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Walkthrough Candle


After the opening cut-scene, you can control the main character. Use the arrow keys "left" and "right" to move. Look around. Go to the projections and click on the "up" key or the "Space". It is necessary to hold the key to climb up.

Move closer to the fence with fire right. Click on S, but you will not have object to interact. Go down and use the arrow key "down", or simply jump to left. You need run (hold Shift), then the jump (space). Hold to get a long jump.

Go to the torch on the ground and take it to the S. Return key to the right, get on the same ledge and interacts with the fire on the fence by clicking on S. You will see a window with the inventory. You will have to re-click on S, to confirm the use of the torch found. Teku set a fire your finger (he's a candle).

Jump back to the left side and go to the tent. Light a candle at the entrance and then go inside. Talk to the dying old man. Exit the tent. Teku will automatically move silently. Extinguish finger (hold key D). Go to the enemy and push it to a specified key (S).

Jump over to right, the pre-light the candle of the finger at the tent. Go to that place and hold the D key (must burn your finger) to open the passage to the right. This is the first part of the walkthrough Candle.

Chapter 1. Swamp

Press S, to wake up. Swim out to the surface, and then click on shore. Go right and see a cube. Drag it to the left so that the jump to the ledge with the stone pillar. For this go to the cube, hold down S and hold "left." Climb to the cube; hold down the "up" to cling to the ledge. Go to the stone pillars, and press S.


Click on the key S until the tip over the post. Click on the post to right and pick up the empty ceramic jug.


Go down, run and jump across the pit to right. Ahead there is a creature that looks like a frog. You do not approach a short distance, or you die! Come as close as possible so as to jump up to the ledge above (not the one that leads into the house and nearby on right).

Go to the house on left. Do you see a glowing circular platform? You can use it to persist. Climb up the ladder and pull the lever. You see another staircase. Climb to the location above.


Change location


Climb the wooden platform on left. Look at the huge statue of a toad. You can jump on the wooden platform twice to overturn it. A few seconds later the statue toad is rolled down.

And you must act as follows: first as soon as you climb the stairs, stand up under the wooden platform on left. Jump to overturn a blue stick, hold the platform. Climb up onto the platform and jump on it already. You have to overturn it and press it to the wall. Climb the wall, jump to the platform on which stands a statue of a toad. Go down and get up to the wall. Statue is rolled over you. If you do not press a wooden platform, it will kill you.


Go up to where there was a statue, and take a piece of wood with a sharp stone.


Note the symbol with green paint on the rock. There are three pipes - one is the water from the other two - the fire. Remember this.


Go down and go right. Fallen statue is closed the pit with spikes. Do not rush to jump. Do you see the left vine (above the place where there was a pit with spikes)? Jump and pull the vine, to disarm the trap.


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