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Walkthrough Hollow

Walkthrough Hollow


You will find yourself on an abandoned ship. Move forward and to the right. There is the first note (1/24) on the table near the monitor with the red screen - take it. Use your first syringe by pressing the X key. The game will immediately warn you that there are not many such syringes on Shakhtar-1. Go further, turn to the wall on the left and see a small steamer with a corridor. Turn on the flashlight - the F key.

Get down there and go left. Soon you will be rested in boxes - you need to sit on CTRL and creep under them. Go ahead and take the walkie-talkie from the table on the left (1/12). Go forward and into the corridor to the left to climb higher. Go through the door on the right, just turn left and open another, similar door. A little further you will be offered to open the map - the key M. It is inconvenient to use it ...

Command Center

Turn to the door on the right, examine the computer on your right, and then remove the syringe from the yellow box next to it. Open the door and find yourself in the control room. From the chair in the center, take the note (2/24). Take your first melee weapon - a wrench on this chair. Interact with the generator screen and synchronize it - move from large rings to smaller ones, rotate them there so that the picture is holistic (without empty cells).

After you synchronize the generator, you go back and see that the passage to the left is opened. Go there, go down, go to the left of the stairs and remove the clip and syringe from the locker. Go further up the stairs, and find another clip in the corner opposite the door to the command center. Go to the command center, go to the right, counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the round room. Dodge and select a second radio from the floor (2/12). Continue to move until you see the fallen cabinet. Read the note (3/24) beside it, and then hit the cabinet by pressing C. So you can drop the enemies and restart the similar technique. The cabinet activates the computer to the right. Look at it, save and read both messages from the two radios found. You will understand that someone is communicating with you.

At the same counter with the monitor is a small weapon - take it. You found the clips from this weapon. Now you can kill enemies.

Go back to the capsule. Along the way, you'll have to kill a few monsters, or try to get around them.


Service corridors - way to the living room

You can not shoot a monster if it comes close and attacks you. First of all, you need to kick it with your foot - use the key C. Actually, you should always do this, and afterwards shoot at the head. Some enemies will die from one shot, others - after two or three. You will know that the enemy is finished, if his head has flown.

When you get the capsule, open the door leading to the service corridors. On them you should move to the living room.

Get down, but do not rush to open the door. Go a little further, take the clip from the barrel, and the syringe from the floor. Open the door, go left, and haunt the stranger. Stop by the table with the TV in the corner. Take the syringe and the next note (4/24). From the note you learn that the yellow lattice can be destroyed by an explosion. Turn around and pursue the enemy. Ahead there will be a yellow lattice - next there is a gas cylinder of yellow color. Shoot it; there will be an explosion, which will break the way further.

Move forward, kill the usual enemies. Turn along the corridor to the right, to the left between the two columns find the walkie-talkie (3/12). Go down the stairs and go into the living room.



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