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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Deponia Doomsday

Walkthrough Deponia Doomsday

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Walkthrough Deponia Doomsday


At the beginning of the game you can skip the video by pressing the ESC key. You will be asked to take training. Agree. You will need to highlight all active points on location. To do this, click on the mouse wheel, or - at the SPACE key.

Remember that your cursor consists of arrow and of two gears - one large and one small. The gears are shown the various symbols of action. If you left-click on the project, then follow the steps in the big gears. Right-click - in the small gears. Place your cursor on the ladder and click the left mouse button to go down.

Hold SPACE and you will see two hot spots – stairs and huge trucks. Transport called "Edward Snoumen". Click on it the right mouse button to look around. Exit this screen by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the screen. Double-clicking the left mouse button – allow you to move to the next location immediately.

There is the spray near the door on the right side in the snow. Click on it to put in your inventory. Rotate the mouse wheel or press the key I, to open the inventory. Now there are the same spray and a lighter in the inventory. Select spray and apply it to the cigarette lighter. Use only the left mouse button.

Return to the previous screen, where there is traffic. Climb to the platform on the stairs. Open the inventory, select a homemade flamethrower and then move the cursor to the flamethrower beyond the inventory area. Move the cursor with a flamethrower on the machine and click the left mouse button. The main character will try to break the ice.

Open the toolbox near the door of the machine and pull out the burner. Go back to the screen, where you found the balloon. Use the torch to the lock in the middle of the door. Hold down the left mouse button to light the burner. Cut all the bolts on the lock. Click the left mouse button to get inside. When a character falls on the stairs, then click on the pipe to break off a piece. Beat on hairy paw by pipe. Upstairs, click the left mouse button until you close the door. Quickly open the inventory, select the tube and apply it to the door hinge. So you lock the door, and the pipe will bolt.

Press the red button on the back of the screen plane. Next, click on the active point to the left to get to the bomb. Then you need to beat on the metal plate. But monster will interrupt you. Kick monster 2-3 times, then once kick the plate. Repeat. Otherwise, the monster will hit you, and metal plate returns to its original position.


Pick up the wrench from the table to the right. Remember that you can open the oven door, as well as examine the film with bubbles. Exit the cabin.

There is a bag of trash on the outer wall of the balloon. Click on it to get the trash. Go to the pyramid of glass goblets on the right. Examine them and Rufus says something about the film bubble. Go back to the cabin air balloon and take this film. Go outside and see how one breaks down pyramid by car. Go right in the direction of the car to get to another screen.

Rufus automatically talk with the offender. Soon time to wind off in the opposite direction. Tell the man that he take back. You will see a pink elephant; the pyramid will again be destroyed. Go right to the car on the screen, where you have already visited. After a conversation with Makhronikl you can again turn back the clock. But again, you prevent the same pink elephant. Go to the next screen - the arrow on the background. You will be on the intersection.

Talk to Tuck. Talk about everything, including a pink elephant. Rufus promise to help Tuck. Go to the following location - arrow in the background, on the right side of the screen. You will find yourself in Kuvak. Once Rufus goes to the ensemble, the musicians stop playing. Talk to Zun – he is the chef (behind the bar on the left). Talk about an elephant gun, which he can only give hunters.


Walk through the city gate to the right.

Look at the location. There is a stove in the lower right corner. There is a potato on the stove. But you can’t take by bare hands. There is a table on the left with a game of "rotten fruit". Learn about the rules of the game. Start the game does not work, because you need to find the enemy. There is a huge machine for the production of honey to the left of the table. You can open it, but then bees attack Rufus.

Bar and Tony

Go right to the bar. You will see the bar Lonzo. There is a man on the porch. He disguised as a woman. His name is Lottie. Talk to him. You will receive "bone" of the bra. This item resembles the handle of a bucket.

Come to the bar and talk to Lonzo Tony. You will know that she is very worried about their glasses. The glasses are broken! Remove the dart from the target to the left of the entrance. Go to the bar, behind which is a man with a mustache. There are two things beside him on the left - the throttle and inverter of power. Take them you can’t, because Lonzo says that this prize of competitions in darts. There is a table to the right. There are a glass and a straw on the table. Take items! Finally, remove the beard from the wall to the right.

Use the dart on the target to the left of the door. Rufus hit the bull's-eye. You will automatically receive an award from Lonzo - inverter of power.

Location with Time Machine

Go back to the location where the Makhronikl is. There is a machine for cooling in the lower right corner of the screen, below the house. Open it up, lift up an opaque door and insert into the left or right slot the inverter of power. There is a red button below. Place to it a glass from the bar Lonzo, then press the button. You will receive a glass with ice.

How to save the glasses

Go to the center of the village where the Wenzel and his game of rotten fruit. There is a barbecue. Apply the glass with ice on the barbecue. Leave the location and return to it again. Take a glass of water from barbecue. There is a stove with a potato to the right. Do you remember that? Pour the potato by water from a cup, and then collect it. Rufus automatically separate the potato from the foil and you will both subjects. Apply potato on the hole in the unit in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the button to cut the potatoes. Take the two halves.

In inventory, combine the foil and straw. This you can learn in a conversation with Makhronikl. Hat from foil with a straw retains memories when you move in time. Go to Tuck, he is on location between the city and the time machine. This is the man in a cassock. Give him the hat from foil and straws. After talking about everything, you agree with him, that he will stop the pink elephant.

Go to Makhronikl and offer him to rewind time. At this time, you can to help the inventor, the glasses will remain intact.

Return to the bar Lonzo and tell Tony that you are ready to go. Follow Tony to the balloon. You will have to wait for Tony at the locations where it was Tuck. Glasses will break again!

You will lose all previously collected items after traveling in time. You will need to repeat the steps above to get all the objects.

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Hut of Bernert

Go on location with Makhronikl. Hut will open to the right. Go inside and see Bernert and Tony. Talk to them about everything. There is a box with rockets at the right wall. Take one rocket.

Search the pink elephant

Go on location with a balloon and see Tuck. Talk to him and Makhronikl. Examine the pieces of glasses, by clicking on it the right mouse button. Then pick up a splinter, which you will find under the skin of an elephant. Take the skin. You will have to go on the trail of a pink elephant after talking with your friends. How to do it? Move the cursor, which now takes the form of a fragment of glass. When you move the cursor, then pink traces of elephant will appear location. If there is no trace, the cursor should move in the other direction.

If you move the cursor to the right, then Rufus and his friends will move on pink footprints. Moving from location can do only if you come to this moving on the trail. Then just activate the arrow next screen.

First, Rufus has to go along the path up (but traces will be tortuous, remember this). Next on the crossroads Rufus will to return to the balloon. After that traces lead you to the hut of Bernert. Then they lead to the top. Then trails lead first to the right, then to the left, and then to the place where was located Tuck. You need click on the arm.

You will find the secret lair of a pink elephant. Go down and talk to the guys. Try to go on any of the routes. Tuck says he will not stay here without a weapon. You will need to find a gun for him!

How to get weapons against elephant

Climb to the top, where the ensemble is. Once Rufus is in place, the lights go out, and the musicians stop playing. Ask them to play, but Zun will not want. There is the shotgun to the right of Zun. Zun will not give it to you until you show hunter license or proof.

Incidentally, when the Zun says he does not want to listen to a boring song of musicians, you'll hear about potatoes in the ears. Do you remember that most potato? We have already described how to get it. But to do it again would be much more difficult!

Go to the bar. Talk to Lottie near the bar to get a "bone" of the bra. Take this bone, go to the bar and take the dart. Take a glass and straw from the table to the right. Remove the beard from the right-hand of wall. Throw a dart at a target. Rufus miss! In inventory, combine the piece of glass and a rocket of the hut of Bernert. You get the gunpowder. Rockets lost, and a piece of glass will remain in your inventory.

Play in the "rotten fruit"

Go to the hut of Bernert where Tony is. Use the wrench on the dispenser huge capacity between the input and Tony. You will receive a tap or dispenser. Go to the place where the Wenzel and game table. Use the dispenser to a container of honey from the left edge of the screen. Apply beard on the dispenser to get sticky beard. You need use sticky beard on a small boy near Wenzel. Now he looks like an adult. Talk to Wenzel to start the game.

"Rotten fruit" – it is a modification of the game "Tic-tac-toe." The idea is to create a series of three fruits. The difficulty: there is a rat on the field and after each turn the rat gets out on one of the nine positions. If there is someone a fruit, the rat eats it. You will get a rat.

How to charge the gun

Give the rat to Zun. Now you can pick up a shotgun to the right of it (location with the ensemble). Go down into the lair of a pink elephant. Give shotgun Tuck. He says that the gun is not loaded. In inventory, combine the gun with gunpowder. Next, add to the same trash that you found at the very beginning of the game.

But you still need to load the weapon! You will need brush. You can find the brush at locations with the ensemble. One of the musicians cleans the bank. He does it, when the light is turned off. But Rufus close to the orchestra and the lights go out.

If you remember, you can ask to play what they remember. But Zun does not want, while he will not be potatoes in the ears.

How to get to the target again

Zun promised to do weapons to you. For this he needs a tube, a dart and a bee. Go on location with a Wenzil and a game of "rotten fruit". Open the drawer of dispenser of honey left. Bees fly to a sticky beard. You can also pick up wax from a box. Go to the Lotti at the bar and give the wax. You get a depilatory for this.

Apply depilatory on the beard of short people. You will receive a bee. Go to the Zun, give him a straw, a bee and a dart. You get the weapon.

Return to the bar and apply this weapon at the target. Randomly Rufus throws to Lonzo. Take the inverter of power and a throttle limiter.

Go to the location with a machine with ice. Open it and lift up the second door, replace the inverter of power. Insert of the throttle limiter to the right side. Now you need to switch between the three available left arms - red, blue and green colors. Do this until a voice from the machine begins to sneeze. Now pull the throttle limiter from the right slot. The machine is set up!

If you can’t solve the puzzle with a machine, also you can skip it by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Put the glass and press the button. Take a glass with ice.

Go to Wenzel and put a glass with ice on the barbecue. At the time, leave the screen and return to it immediately. Take a glass of water. Apply it to the potato in the stove on right. Take the potato. Click on potato the left mouse (go to the inventory): Rufus separate potatoes from foil. Apply potatoes to the machine on the right and press the button. Take the two halves of the potato. In inventory, combine the potato halves and "bone" of the bra. You will have the headphones.

Give Zun the headphones and ask to play the orchestra. Take the brush. In inventory, combine brush and weapons. So you load it.

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Lair of the pink elephant. Traps on the elephant.

You return to Tuck and Makhronikl. Give Tuck loaded gun. Go right, go up the stairs and see what happens.

When Rufus wake up, and then take away the wrench from the table. Do not forget to take a bubble film and near the stove on the left. Get out of the balloon and try to go to the right. Makhronikl appears. Rufus realizes that it was not a dream. Now we need to make a trap for the elephant.

Use the wrench on the information signs located between the ball and the hatch. You remove these characters and post will "naked." Open the door and go down. Go to the left or to the right (it does not matter). Try to take any porcelain figurine. Everything is destroyed. There is the seat for a toilet bowl in the ceiling. Try to get them. Each time the seat will fall and break. You need lay bubble film, and then try to take a seat again. Take toilet seat.

Go to the location with a balloon. If you go through the door, then at the bottom you can find the handle. By turning the knob, you raise or lower the wooden pole. First pole should be lowered. Do this; apply the toilet seat down on the pole. Go down; turn the handle to raise the pole with a seat. Throw rope on the seat around the balloon. Click on the loop and apply it to hatch. The trap is ready!

Go on location with Makhronikl. Go to the bar Lonzo and tell Tony that it's time to go. Go back to the balloon. Talk to Tony. Follow the right and enter the hut of Bernert. Talk about everything. There will explosion, and the time machine is destroyed.

After the collapse of the time machine

When the time machine explodes, you can pick up a piece of smoldering coal next to the car. Go to the balloon, go inside it and open the oven door. Throw coal inside the oven. Watch the cut-scene. Click on the rope to lose "ballast".

Soon the balloon falls to the ground. Walk to the right, when you will see pink elephant. Lower the lever in the middle. Talk to Makhronikl then Rufus came down. Click on the door of "UFO", and then go inside. Click on the button between the seats. You will see the display. You can’t switch to another picture, therefore, left-click on the green button to go to Elysium.


Try to open the door and a second one. You need some kind of lever to open the door to the right. Go right at the next location.

In the rubble you can see the hand - it is a head at Elysium. You have to help him. It is necessary to lift a huge tube of gray. There is a metal pipe close to hand the stranger. Take it. Go back to the previous location and use the pipe on the half-open door of the pantry. In the pantry, find and collect weapons to pinball. Also, click on the red button on the main fuse. There is light!

There will speaker flower named Ronnie against the wall on the right. Walk up to it and pull the lever to the left. Slightly open the door and you will see the target. Use the gun on the target, but Rufus had no ammunition. Go right, where a hand is. There is a lift from the kitchen to the left. There are three buttons of different colors near the elevator to the right. Press any of the buttons and you can order ice cream. Click on any of them. Ice cream melts away.

Go back to the left, enter a time machine, where Makhronikl is. Open the door in the bottom right corner. In the box you will find a fire extinguisher. Try to take it. Talk to Makhronikl and tell him that behind it is a fire extinguisher. He will give you another gas cylinder. Go to the elevator and apply it to a gas cylinder. Press any button of ice cream. There will explosion. You will see a hook.

Click on button of ice cream to lower the hook. Use the hook to the pipe near a stranger on the right. The coil of the rope takes off. Lift coil and place it in a flower pot behind the fence balcony. Use a metal pipe from inventory on the gap in the fence. Click through the tube several times.

Talk to Goal, take a hook to the hands and throw on top of the beams. Then climb on a cable until you are under the Goal. Pull the cord to bring Goal to life. Click on a cable and watch the scene. Watch the video.

Elysium lower platform (along with the Goal)

Go up to the second tier on a single path and press the call button. While Goal is talking to Klitos, you can inspect the hole on the right. You will bite any animal. Try to pick up a bottle of antidote. Remove the bottle from green handbags (Goal to throw it). Goal goes on the elevator. You need to somehow get rid of Klitos. Click on the subject of the right to free viper. In the same bag, remove the laser pointer and apply it to the tube on the right. You need show viper where to move. It is necessary to make that the viper came out at the right point to the extreme left.

A path will be: Left, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Left , left, up, down, left, right, up, left, left, left. Even if you have something does not work, you can skip the solution to the puzzle by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the screen.

Klitos will go the other way. There is the descent to your left. Go back where you were at the beginning. Click on Makhronikl. Rufus shove it in the pipe. Then viper bits Makhronikl. Give the man an antidote from the inventory. Makhronikl will spoil the air in the pipe, which Klitos looks. Go back up, click on the pipe, which previously used a laser pointer. Rufus will move closer to Klitos. Take away the access card from the back pocket of pants of Klitos.

Again move to Klitos (click on the pipe) and apply the access card on the elevator button. Watch the cut-scene.

Apartments of Goal

Look at the left terminal; take a look through the elevator chamber. On the left will pass - go there. You find yourself in a room Goal. Go right to the shower. Ulysses is the head of the Elysium - bathe. Take his helmet with the right supports. Return to the previous room and find chippers for coal around the fireplace on the left, in the background of the screen plane. Pick up, use them on the piano right. You will receive a white key. Take slippers-foot of monster near the exit on the left. Leave the room.

Go to the elevator and try to enter into it. Rufus says that someone inside there. Click on the terminal on the left and activate surveillance camera in the elevator. Try to urge Goal not to go anywhere. But it is useless.

Enter the elevator and press the button. There are three options in a conversation with the plant. The first option will allow you to return to the lower tier, where you were before. The second option is to send Rufus in the entertainment area. In the entertainment district, you can visit 4 places, where you will play a mini-game. Everything will end when you're done with the race. During the race you need to hold down the left mouse button on the amanita in the upper left corner of the screen. Rufus will break and time rewinds back. You will have do all the action again: from Ulysses helmet.

How to run the elevator?

Go back to the elevator, collect all the items. You will go down as a result of the lower tier. You can talk to Makhronikl. Pick up at the bottom of the beater and a lizard skin from the tube to the right. Return to the elevator and hang the beater the instead counterweight. You can hit the keys by the beater.

There are a few key colors. Each of them signed a certain location. Feel free to move in the "Zone of rest."

Rest zone

Contact Zoo

Immediately collect infrared lamp at the door on the right. It will be signed at the location as a "red light". Look around. There is a playpen with pets in the center. There is the door. You can open it. You will see a slot for insertion of the data carrier. In the background is Elder Dvas (Deux). You can talk to him. There is Jackalope Generator on the right. In it also has a slot for storage media.

Go to the right, to the spa.


You will see a robot that makes massage Elder Pacy (Un). Try to talk with him. The door is close to the left. Therefore, go to the right.

Cocktail Bar

There is machine with sausage the left edge of the screen. Insert the white key in it. You will receive a key sausage. In the background on the right side of the screen you can see the scene with the robot juggler. Downstairs there is a door with slot for a storage medium. Go back to the elevator and go to the location, "Council of Elders".

Council of Elders

Take a glass of drink from the table on the right in the hammock. Talk to Elder Quarter. He says that an emergency meeting is possible if someone pick up in the entertainment district of 10,000 points. You can’t do it, because after the car racing the time rewinds. Quarter also says about the computer. He would send to the person, but in the morning. As you know, you need to get there.

To get there, you need to make a red key. Now you have the key sausage. There is a whole container of balls at the bottom of the screen in the foreground. Take the plastic beads. Use an infrared lamp from inventory on the lamp that is over head of elders on a hammock. After he will burn, you can pick up aluminum reflector and straw from the ground. Combine these two objects to obtain hat foil. Something familiar, does not it?

Apply the plastic beads on an infrared lamp. You will receive the molten plastic. Apply a key sausage at the same lamp. You will receive the red button! Go back to the elevator, put the red button on the empty nest and strike it.

Computer terminal

There is a computer in the center of the room. Click on it. Hit the system unit to the right of the monitor. You can get to the guts of the computer. Apply it from the foil hat. So the computer will remember everything.

To the left of the monitor will become active scanner. Apply it lizard’s skin, then take away just below the storage medium with a lizard. Leave the location. Go to the elevator. Go back to the location, "Council of Elders" and talk to Quarter. He says that the Council of Elders will not collect until three representatives did not return from the lower floors. We need to help them!

To persuade all the elders

Rest zone

Go to the cocktail bar, where Elder Trois. Talk to him. Take a giant larva from the table. Next, go to the bar and take another glass of drink. There is fish inside this glass. Click on the blender. So you have three tanks - tank from the blender, a large glass with a drink and a small glass with a drink and fish. Pour a large glass of drink in a blender. Then pour of a small the contents in a large glass. The fish will be in a large glass. Now add water in a large glass, where the fish is. After that, pour the drink from a large glass with a fish in a small glass with no fish. Pour a drink from a small cup into the blender.

If not, you can skip the solution of the puzzle by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Give the resulting drink 400 ml to Elder Trois.

Go to the spa and talk with the elder Un. Apply paws monsters on his to do massage. Next, use the molten plastic. You will automatically receive a sample of black hair. Talk with Un. It is not enough and it requires another massage. But you can’t make this massage.

Go to a zoo and speak to Elder Deux. He wants you to have made striped pet for saber. To do this will need to cross other animals by using the generator to the right of the elders. But first you need to transfer the DNA of animals on the media. Now you have the DNA adders (lizards). But this is not enough.

Ring of living rooms

Go right and you will see a pair of lovers. Apply a sample of black hair on the girl. In return, you get a lion's pattern, black-striped pattern and stinky-grouch pattern.

Computer terminal

Go on a computer terminal. Apply all three the template on a scanner. Lion template does not work, but for the other two, you get two more storage medium.

How to convince the Elder Deux?

Return to the zoo. Click on the right side of the generator Deux. So, you will see a screen at the bottom of which has two slots for the storage media. In these slots you need to insert the lizards and the bear - storage media with these animals. You have to swap five pairs of buttons. You choose the eyes, hair color, shape, and so on. Make one column were buttons with kind eyes, a smile on his face, the shape of lizard, hair (furry animal, do not forget) and brown (yellow) color. Now the elders have your pet. Elder Deux will go to the council, but you need to convince the other two people.

How to convince the Elder Un?

You have to combine the two other media by sing a generator about Deux. The result is a combination of the following:


After that go on the elevator to the computer core and insert the data carrier with these settings in the slot on the right. Pull the red lever to the right to see which media you have inserted. You should see the green man with horns and claws on their hands. If you see it, then it is the correct media, just set up on the screenshot above.

Climb back into the recreation area and go to the spa. Talk to the elder Un, who says that he is ready to come to the council of elders.

How to convince the Elder Trois?

Go to the cocktail bar and use the giant striker in the blender. You will receive a mince of larvae. Place the beef in a machine for sausages, and then give the finished sausage Elder Trois. He says he is not ready to go on council.

You have last storage medium in the inventory. He has already set up to here is the combination of:


Insert it into the slot under the stage and see the appearance of a huge clown. Talk to an elder.

How to go out of the sauna?

ATTENTION! When all three of the elders are convinced, leave the location. Go to another floor. ONLY THEN you can go back. Go in to the sauna, which is located near the spa (the door to the spa).

You need to break free. Attach the bracelet on his arm to the elders of the grid in the background through which looks Makhronikl. Click on the Elder right to collect from him sweat. Then apply to Rufus. If he smeared both hand by water, you can move on to the next paragraph. If smeared with water only one hand, take sweat from the same elders and re-apply to Rufus.

Next, take a bucket of water, apply it on the charcoal, and then use the bucket with coal on a red towel elders right from Rufus. Grille is open! Get out of here by clicking on the grid.

It will be a puzzle. You must put down all five colored column all the way. Be careful, because one column may fall and at the same time raise the other. There is a pattern. But in general, the riddle can be solved easily by the selection. Just click on all the columns in any order. Or you can skip the puzzle by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner of the screen. Take a note of the cache.

Take the helmet of Ulysses and go to the elevator. Use the helmet on the left side terminal, and then talk to the Goal. Tell her that you activate self-destruct protocol. She does not believe you. Click on the red button with the image of "nuclear explosion". Watch the cut-scene. Go to the elevator and see the enemy. Click on the button to the left of the passage, in which there are heroes of the game. After talking you will see down arrow. Click on it and watch the video.

After falling from Elysium

To be continued…



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