Visage — walkthrough & Guide

Visage - Walkthrough and Guide
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  1. Аватар Visage Game Is Harmful:

    This game — Visage — incorporates suicide by firearm as one of the few possible endings. Worldwide, 1/3 of suicides are by firearm. Any game that glorifies or poeticizes suicide is harmful to the gaming community. Suicide should never be one of the end goals of a video game.

  2. Аватар XIII:

    Oh shush, stop trying to censor things. What, Visage is bad but Grand Theft Auto doesn’t bother you? It’s a horror game, a genre that deals with the darker side of humanity. This game has a rating, this game is for a more mature audience. An audience that should hopefully be able to handle what they see.

    Storytelling as a whole will become dry and predictable, and unvaried if cancel culture prevails in punishing anything that offends them. Honestly, this game is pretty tame compared to other horror titles.

    Great walkthrough! Thanks for your time and effort in making this guide, much appreciated! This game was a refreshing blast.

  3. Аватар Common Sense:

    The game doesn’t glorify or poeticise suicide. I’m not even sure how you came to that conclusion, unless you simply have not played the game and are making assumptions.

  4. Аватар Heather:

    I’ve beat the game and now I’m aiming for platinum because this game is amazing!
    But, the key to room 302 will not spawn for me
    I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything other than replaying the game. I don’t want to do that for fear of it happening again. Any thoughts or ideas?
    Maybe this is a bug?
    Also I’m playing on ps4

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