the end, you will reach the raised bridge. Turn around, go around the house on the left and make your way inside it through the hole. Jump down through a hole in the floor, pick up the handle and jump on the boxes forward and to the right to go back. Lower the bridge and get to the other side.

After the chase scene, you will only have to get to Mary’s house. Examine the first note, run away from the woman and find three more messages (one of them is a draft of a letter addressed to the detective). Apparently, the woman was clearly crazy. She even says that Nicolas has a brother who comes out of the basement at night and does evil. Examine the locked door. You need a key. Go down near the place where you will find the last note. Having cracked the door, go forward and into the room on the right, where prayer lies on the altar.

Mary walks the same way, and stops in the same places. Pick her up and steal the key. Open the door on the first floor, go upstairs and open another door. Maria will say that the killer is a masked man. The same man who helped Nicolas everywhere. Chase him and board the boat.

Chapter 11. Kidnapping

Move the seat, find the tube on the dashboard and use it to move the glass. Get to the gun and shoot. Get home, go up to Emma’s room and study the locket. Go down to the basement. Near the shield is now a ruined wall. Follow forward until you find a voice recorder.

Chapter 12. Whispers in the Dark

Move forward until you reach the hotel. You will see the scene with the appearance of the killer. Run away from your father through the hotel, choosing different routes.

Chapter 13. The Face of the Beast

To leave the mine, go to any opening, remove the pick from the wall and jump into the pit. Use a pickaxe on two boards and go down even lower. Get to the mirror, and then decide what to do. Before choosing a hat or machete, make a copy of the save!!! This is the ending, and after watching it, the game will overwrite the last file, and you will have to start all over again. So you will not be able to see alternative options.



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