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Walkthrough Deponia Doomsday

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Walkthrough Deponia Doomsday


At the beginning of the game you can skip the video by pressing the ESC key. You will be asked to take training. Agree. You will need to highlight all active points on location. To do this, click on the mouse wheel, or - at the SPACE key.

Remember that your cursor consists of arrow and of two gears - one large and one small. The gears are shown the various symbols of action. If you left-click on the project, then follow the steps in the big gears. Right-click - in the small gears. Place your cursor on the ladder and click the left mouse button to go down.

Hold SPACE and you will see two hot spots – stairs and huge trucks. Transport called "Edward Snoumen". Click on it the right mouse button to look around. Exit this screen by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the screen. Double-clicking the left mouse button – allow you to move to the next location immediately.

There is the spray near the door on the right side in the snow. Click on it to put in your inventory. Rotate the mouse wheel or press the key I, to open the inventory. Now there are the same spray and a lighter in the inventory. Select spray and apply it to the cigarette lighter. Use only the left mouse button.

Return to the previous screen, where there is traffic. Climb to the platform on the stairs. Open the inventory, select a homemade flamethrower and then move the cursor to the flamethrower beyond the inventory area. Move the cursor with a flamethrower on the machine and click the left mouse button. The main character will try to break the ice.

Open the toolbox near the door of the machine and pull out the burner. Go back to the screen, where you found the balloon. Use the torch to the lock in the middle of the door. Hold down the left mouse button to light the burner. Cut all the bolts on the lock. Click the left mouse button to get inside. When a character falls on the stairs, then click on the pipe to break off a piece. Beat on hairy paw by pipe. Upstairs, click the left mouse button until you close the door. Quickly open the inventory, select the tube and apply it to the door hinge. So you lock the door, and the pipe will bolt.

Press the red button on the back of the screen plane. Next, click on the active point to the left to get to the bomb. Then you need to beat on the metal plate. But monster will interrupt you. Kick monster 2-3 times, then once kick the plate. Repeat. Otherwise, the monster will hit you, and metal plate returns to its original position.


Pick up the wrench from the table to the right. Remember that you can open the oven door, as well as examine the film with bubbles. Exit the cabin.

There is a bag of trash on the outer wall of the balloon. Click on it to get the trash. Go to the pyramid of glass goblets on the right. Examine them and Rufus says something about the film bubble. Go back to the cabin air balloon and take this film. Go outside and see how one breaks down pyramid by car. Go right in the direction of the car to get to another screen.

Rufus automatically talk with the offender. Soon time to wind off in the opposite direction. Tell the man that he take back. You will see a pink elephant; the pyramid will again be destroyed. Go right to the car on the screen, where you have already visited. After a conversation with Makhronikl you can again turn back the clock. But again, you prevent the same pink elephant. Go to the next screen - the arrow on the background. You will be on the intersection.

Talk to Tuck. Talk about everything, including a pink elephant. Rufus promise to help Tuck. Go to the following location - arrow in the background, on the right side of the screen. You will find yourself in Kuvak. Once Rufus goes to the ensemble, the musicians stop playing. Talk to Zun – he is the chef (behind the bar on the left). Talk about an elephant gun, which he can only give hunters.


Walk through the city gate to the right.

Look at the location. There is a stove in the lower right corner. There is a potato on the stove. But you can’t take by bare hands. There is a table on the left with a game of "rotten fruit". Learn about the rules of the game. Start the game does not work, because you need to find the enemy. There is a huge machine for the production of honey to the left of the table. You can open it, but then bees attack Rufus.

Bar and Tony

Go right to the bar. You will see the bar Lonzo. There is a man on the porch. He disguised as a woman. His name is Lottie. Talk to him. You will receive "bone" of the bra. This item resembles the handle of a bucket.

Come to the bar and talk to Lonzo Tony. You will know that she is very worried about their glasses. The glasses are broken! Remove the dart from the target to the left of the entrance. Go to the bar, behind which is a man with a mustache. There are two things beside him on the left - the throttle and inverter of power. Take them you can’t, because Lonzo says that this prize of competitions in darts. There is a table to the right. There are a glass and a straw on the table. Take items! Finally, remove the beard from the wall to the right.

Use the dart on the target to the left of the door. Rufus hit the bull's-eye. You will automatically receive an award from Lonzo - inverter of power.

Location with Time Machine

Go back to the location where the Makhronikl is. There is a machine for cooling in the lower right corner of the screen, below the house. Open it up, lift up an opaque door and insert into the left or right slot the inverter of power. There is a red button below. Place to it a glass from the bar Lonzo, then press the button. You will receive a glass with ice.

How to save the glasses

Go to the center of the village where the Wenzel and his game of rotten fruit. There is a barbecue. Apply the glass with ice on the barbecue. Leave the location and return to it again. Take a glass of water from barbecue. There is a stove with a potato to the right. Do you remember that? Pour the potato by water from a cup, and then collect it. Rufus automatically separate the potato from the foil and you will both subjects. Apply potato on the hole in the unit in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the button to cut the potatoes. Take the two halves.

In inventory, combine the foil and straw. This you can learn in a conversation with Makhronikl. Hat from foil with a straw retains memories when you move in time. Go to Tuck, he is on location between the city and the time machine. This is the man in a cassock. Give him the hat from foil and straws. After talking about everything, you agree with him, that he will stop the pink elephant.

Go to Makhronikl and offer him to rewind time. At this time, you can to help the inventor, the glasses will remain intact.

Return to the bar Lonzo and tell Tony that you are ready to go. Follow Tony to the balloon. You will have to wait for Tony at the locations where it was Tuck. Glasses will break again!

You will lose all previously collected items after traveling in time. You will need to repeat the steps above to get all the objects.

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