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Walkthrough Beholder

Crime and Punishment

We watch, and then search the apartment of Jakov Manishek. You will find a broken bottle and a pack of cards. Keep watching for Jakov Manishek and arrest him at the time of manufacture of drugs.

So the job is done. Repair apartments and house a new tenant.

Trust and Care

Talk with family’s members.

A doll for your daughter Martha.

Martha lost your doll and asks to help. Find doll is not difficult; it is in a closet in the basement.

Pan for your wife Anna

Your wife needs a new pan. You will have to go to the apartment number 1. Talk with Maria Shimmer and she will give you a pot.

Books for Patrick

Your son needs books on economics. Books can pay from a dealer or take from a neighbor. Go into the apartment number 1. But this time we need not Mary, and her husband Klaus Shimmer. Talk with him, and ask books.

Cat come out of the bag (features of Klaus Shimmer)

Ask the tenants about Klaus Shimmer, who lives in apartment number 1.

Tell the truth to Mark Ranek and you will learn that Klaus likes modeling.

Rose Ranek will tell you that Klaus is a very good wine connoisseur.

And the wife of Claus will tell you that he likes to take pictures.

This information is sufficient, but if you want to find more information, you can search the apartment № 1.

Make a file and send it to the ministry.

Good offer You received an offer from Jones Popanedo. Hi asks you to sell canned. Canned is suspicious quality. You have a difficult choice: to sell them to a merchant, or give them to Rose Ranek. Rose works as a cook in the dining room. You give canned Rose Ranek. Meet Rosa. Give her "quality" canned. It doesn't work that way…

Later you will know that the workers of coal mine were poisoned.
Due to the poor quality of canned, Rose may be in prison. Talk about it with her husband.

Next, you need to decide difficult choice with Mark Ranek.

  • Flip off:

In this situation Mark Ranek will kill Karl Stein.

  • Blame the boatswain:

Mark Ranek will fight with Johnson Popanedo. After the fight you need to talk with the boatswain. He will accuse and kill Karl Stein.

  • hide the story:

Promise Mark to help Rose.

  • hide the story for money:

In this case, Mark Ranek will forgive Karl Stein.

Once you select an option where Carl is alive, you need talk with Johnson.

You also have to choose in a conversation with Johnes Popanedo:

  • Flip off:

Jones Popanedo will kill Karl Stein.

  • hide the story of the authority:

This authority will be lowered.

  • hide the story for money:

You will lose money.

  • You can offer job:

Johnson will need to make the order of the Ministry.

Sell canned to merchant.

In the evening, you will see a trader near your house. Give him canned.

The next day, the trader will tell you that he could sell canned food only for half the price. Take the money and talk with Johnson.

A difficult moral choice with Johnson Popanedo:

  • Flip off:

Johnson Popanedo will kill Carl Stein.

  • hide the story of the authority:

You will lose several points your authority. Johnson will break the furniture and not have to do with Karl.

  • Give your money:

You will lose money, while Jones will not have to do with Karl.

  • Offer job:

Make the task of the Ministry.

Expiation of guilt

You can give order from the Ministry to Jones.

Help to Shimmer

You can to tell Jones that Shimmer’s family move. You need help them. Tell to Shimmer, so they sent a letter as soon as arrive.

Later it became known that there was a shipwreck. No one survive.

However, Shimmer might help you to escape ...

Marta is ill

Your daughter is ill and she needs aspirin.

You can buy aspirin from the merchant. However, it is not a cheap $ 435. You can also search aspirin in the apartment. Ranek Rosa has aspirin, but she will give it in exchange for the cardigan. Cardigan can steal from neighbors or buy from a dealer for $ 255, which is much cheaper than aspirin. Give aspirin wife.

The note. Anna with your daughter go to the hospital, if you don’t get an aspirin at the time.


Your daughter Marta wants an apple. Apples are prohibited. You can buy apple or steal it. But

The request of the Ministry

You have a new task from the Ministry - to make a response to the tenants of the apartment number 3 - Mark and Rosa Ranek.

It is necessary to penetrate into the apartment number 3 and make a search. Collect useful information and write a response to the tenants.

The note. In the apartment, you can find old and prohibited clothing. You decide ...

Loneliness of Alloiziya

Alloizy Shpak - a lonely man. You can to help him and find the woman. You have two options: the mysterious unknown or niece of Rosa Ranek.

First variant.

You will find a newspaper in the mailbox. On the side of the newspaper, you will see a note. There is a phone number, memorize it and call to make arrangements for a meeting.

Talk with Alloizy about woman. In this case, you will get an additional task "Love on the phone"

The second variant.

Talk with Rosa Ranek about a woman for Alloizy. She agrees to help you. Rosa will invite her niece to visit.

Tell this news to Alloizy. Tell Alloizy about Sara, when you will see her. Run the task "Hard Talk". Then talk with Alloizy. You will get the task "Collection of information"

Love on the phone

Dr. Alloizy wants to meet with a mysterious unknown. He asks you for help. He needs chocolate. Buy chocolate from trader for $ 75.

After the meeting Alloizy will ask you to help him. He wants that Clara lives with him. You decide. If you refuse, Dr. Alloizy pays and Clara will live with him.

Talk with Clara, you get the task "Drunk and happy."

Drunk and happy

After settlement of Clara, tell with her. She asks a bottle of alcohol. She will give you $ 500.

You have several variants. Steal in an apartment, buy from a dealer, but $ 500 is not enough, or to speak with Alloizy. Give alcohol to Clara.

Later Alloizy will be disappointed in Clara. He will ask give Clara the key of the street. You can to help him, or refuse. In case of refusal, Alloizy will go from the apartment away.

If you decide to help him with Clara, you should discuss it with her.

You have several variants:

  • Insist on the eviction:

Clara is gone, but you will lose 1000 points of authority.

  • Payola:

In this situation, Clara will leave, but you need to pay 5000 $.

  • Ask to go:

Clara wants that you find the hiding place of the doctor. He hides a gold brooch.

You need to make a decision: help Clara and ask the doctor, where to store expensive items, or to write a report on Clara (you get tickets on a cruise). If you want to help Clara, tell her about the medical directory. Clara will leave the apartment and grab a brooch.

Regardless of your decision, the doctor will give you tickets to the cruise. Tickets are necessary for you for task «the order of the Ministry». Or you can sell it for 5000$.

Collection of information

Dr. Shpak again asks for help. At this time you need to collect information about niece of Rosa Ranek - Sarah.

Of course, you need talk with Rosa. But you know the incredible news. It turns out that Sarah is not her niece. She knows nothing about Sarah.

With the help of business phone you contact with the ministry and learn the terrible truth. Real name of Sarah is Vera Renzi. She has poisoned a huge number of people.

You can communicate with the adventurer and expose it. You have several variants:

  • You can to make arrangement with Sara (Vera):

Sarah is ready to pay money for her secret. During a conversation with Dr. Shpak inform him that he is the best gift. You get a task "Preparing for a wedding».

  • Refuse to Sarah:

In this situation, Carl sends Sarah off. If you will be very strong, she will offer drink poisoned coffee. If Carl will drink – he will die. Doesn’t agree and Sarah will leave. Doesn’t rude and she will give the poison and go away.

When Sarah leaves the house, tell it to the doctor. He will give two tickets for a cruise. As described above, the tickets will be useful for you.


Sarah needs bridal veiling. The doctor asks you to get it.

There are several variants:

Ranek Rose has bridal veiling. She’s ready to give it, but for a packet of tea. You can buy tea from the merchant.

Or you can talk with your wife Anna. Your wife can make a bridal veiling.

Give the bridal veiling to doctor. At the wedding, as you would expect it, the doctor dies. Cause of death - poisoning.

The note. You can to report about Sarah in the ministry and after the death of Dr. Shpak.

Son’s night out

Your son Patrick has a date with a girl. Of course the guy needs the money. He will ask you $ 550. Give money. By agreeing, you can give him advice, or add $ 20 on flowers for the girl.

Loss glasses

Neighbour Mark Ranek asks for help in search of glasses.

Talk with your daughter Martha. Girl knows who took the glasses. She is ready to talk, but only for a candy. If you shout at her, she doesn’t say anything. Sweet buy from a dealer for $ 75, a steal in one of the apartments.

After Martha gets candy, she says that Patrick stole glasses of Mark Ranek.

It is necessary to talk with your son.

After the conversation, Patrick will give you glasses. Now you need to bring them back to Mark Ranek. If you lie, Mark does not believe and say that you are a liar. It is better to tell the truth.

Order from the Ministry

You received a new task to move out Claus Shimmer. There are several options.

Talk with Klaus.

You have a choice, either tall about task of ministry or threaten settlement. Threaten carefully, otherwise you will kill an angry neighbor.

If you decide to help Shimmer, will be available to the new job "Papers, please" and "Homeland, goodbye"

Create a report on Shimmer.

In this case, search an apartment. During the search, you will find the forbidden books. Write about it in the report, Klaus will be arrested.

After his arrest, during a conversation with his wife Claus, do not insult her husband. In this case, his wife will shoot you.

If you will be covered with your family and work, she will understand and leave the house.

Also, do not tell her that her husband would be shot. Maria commits suicide.


You can ask boatswain that he helps Shimmer.

You can offer boatswain to make money. Boatswain agrees. Report it to Shimmer, they will pay Johnson money and give you a toy for his daughter. But will be shipwreck and Shimmer and boatswain die.

Give Shimmer tickets to a cruise.

If you followed our advice, then surely you have two tickets for a cruise. Give tickets to Shimmer and he will give a toy for my daughter.

Create a report to Mary Shimmer.

You can also make a report to the spouse of Shimmer. But her husband will go mad and die.

Later, you get a newspaper. Read and discuss with your wife.

From the newspaper, you will learn that Klaus wanted to get to Mary, but his will shot. Mary did not want to live without a husband and too die.

Blackmail Claus Shimmer.

You can to blackmail Shimmer. And they leave the city.

The note. Along with the help of family Shimmer, you can write a report.

Papers, please!

You need an absentee list for Claus Shimmer. Mark Ranek is an archive employee. Talk with him and tell the truth. Mark agrees to help, but in return asks whiskey. In the merchant of whiskey is not cheap, can be found in one of the apartments, or ask the doctor Shpak.

When you give a bottle of whiskey to Mark, he will give absentee list. Give it to Shimmer.

Broken TV

When your wife asks you to repair the TV, you will agree. Open the menu of store in the right top corner of the screen and find the "set electrician" for $ 50. Buy it and click on the TV in the living room and choose the second icon from the "tools".

Doctor for Martha

Martha is sick, despite of you bring a pill or not. Talk with Alloiziy Shpak. Nothing more is required.

The fee for the house

Later, the wife will ask you money on utilities - $ 700. If you do not, you will have to earn or you will be arrested, and the game is over.


The next task of the Ministry is called "Propaganda". You have to hang three posters in the house.

Life daughter

Talk with your doctor Alloiziy when you see him on the "exclamation point." He will say that Martha is ill pneumonia. You need $ 20 000. This amount will have to collect.

If you do not have time to collect money and Alloizy leave (after the eviction Clara), then the amount will increase. But the time is reset and you will have more 80 hours.

On the edge of deductions

Patrick needs $ 15,000. Surely this amount and you will not collect...

Home repairs

After a crowd of people run through the street. Several pieces of furniture are broken in the house. You will hear a call from the Ministry. Answer. You have two days to remove all problems.

Affordable housing

You need to settle another person. His name is Izadorozh Bryukich. He is 20 years old. It is a young student who is looking for housing.

Bedtime Stories

Anna asks you buy radio for her. In addition, you will learn about a family Shimmer, which drown on the barge. Radio "Dream" costs $ 2250. Try to do this task after you will help her daughter ($ 20 000).

Mysterious box

I recommend that you perform this task, because you need the money. So, one day you will see a man with a cane - George Danton at the entrance to the house. Talk with him. He will ask to give the mysterious box to the student. You can’t open this box. There are two variants. Either you agree and give the box to the student, or you agree and go in your office with this box. Inside you will find a bathrobe, a helmet and a gun.

Now talk with student and say him that there is no box. If you try to get out, he'll kill you. If you pay off, you will lose money or authority poimts, and nothing in this does not earn.

Thus, it is better to give a box. So you will earn $ 3000.

Horns and hooves

Answer incoming call about a few hours after first aid Danton. But it calls the organization «Horns and hooves». They ask to settle Leo Gvizdek, winner of the National Lottery.

Repair apartments and settle Leo Gvizdek - a man is 45 years old

With the brand-new!

Talk with Leo after the settlement. It is necessary to buy a tie for him. A tie costs for $ 195. Leo give you $ 300 (small profit - $ 105).

Please of Danton

Soon George Danton will call you. Agree to help. It is necessary to settle Anton Grubitz, the master of the print shop.

All in

After you help Leo with a tie, he would leave. When he goes back, then you need give him advice where he can to invest money. You need to advise the large-horned cattle. So, you will earn $ 5,000, which will be useful for the treatment of your daughter.

Under suspicion

There will be rings after you settle Anton. Talk with George Danton. He asks to follow Grubitz.

ATTENTION! You will need either install the camera, or look for the apartment Anton when he is at home. This is undercover agent from the state. Follow him until you see how he are making propaganda posters. You will need to click on the icon to get a clue.

Be sure to send a report to Anton Grubitz, despite the fact that Danton asked you not to do it. Otherwise, you will be arrested. The report will be: Anton Grubitz lives in an apartment №1 (or other), violated the directive №6038 from 01.09.84. Move the evidence in the report field.

You have refused. Answer the phone call. Anton would not be arrested, but you will reward by money and points.

Life of creator

Anton Grubitz wants to talk with you after the report to the Ministry. Ask them what he needs. He asks to get paint and scissors for him. If you're not sold out stuff from your apartment, then you will find both items there. Otherwise, you have to steal or buy from the merchant.

Weather in the house

Soon Anna will ask you to bring a heater in the house. You can buy it from a dealer for $ 2250. You have 24 hours.

Collection of information

Last spurt

Once you buy imported drugs from Alloiziy Shpak, Anna still give a new job. You need to find another medication - "Pure spirit". Ask about it at the dealer. He will sell it to you for $ 15 000. You have 120 hours.

Distant shores

If Patrick is studying at the University, then one day he will ask you another $ 20,000 on a trip abroad, where he can get a good education. You will have 48 hours. If Patrick was expelled and went to work in the mines, you still decide to leave the country.


  • You can give him $ 20 000. Then you get a telegram that he is very happy.
  • You can give him two tickets for a cruise (if you have them). He will thank you also.
  • You can say no him (or simply do not have time to collect the necessary sum). In this case, Patrick will take part in a bank robbery. It will kill. You'll pay $ 5,000 fine for his son and $ 1,000 will go to the funeral.
  • By the way, when you decide to go abroad, Patrick plays an important role.

 Settle a few more people:

  • Dora Noel - music teacher. You have a new quest "a matter of life and death."
  • Andrzej Rothaar. Unemployed, 21 years old. Talk with Andrzej, to find out what he wants to kill people. You can make characteristic and earn $ 200.
  • Margaret Sauer. Librarian, 60 years old. Talk with her about the library. Say that tore the book. If you laugh it off, she will kill you. It is best to use 500 points to avoid death.
  • Rowena Petrache. The pipeline operator, 43 years old. I would rent a house next to the plant for a long time.

Except for Dora, the other three characters are useless for you. You can follow them or talk, to collect data, and then make a response to the Ministry and get more profit. That's all.

How to escape ANNA from the crowds?

ATTENTION! It is very important decision. If you tell George that Anton works for the government, then the Anna will die from the crowd. If you can’t tell, she will survive.

Strange note

If you do not rat Anton out to George Danton, it will move down, and a few hours later his wife will give you a strange note with the phone number. Call it. This is Anton Grubitz. He asks for help to Charles. If you agree, Anton will come and you will live in a few days. For this you get a prize. If you refuse, you will get money penalty of $ 2,500. In addition, if you disobey the government again, you will go to prison.

Settle another tenant - Alberte Meynike, unemployed, 35 years old.

If you decide to hide Anton, soon George Danton appears. He will offer a lot of money on his head. You can say him the true or lie him. If you do not tell him, then you earn $ 2,500 and prestige points.

If you uncover location of Anton, you'll have to pay good money.

Propaganda machine

Soon you will see a propaganda machine near the house. You can ask the driver to make quieter. We'll have to pay $ 500. But if you do not pay, you can perform another task from the Ministry or Danton.

If you refuse to reprogram the machine, Danton wishes all the best. The car will explode. Danton will call and tell you that it is not revolutionary. Then will be a call from the Ministry. If you tell them that it could make the revolutionaries, then you will be put (before it was necessary to prevent, according to them). But if you do not let us know what the assumptions, then you will write the report.

Unexpected turn

You have 36 hours on the job. Quest begins in case if you said no Danton. And you didn’t say Ministry about the revolutionaries. If Margaret Sauer lives in your house, you can interrogate it. Add the characteristic that she could explode car.

Search the car and find the part of the mechanism. By the way, your wife tells you that came some technician who changed details. If you do not complete the task in the allotted time, then you are entitled to a penalty. The device can put to any tenant that you do not like.

End of campaign

George Danton will ask you to reconfigure the frequency of this propaganda machine. If you agree, then read below. Talk with the car driver. For $ 5,000 he reconfigures it. You can spend 500 points of authority to learn how to do it yourself. But then you have to look for a bottle of rum. Rum from the merchant is $ 810. This is clearly less than $ 5000! Buy a screwdriver from the merchant, open the programmer and select a date - 19.12.1984. Select the frequency 101.9. Note that in this case you will pay penalty $ 3,000.

Thank war hero!

First, the Ministry will ask you to settle the General - Aral Johnson.

Attention! If you do not have empty room, you have to evict anyone. For this lay a blue tie, jeans or any other taboo subject in an apartment tenant. Then click on the object and click on the red label, to write evidence. Write a report. Tenant is arrested, and you can settle Aral Johnson.

Butcher of Eglou

Danton will call you. He will tell you that the general is in fact a butcher from Eglou. Talk with the General. He goes away and you can search the apartment. In one of the pieces of furniture you can find a medal. Click on it, click on the red label. This is medal of Eglou.

Call Danton and say that the general is the same butcher. You can either kill the General, either you don’t agree.

Variants of events:

  • If you refuse to kill the Butcher and tell the general about this. He kills him, and move out of the apartment.
  • You can’t to inform the general. Quest will disappear, the killer will not appear.
  • If you agree, Danton will offer you three variants - poisoning, bombing and killing of gun.
  • To poison the general you need have possession of arsenic. At the beginning of the game, you need to put in touch Alloiziy with niece of Rosa Ranek to get the arsenic. (Above you can read this information).
  • You can pick up the bomb from the man on the corner of the house. Talk with General and offer a gift (in Bombay). If you say that it is from a dubious person, then you will be arrested. Choose two other variants - the lady and recruits. General is exploded; you will pay penalty $ 2,000.
  • Finally, you need to convince general comes out, than he will put a knife. Or spend 1000 points of authority, or $ 1,500.

In the case of the death of General (non-explosion), you will not compensate money for him.

The request of the Ministry

Later, the Ministry will ask to settle employee of culture Inga Birkenfeld with her daughter Gerda.


If you populate the Douro Noel, you need follow her. You will see that the woman has the insomnia. Talk with her about it. Take the 300 points of authority to find out the cause and get a new job. First you need to write about insomnia in dossier. Next, buy sleeping pills for $ 402.

Fear and hate

A little later, Dora Noel asks to find her gun. Only if you have done her previous job with sleeping pills. Ranek has the pistol "Walter" (if you are not moved out). Or you can buy it for $ 9000 from a dealer on the street. You decide. If you know how to get the gun from Mark Ranek, please post a comment below.

So, you have 48 hours to complete the task. If you give Dora a weapon, she will shoot her husband. She was taken by the police.

If you do not give her a gun, she says that her husband is going for her and she immediately moves out of the house. So, perhaps it is even better.

Theft of documents

ATTENTION! When you will see a Meynike (speaking on telephone), you can ask him that he tells you the true story without point of authority. The job will be different. Albert asks you to steal for him three passports. You can accept or refuse. So far, you could not find the documents. If you refuse, Albert immediately moves out of the apartment.

Hunting Engineer

You need settle Albert Meynike. Spy on them until you see what he says on the phone. Talk with Albert. Say you saw how he spoke on the phone. You will learn that he is pursuing Volner. You need to settle it in the house. Then chat with Albert again. If you refuse the task, Volner and Clara will not settle. At the same time, Albert does not want to move out of the apartment.

Homeland will not forgive

After settling Volner Albert asks you to find drawings of a nuclear bomb.

NOTE! If you Alloiziyu Shpak recommended Clara from the newspaper, she will scold you. Clara was married to Volner. Talk with her about everything. Soon he will give the job Volner. It can help you get the drawings. Read below!

If you will give the drawings, in exchange you get three blank passports, which later will help you leave the country. You decide!

What if she ...

Volner ask you to follow his wife. He sniffs treason. Agree to help. Either wait for the bed, or talk with a bit fat man who appears in the basement of the house (he still wears a monocle). For clues, you need to use the authority to squeeze the truth out of him.

About treason you can to tell Volner, also you can send a report to the Ministry. In any case Volner will give you the figures. Even if you shield Clara!

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