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ShowGamer.comThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope — walkthrough & Guide

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope — walkthrough & Guide

A detailed walkthrough of a psychological horror with a third person view The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope


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  • Carefully inspect the location before leaving it. You can find secrets (diaries, notes, newspapers, postcards, etc.). Some of them will help you understand what happened.
  • Perform QTE actions correctly. Failure to complete such events in most cases will lead to the loss of one or another hero.
  • If you doubt your abilities, you can turn off the timer QTE-actions in the game settings.
  • We recommend that you complete the game for the first time on your own, without any prompts. This will determine your choice, your ending.


This is a teaching introductory chapter in which you cannot influence the course of events. When you take control, you can look around the house and find:

  1. Two books about witches in the bedroom;
  2. Megan's progress sheet in the kitchen;
  3. Check the locked doors.

As we have already noted, further forks will not affect anything, since the whole family will die anyway.

Act One

Taylor. Place of accident


  • Irritation - deterioration of the relationship with John.
  • Compliance.


  • Uncertainty (Why leave?) - The right choice.
  • Perseverance.


  • Certification.
  • Aggression (you never know where he went) - The right choice.

Move forward along the road. Look at the road sign on the right, then follow on and watch the video.


  • Indifference.
  • Curiosity. + to skill.
  • Neglect.

If you refused to go to the city (and it had to be done!), Then you can ask Andrew to stay at the bus with you. Even if you don't ask, it doesn't affect anything.

After the fog scene:

  • Anger (It's your fault!)
  • Apologetic - this choice will help improve relationships with several characters at once. Optional.

When the group heads for the gate, you do not rush to follow them. Examine the passage on the left to find a postcard in the back of the pickup.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Follow to the Black Cat Bar. In front of the bar, you can chat with Daniel and find out the relationship (optional).

John. Bar "Black Cat"


  • Determination (I pass) - Correct answer.
  • Recklessness (I would love to) - alcohol will prevent John from thinking clearly. After drinking, you will soon lose this hero!

Talk to Vince and look around the bar. Here you can find some notes, inspect the phone, talk to Vince again. When you have fully explored the room, leave it through the door.

Andrew. The main road

On leaving the bar, you look at the postcard on the table and the city map. Follow ahead. On the left side, interact with the doll on the ground. The heroes will see the vision. There will also be several dialogues and choices that only affect the relationship of the heroes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Second Act

Angela. The main road

Follow the road ahead, go behind the car and pick up the postcard. To the right of the road, you can find a guide to the ghost towns of the northeast. Look at the ad for the play on the pillar and walk forward to the covered bridge. All choices up to this point are optional and affect only the relationship of the heroes (we will not describe such forks in the future).

At the covered bridge, John will say that he will go forward himself. Choice:

  • Support.
  • Worry (be careful) is the right choice.

Further optional:

  • Approval is the right choice.
  • Disapproval.

When the group decides to split up, you can choose who to go with. It doesn't really matter.

Andrew. Crossroads

Follow the bridge, and then execute the QTE. Once you get to the abandoned house, you don't have to complete the pulse mini-game, as there will be an ordinary cat inside the house. Examine the book on modern magic and rituals, as well as the bed in the second room, and take the revolver (it will come in handy in the further passage).

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Upon leaving the house, you will have a dialogue with Angela:

  • Excitement.
  • I found a gun - the right choice. In this situation, honesty will not be superfluous.


  • Humility.
  • Determination (I'll keep it for myself) is the right choice. Despite Angela's assurances, as we said above, the gun will come in handy in the future.

After reaching the building of the police station, examine the barrel and take the postcard. Take the stone and break the window for them.

Daniel. Little Hope High School

Examine the sign, then the locked school gate. The fog on the left dissipates and you can go further. Examine the strange symbol on the tree on the left, and a drawing on the playground. When you see the girl, choose one of the options to travel back in time.

In the past, you will see a priest and a girl. Select:

  • Perplexity.
  • Resentment (Let her go!) Is the right choice.

Back in our time, follow the road. On the right side of the table, look at the postcard and go down to the store.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

At the entrance to the store, examine the poster on the wall "Hope for Little Hope". You can also choose two ways to get inside the building. We chose to climb the stairs to the second floor. There will be a QTE action in which you need to catch the phone. If you do not complete it, the phone will be broken, and you will have to walk on the second floor in the dark.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

If you followed our choice and ended up on the second floor, then go along the corridor and come close to the landslide so that Daniel fell down. This is not fatal, so don't worry.

After landing on the first floor, a pulse mini-game awaits you. Complete it, and then examine the cashier's desk and the rack behind it. The phone doesn't work, and you will find a key fob on the shelf.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Try to open the door for Daniel to be transported into the past. Select "Confront" and talk to the man:

  • Fear (what rumors?) Is the right choice.
  • Confusion.


  • Claim.
  • Compliance (I saw a girl) is the right choice.


  • Excitement.
  • Compliance (She was with the holy father) is the right choice.

Talk to Taylor. The choice affects only the relationship with the hero.

Andrew. Little Hope Police Station

Examine the premises of the police station. You can find here:

  1. Certificate of honor on the wall;
  2. Broken walkie-talkie:
  3. "Prison" sign;
  4. A figurine of the moon with an inscription on the back;
  5. Non-working phone;
  6. In the locker room there is a police badge with the name Reynolds.

When you find the last item, the non-working phone will ring. Select:

  • Determination (I can handle it) is the right choice.
  • Caution.

After the conversation, you will be transported back to the past. Watch a lawsuit where you can choose who to approach (does not affect the plot).

When talking to John, be sure to choose:

  • Determination.
  • Outrage (She's just a kid) is the right choice. With this answer, you put into Andrew's head the idea of ​​the girl's innocence.

John. The main road

On the way, you can see:

  1. A pillar with a poster of a musical group;
  2. Monument by the house opposite the pillar with a poster (when examining the monument, lower the camera down to examine the broken-off bust of the writer).

On the bridge, the choice:

  • Overconfidence (Happy to be the first) is the right choice.
  • We will transfer you - improving the skills of the hero.
  • Uncertainty.

Follow the bridge until you are in the past. Watch the execution scene, after which you will need to make some iconic choices. Choose who to save:

  • Save John.
  • Save Angela is the right choice. If you choose John, then Angela will die.

Angela. Destroyed bridge


  • Optimism (I believe you) is the right choice. You will need to perform several QTE actions. If you do everything right, Angela will survive.
  • Neglect (I can handle it myself!) - Angela will die.

Act Three

Angela. Little Hope Cemetery


  • Tactfulness (We are all safe) is the right choice. This choice will determine Angela's moral values.
  • Irritability.

You can walk through the cemetery and find the graves of some of the participants in the executions of witches from the past (policeman, judge, and Abraham Alastor - Andrew's double). Interact with the gate to leave the graveyard.

On the road you will see Vince with his bike. Complete the pulse mini-game to keep him away from you. If you do everything right, the course will change.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Daniel. Forest

Follow the path forward until you reach a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and see the grave of the first witch Little Hope to travel back in time. In the past, you can make a choice (optional).

Angela. The main road

This part of the walkthrough is crucial for Angela, as you will have to correctly perform the QTE-actions. Otherwise Angela will die! In the sewers, go to the grate and open it. The camera will change its angle, and you will hear the girl scream.

Note: This is a part of the plot that cannot be avoided. If you did everything right, Angela will join the group in the fourth act.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Andrew. Little Hope Museum

You can see some of the items in the museum:

  1. The New England Witch Trial;
  2. Land confiscation order (if you lower the camera down, you can read the order in the name of Lambert;);
  3. Portrait of Amy Lambert;
  4. Mary Milton's exhibit letter;
  5. A picture of a witch trial;
  6. Mary Milton doll.

After examining the last item, Andrew and John will begin a dialogue. John will offer to burn the doll - don't agree!


  • Tension (what if it makes a girl angry?) Is the right choice.
  • Support.

Daniel. Forest

Examine the two entrances to the museum. They are all locked. Use the window to go inside. Find a postcard in the room you entered through the window. After that Daniel will go to help the girl. This will open another door. You need to search the opened rooms and find:

  1. Knife;
  2. The Bible - you must definitely open it and read the symbols!

When you find the knife, leave it to Daniel. Thus, in the future, he will help save this character. Choice:

  • Confidence (okay, I'll take it) is the right choice.
  • Uncertainty.
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Leave the museum building to complete the act.

Act Four

Taylor. The main road

On the way, you can see the following objects:

  1. A plate with the names of the missing and taken into slavery;
  2. Writer Tilly Johnson's tablet;
  3. Official notice of the closure of the building;
  4. At the end of the path, in front of the fence, turn left to find an archaeological site sign.

Return to the railing on the road and walk forward. A scene begins in which Taylor talks about a swing from her childhood.

Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

At this point, you will be transported to the past and see the burning of Tabitha. When you return back to our time, get ready to perform QTE-actions on which the future of your heroes depends. If you lose the knife that Daniel found in the museum, then the guy will die later.


  • Hide - Pulse mini-game (best choice).
  • Run - QTE actions with the demon.
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide
Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide

Andrew. Road to church

After reaching the church, if you have picked up a pistol, you can use it. This is optional, but it will affect the ending (at the end of the game you will see what you were shooting at). Shooting will also help talk to Vince through the door. In general, you can decide for yourself whether to shoot or not.

[caption id="attachment_18099" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

If you shoot, the group will hide in the church and Vince will start knocking on the door. Choose:

  • Concern
  • Frivolity (outta your mind) - the right choice.


  • Perseverance
  • Justification (I was trying to help) is the right choice.

Next, you need to tell Vince about the missing girlfriend Angela. The man will leave you alone and promise to come with help.

Young people will climb the stairs to the bell tower and see another vision from the past. This time Daniel's double will be executed.

[caption id="attachment_18100" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Taylor. Bell tower

On your return to our time, you must choose:

  • Frivolity
  • Empathy (sorry you had to see this) is the right choice.

Go downstairs, you can search the church building:

  • A postcard on the table in front of the entrance to the church hall;
  • The note in the dead end room drawer;
  • Little Hope Pastors Name Chart;
  • Note in the center of the hall.

When you have examined all the items, you head towards the crowd of people at the exit. The cut-scene will begin.

[caption id="attachment_18101" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Daniel. Near the church

Now you need to perform QTE actions. As usual, try not to miss, so as not to lose heroes.


  • To resist is the right choice.
  • Escape - later you will lose Daniel.

After fighting the demon, you can make an optional choice:

  • Despair
  • We must act!

Taylor. Near the Church

After a short video, you will again have a choice:

  • Go to the left - you will meet a demon, and, possibly, lose your hero.
  • Go right - you will meet with Andrew.

John. Forest

Once the group is united, you have to make one of the key choices:

  • Practicality
  • Resentment (I'm telling you to stick together) is the right choice that will affect John's moral principles.

Several minor choices follow. When a silhouette appears out of the fog, order Andrew to remove the weapon:

  • Directions (Aim properly) - Andrew will kill Angela.
  • Objection (Remove weapon) is the right choice. Angela will emerge from the fog.
[caption id="attachment_18102" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Andrew. Path

Daniel and Taylor will be attacked by their dead demon doppelgangers. You need to choose who to save first:

  • Saving Daniel (left choice) is the right choice. You can save Taylor right after Daniel, but not vice versa.
  • Save Taylor (right choice) - in this case, Daniel may die.

After choosing, perform QTE actions to save your friends. If you do everything right, then Andrew will receive several moral principles that will influence the ending of the game. End of the act.

Fifth act

Andrew. Path

At the beginning of the act, you can find the following objects:

  1. Sign about a steep descent;
  2. A plate about the historical reconstruction;
  3. A postcard on a wooden table in front of the building;
  4. Sign about the grave of Mary Milton.

When you have examined all the objects, go to the entrance to the building. A dialogue with Daniel will begin, and you will also go back in time. In the past, the following should be said to Andrew's double:

  • Motivation (stand against the girl) - this will lead to the fact that Abraham will be tormented by doubts. Accusing Mary of witchcraft is a bad ending.
  • Directions (priest - villain) - correct choice. You will influence the consciousness of Abraham and put into it that the priest is a sorcerer.
[caption id="attachment_18103" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Taylor. Abandoned Building

Back in our time, talk to Daniel. The choice only affects the relationship with this character. After the conversation, a demon will attack Taylor.

Daniel. Abandoned Building

Once you gain control of Daniel, you will be presented with a choice:

  • Following the sounds is the right choice. You will find Taylor in time.
  • Follow the movement.

Taylor. Abandoned Building

If you made the right choice, Daniel will find Taylor. He will grab her hand. You need to choose:

  • Heroism (Run!) Is the right choice. This will change the moral principles of the girl.
  • Fear (Help!).

Having made a choice, you will need to perform several QTE-actions, after which control will pass to Daniel.

Daniel. Abandoned Building

Follow forward to the factory building. Chat with your comrades (the choice affects the relationship), then inspect the area in front of the building:

  • Postcard to the left of the entrance;
  • Old newspaper under glass to the right of the entrance;
  • The door to the second floor of the factory.

If in the previous scene with Vince you told him about your missing girlfriend, you will see him here.

[caption id="attachment_18104" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Enter the factory building to find yourself in the past. Choose how to answer Abraham:

  • Aggression
  • Empathy (Hard, I understand) is the right choice. You will change moral principles again and set Abraham on the right path.

Back in modern times, you need to explore the factory and find some interesting objects:

  1. Photo of factory workers;
  2. James Clarke Memorial Tablet;
  3. A reprimand letter in a desk drawer, in an office;
  4. In the same office, in a box, you find a family photo of people similar to the members of the group;
  5. Go down to the first floor, examine the cabinet and study the photo (on the back side you will see the symbol that was found earlier on the tree);
  6. Portrait and plaque of Thomas Wyman (the plaque can be found when examining the portrait, if you lower the camera down);
  7. Letter to Samuel;
  8. An old newspaper;
  9. Announcement of the closure of the Little Hope factory;
  10. A newspaper with an article about the Little Hope fire.

When you find all of the above objects, follow the group members and move the boxes. At this point, Daniel will fall into the basement.

[caption id="attachment_18105" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Here you will find some entertaining QTE before making a decision. Andrew must decide what to do:

  • Attack - in this case, Andrew will jump into the basement and start a fight with the demon, which will lead to additional QTE actions.
  • Pulling out is the correct option.

Grasping a metal pipe, Daniel must choose:

  • Recklessness (you have to get out of here!) - this option is no different from choosing "Attack" in the previous fork. Andrew will fall down, leading to additional QTE actions.
  • Motivation (Come on!) Is the right choice. Daniel releases the pipe and fights the demon alone. This is the best choice that only puts Daniel at risk. If you complete all the QTEs correctly, you will save him.

Angela. Factory Area

Follow forward until you meet Daniel (if, of course, you did everything right). Go straight ahead and look at the hood of the car in front of the large two-story house.

[caption id="attachment_18106" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

Once you reach the lawn of the house, you will go back in time. This time, John's double will be executed. You can try to help him, but that won't change anything. Just as it won't change if you attack Mary.

Back in our time, Angela must make a decision:

  • Annoyance (I won't wait) is the wrong choice.
  • Assurance (Hurry!) Is the right choice. It will affect Angela's moral principles.

After this selection, the screen will switch between Angela and John. You need to perform QTE actions and get to the destroyed house. If you do everything right, you will be inside.

[caption id="attachment_18107" align="aligncenter" width="555"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]

John. Ruined House, backyard

After completing all the QTE-actions, the game will offer you a choice:

  • Help Angela is the right choice.
  • Running is a cowardly act. Well, you understand.

When the group is in the house, John will hold the door:

  • Fear (Help!) - Fear is a bad quality for a group leader.
  • Heroism (Leave me!) Is the right choice that will affect John's moral principles.

Andrew. Ruined House

This is the final location in the game. Examine the building for some interesting objects (we will not list them, since the objects and notes now only affect the overall picture of what happened). You can spend more time in the building and find them all. When you see the little girl climbing the stairs to the second floor, follow her and examine the broken record. You will find yourself at the final judgment.

[caption id="attachment_18108" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide Little Hope Walkthrough & Guide[/caption]



  • Concern (Something is wrong with this city) is the path to neutral and bad endings.
  • Rage (Carver is the villain) is the right choice. The path to a better ending.


  • Persistence (You have to stop Carver) is the right choice. Best ending.
  • Impatience (Destroy the cursed doll) - neutral ending.

For other endings and how to get them, check out our guide.







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