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Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Downfall Redux

Arrival at the hotel

When you will be at the hotel, and then talk with Ivey. To move use the arrow keys "left" and "right." To interact with objects, you need to get around them, so that there was an inscription and arrow image "up". For example, as soon as you will pass control, you can explore the reception. At the top there is a corresponding label. Press the "up" and a dialog box opens. You can either explore the object, or call someone.

You can view the phone to the right, but nothing happens. Go right, the elevator does not work. There is a plaque with the inscription «TAKE GIFT» to the right of the elevator, between elevator and the stairs. Interact with it and take a gift - a magnet in the form of a cat. Go right. The door to the kitchen is closed. Go to the Ivy and talk about everything. Then go to the left, where appears the administrator (near the elevator). Talk about everything, go to the administrator to the left and pick up the key on the administrator's desk. Go back to the ladder and climb up. Climb up for another span.

Go right, go to the door marked "101" and press the "down". So you open the inventory. Now the inventory you have a magnet in the form of cats and room key. Select the arrow key to the room and click on Enter. Select "use" command in the dialog box. Enter in the room, talk to Ivy, until she not goes to bed.


Go right through the field until you will see the building. You will be near the front door. On the building hangs a plaque with inscription «Haven Road». Go inside the building because the door is open. Look at the mailboxes. Try to open them. Try to open by force. It will not work. Go right and see a door in the background. Try to open the door, but there is a failure.  There is a white cabinet to the right of the door. Open the cupboard, then inspect it and find a book.

Open your inventory by pressing "down" to select a book and open it. You will find a screwdriver inside the book. Go to your mailbox, open inventory, select the screwdriver and click on the command to "use". You will open the mailbox. Pick a letter from the drawer. In inventory, open this letter. Inside you will find 10 pounds and is the key. Go to the door on the right and use the key on it. You will find yourself at the stairs. Against the wall is bicycle. Go to the left, until it stops. There is the clock in the form of a cat on a chair. Take the desk clock.

Go to the right where will appear the killer. Run away from it is pointless. Soon you will wake up.

Second day

Wake up, go right and you will see that no Ivy. Perhaps she has breakfast. Leave the room, go left and go down the stairs. Go left to be at the bottom. Take the stairs to the right, where there is a dining room. Talk to the manager.

Chasing the cat

Go back to the reception and you will see a black cat. Move closer, then the cat will swallow your desired key. Run the cat to the right until you see a few doors. Go through the door to the latest, go to the TV and interact with it. Choose «Look At». You will find yourself on TV.

Go right, go outside and follow ahead until you go the house. Enter the house; open the door in the background and go down to the basement, where you have already visited. Cat catch just will not work. Do you see the button in the background on the wall? There is a square oven door to left of this button. Open it, apply here in the form of a table clock cats. Do not close the door! Go to the left, the cat placed on a chair. The cat will run to the right, jumps to the clock and will be trapped.

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