Twin Mirror — Walkthrough & Guide

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ShowGamer.comTwin Mirror — Walkthrough & Guide

Twin Mirror — Walkthrough & Guide

The protagonist of the game is journalist Sam, who returns to his hometown of Basswood for the funeral of his best friend - Nick.

Stop the car; follow the path to the telescope, which will allow you to view the city. Once in the palaces of mind (a reference to Sherlock Holmes), walk forward to the telescope, study dark memories from Sam's former life. Sam once proposed to Anna, but his beloved turned him down.

Back in reality, go back and talk to the double. In the end, you will find yourself in the parking lot by the bar, where you will meet the Bug - the daughter of the late Nick. Talk to her, and then make a decision. The bug will say that her father was probably killed. You can make important choices. Our solution - we promise to help the girl.

Talk to the former boss, Walter, at the bar. If you want, you can hug and then go inside. Ignore the bully, chat with the sheriff and get to the Nick board. After talking with everyone else, attach the photo to the stand. After talking with Dennis, you will see a song performed by Anna. Talk to her, hug. You will learn that Sam's reporting led to the closure of a local mine, causing many to lose their jobs. In the end, the main character gets drunk.

After waking up at home, go to the bathroom, where the bloody shirt lies. Having plunged into the palaces, you go forward along the glass and look for the inscription "breathe deeper". Run to the aisle with the words "pull yourself together" and find another one with the words "stop". Once in another room with glass, go to the mirror on the right, listen to the information and enter.

Talk to the doppelganger until you find yourself in the back room of the bar. Look around, go to the bar and inspect the second glass on the bar. The board with photographs is broken, the clock has fallen, and the table is littered. You can inspect other destroyed things. Find Hugh's Business Card, Joel's Cap, Dennis' Bracelet and Bloody Footprints. Once in the halls of mind, restore the events of the previous night. Go to the bar, then to the column with the clock, and then to the slot machine. Go back to the counter and put the puzzle together. It turns out that Sam got into a fight with Dennis, who insulted him. Dennis also promised to show something on Nick, who turned out to be not so holy. Talk to the owner of the bar calmly.

Sam will go to Dennis. We stumble upon the sheriff. We talk with him and understand that something is annoying him. We go into the shop and look around. We talk with Tara, we ask her about Dennis. She advises us to see a pharmacist, which we do. This is Hugh, who sheds a little light, both on yesterday's events and on the events in the town in general.

Then we go to the cashier and talk to Catty. She doesn't tell us anything new, so we go out into the street and talk to Bug. After that, we go to the statue of the miner, read the memorial plaques, and talk to the old man who is cleaning them.

The conversation comes to the fact that the old man tells us the story of the statue. After that we talk with Joe, who is sitting in a wheelchair, near the monument. Apparently - this is Anna's father.

Here we receive a message from Anna. Head to the other side of the street to get there. But first we speak with Nicole, who is standing next to him. We go to the Cafe and help Christina to collect the scattered cards. Here we are again transported to the halls of memories. In them we see little Joan, with whom we were very friendly.

After that we listen to Christina, and then we ask her about Dennis. After that we go to Anna to talk to her as well. We say that there was nothing serious in yesterday's fight, and we also ask her about Dennis.

We tell her the truth about what happened at night and in the morning. We admit that we do not remember anything. Anna suggests that Dennis loves to work on weekends and suggests looking for him at the office. This is where we go. But on the street we meet Walter. We talk with him, and at the end we ask about Dennis.

We go down the street and reach the Basswood printing house. The main entrance will be closed, but we decide to enter from the back door. Immediately, former miners begin to cling to us again. However, the presence of the sheriff, across the street, brings them to their senses a little.

Go to the alley to enter the printing house from the back door. Manage to do it. In the editorial office look around and find Dennis, but only dead, in a pool of blood. Once again plunge into the palaces of the mind, trying to reconstruct the course of yesterday's events.

Here we need, in the crowd of walking Dennis, to find someone who will jump. In the second attempt, we do the same thing, only twice. In the third attempt, focus on the last Dennis. Understand that we have already found him dead, the night before.

We look around in his office and try to find something important. Notice a wound on the chest and back, see traces of blood on the keyboard, as well as a trace from a bullet on the rack. Look at empty holster. We conclude that Dennis was shot from his own pistol.

We collect all this evidence and try to restore a series of events. We see that Dennis was sitting and typing when someone came to him. He knew this man well, because he did not resist him, talked to him and even gave him his pistol, from which he was shot. We found him dead at night and panicked. This is where the traces of blood are on our shirt.

You need to look around the office to find more evidence. After all, Dennis hinted to us at the commemoration that he knew something. We approach his computer and read the messages. We learn that Nick dug up something serious, and that he kept in touch with some informant with nickname D. For this he was killed. Apparently, Dennis was killed because he rummaged in someone else's mail and also learned something.

We approach Nick's workplace and examine it. We read all the notes, look at the photo, study the board with stickers. We also inspect our old workplace.

Go to Walter's computer. It is password protected, so we look around for a hint that will allow us to find out the password. We examine the things on his desk and understand that Walter is strongly attached to the city. Therefore, the password for his computer is Basswood.

We read the sheriff's reports in the mail and understand that not everything fits together. Nick never drove without a seat belt, and also never closed the window in the car. But the report also said that Nick was intoxicated.

We examine his office. Pay special attention to the bookcase and the photographs hanging on the wall near it. After that go to Nick's office. Here we also see a safe, the password from which we must now guess. The clue lies in Joan's diary, lying on the nightstand, near his father's office. The password is 3121.

Extract documents and data that our friend collected from the safe. Confirm our guess that Nick dug up something serious. Talk with the doppelganger and conclude about both Nick and Dennis. Decide to inspect the accident site, but at this moment Anna comes, to whom we tell everything.

Trust Anna and agree to call the police. We only advise how to do it correctly.

After that, go to the scene of the accident together with Anna. We are looking for evidence that would help unravel the real cause of Nick's death.

We examine knocked-down signs, tire tracks, charred wood, chips, surviving signs, turn, car parts and other evidence. Go up the hill and see the spots of gasoline on the road and understand that the turn could not catch Nick by surprise. Having found the last of the evidence, we plunge into the palaces to compare all the facts.



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