Walkthrough GRIS


See the introductory video. Move to the right side. The main character falls to the ground, and when she gets up, she can run. Run to the right. Climb up the hills by clicking on the «Space» to jump. Move through several obstacles. In the end, you will find a luminous point.

Take it and move on until you find the next luminous point. Both points will follow the heroine. Use them to open new routes. Walk to the right and climb the ruins. Move to the left. Follow them; go up the black mountain. You will find a cliff with three missing points on the right-hand side.

Now you have only two of the three, so go left and climb to the top of a tall tower. You can to create a bridge of two points and go down to the right to the next tower. Inside it you will find the third luminous point. Go down and go right to the three points to build a bridge.

Follow until you find a place where three points go to the sky. Go to the right. Climb down, go over the bridge to the right and climb to the top of the building. You will see the splash screen with the name of the game — GRIS.

Jump down and go left to activate the glowing seal with three dots in the cave. These are collectible badges. There will be a lot of them in the game.

Follow to the right. You have to hide from the strong wind inside the various buildings. You will find the first luminous point. Jump down and go to the right to find the second luminous point inside the ruins. Pick a moment and go back. Jump on the rocks. Climb back to the room where the point was found. After the wind, move to the neighboring ruins, where there are no walls, but there are two points. Take a bridge from the collected objects, and move to the other side.

Move to the right over the bridge and enter the building. It is the shell of a huge creature. It will start moving to the right. Go up to the top along numerous stairs and jump to the right-bottom descent. The main character starts to slide down. Jump in time to activate a new collection symbol.

Run over the bridge to the right and jump down. There is a collection symbol in the room below you, but now you cannot take it. Run to the right to the next building. You get a new ability. Now the main character can turn into a heavy cube. Go back to the left, climb the ruins and stand on the ruined stones. Jump and click on K to turn into a stone and hit the stones. So you activate the collection symbol.

Follow the right. When the wind blows, turn into a cube and (hold the K key). Move to the right. In the end, you will reach a building with huge statues. Stand under the bell, jump up and switch to a cube to destroy the floor below you. You will need to hit it three times, after which you will fall down. Repeat the same procedure. When you are in a room with a mirror, and then several times strike the cube on the ground so that the birds take the heroine up.

You will find yourself on a bridge under the volcano. Go left and climb the pipes to the very top. Get to the left upper point with the help of rotating blades. Soon you will enter the building. Use a moving stone, go higher and go to the room where there are five points above (three to the right of the platform and three to the left). The platform is lowered in the center — jump and turn into a cube to connect it to the bottom. The upper platform will periodically lower to the right and left. Use it to climb it, and then move from it to the bridge from the two points on the upper left.

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