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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Quern Undying Thoughts

Walkthrough Quern Undying Thoughts

Walkthrough Quern Undying Thoughts

There is a note on a wooden table. Read it. Thereafter collect stone member (left of the envelope) on the same table. Go to the close door, and then try to insert item. It will not work.

Open your inventory by pressing the button Q. Turn the stone in the shape of a quarter circle. On the back side you will see three pintles in the shape of triangles. You can rotate them by clicking the left mouse button. Note that the door has three openings. Depending on the location of the hole, turn the triangles on the back of the stone, and then apply it to open the door.


Go to the first location. You can look here. All the buildings are closed. There is a building with a metal grille to the right side of the pass. There is a circle with several sections in the center of the grille. In the circle there is an arrow with a cursor. You can move the cursor to choose what kind of ring that circle will move. You need to click on the center of the circle (where is the arrow) to rotate the selected ring.

But, you do not have the right combination. Climb the stairs nearby and walk past the house to the next location. Pull the lever to lower the first half of the bridge. You find the second letter on the table to the right side. In the letter, you will see a picture with the same circle as the previous door.


Unfortunately, there are only three rings, while on the door the circle consists of five rings. Nearby there is as mechanism similar as in the well. You can turn the knob to lower the hook with a rope, and then pick it up. But you will not catch anything. To the left of the mechanism is a table with a small chest. But you can’t open it.


Return to metal grating with the terms of the rings. You need to place three rings as shown in the letter (press on L to open the section with the collected letters). The last two (the biggest) will need to look through the selection. You need to place the largest ring in a certain position. After that you need to turn the smaller ring. Next, move the big ring by one position clockwise, then rotate back around the circle ring one size smaller. So, repeat until you open the door.

Go inside the opened house and look at the large trunk. Inside you will find a two-way lever handle.


Exit and go to the opposite side. Climb uphill and turn right to the house. Entrance to the house is closed rectangular wooden plate. Also there is some device to the right. Examine it and get round the side of the hole for the handle. Just interact with them, to set the handle in its place.


Next, pay attention to the rectangular gizmo. Inside it there is stone and a metal block. You need to make sure that the metal horizontal block is in the bottom left corner. There is a hole through which the unit can be moved into the mechanism. So, the same wooden stove is fallen.


You have to turn blocks by the handle to a horizontal position and solve the puzzle.


It is hard to describe, so for you we make a short video. See below!


Go inside the new building.


There is a circular bench with a blue crystal in the center. Find notes and a letter.


Now you can the notepad to sketch interested tips. Click on the button P to make a sketch for a notebook. Open the notebook by pressing N and see exactly the same image.

There is a book on a table. Read it. Find a list with some tips on the long left cabinet. There are a certain amount of sticks - from one to five in contrast to five characters.


Turn around and you need to stand by face to the entrance. There is a lever to the right of the entrance. Lower it. Thus, you will open two metal grates (door) at the central location. Now you can go to it. There is a table with square tiles with different symbols (to the left of the doorway). Remember this place.


Get out of the house and you need to find the table with the dishes (diagonally to the right). Take a plate with shells.


Go back to the well where is a letter with the clues to solve the puzzle with rings and arrow. Also on this table, you can find and the torch of yellow crystal.

Go back to the location, and then open one of the metal doors (grids). You will find that access to other parts of the bridge is not possible.


Therefore, on the location South Passage you need to move to the right before a fork and follow straight. At the next fork you need to turn right. So you will be to another location called Watchtower.


Go to the tower and inspect the room. Inside, there is nothing. Then go up, and set a torch to the place where a double lever is. The same lever you found in the chest earlier.


Use the telescope right of the arm, on the same device. Turn it right and down so as to aim to the window in a rock near (see screenshot).


Go down to it and lower the small lever to the right of the window.


Column with a button will rise - click on it. Go back in the opposite direction and press the button to the right.


Follow back to the window, climb left of the door and press the button in the third column to the right of the door.


Again, follow the opposite direction. Walk past the window of the first column (left). Near a wooden bridge you will see the niche in the mountain to the left (earlier it was not). Here is the fourth column - click on the button.


Return to the top of the tower and use the device to aim in a round metal ring inside the house, where you find a notebook. Aim left and up as in the screenshot.


Go to the first location. You will find a pedestal near a huge stone (in the center of location).


Remove it with a metal object and find here the passage with a stone slab.


There is a small panel with two holes to the right of this plate. Install found item in this panel.


Return to the tower and go to the bottom of the room. You find the letter and circular lens on the bench to the right.


Follow back into the room, where you found a notebook. You could find the book on the table at the back of the room. So to the left of this table there is the same metal ring (you need to aim the light beam from the tower). If you do this, then interact with the ring to set the lens on it. You will see the light. You will see the table of characters on the wall.

Do you remember the prompt with the characters and sticks? So you should now combine a symbol and a corresponding number of sticks to find the mark. So you need to make it five times to get the password. Enter it in the panel left of the entrance.


You will see stairs leading down:


Go down and take a spherical glass flask from a wooden bench to the left side. You can find a torch with a blue crystal right of the door on the other bench - take it. Go up.

Do you remember the device similar to the well equipment? Next to it you will find torch with yellow crystal and a note with a prompt to open the door. So go back to the device and apply a spherical glass flask on its hook. Turn the handle twice - to lower the hook with a bulb and pick it up. ATTENTION! You need place the flask in a bowl with shells and then you lower the flask. It is necessary.

It is only way to fish - eel.

Return to the room where crystal laboratory is. You find some device with a handle on the tables left. It is located to the left of the round window. Right of the window there is a stand of this device. Apply on it the torch with a blue crystal (you found it in the basement of the building). Pour the water with eel on the dish between the unit and the stand. So you charge the torch (blue crystal). Take a glowing crystal in the form of a torch.


Go to the top of the watchtower, take the torch with yellow crystal and set the torch with a blue crystal (you charged it with the help of eel; see above).


Turn the device right. The blue beam is illuminated the rock and you see the following inscription:

You can sketch the image. Take a torch with a blue crystal and follow back to a rectangular form with stone blocks. This puzzle you've already solved.

If you took a torch with a loaded blue crystal that you will see the same characters on the stone blocks. Turn the knob to set form horizontally. Move the stone blocks with symbols so as to obtain the following image as a rock:

If you did everything correctly, you'll see a pull-out panel, and you can take the key.

Go down and open the door in a basement lab crystal by the key. From the table take away the cork (the far right corner of the table) and read the note in the envelope, which is in the center, on the books.

Go outside; go to the stone door (right you have inserted a metal plate). Place the same cork in the middle.


Select Torch with blue crystal and look at the metal plate (right). You will see a hidden line. The metal panel is divided into several horizontal buttons. You must press the button, move from the beginning of the curved line and to its end (arrows). Number the line downward from "1" to "6". Click on the buttons in this order: 4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-4-3-4-5-6.

The door will open and you will find yourself in a new location - North Shore.

On the left there is a passage to the pier with the trunk. The chest is locked. Right there is a kind of stone oven. Right there is a table. Take high flask with some lever:


You can move the lever to the left or right. Depending on your choice the arm will rise up or sink down. You need that the lever will rise to the top. You will see a hidden section with the key. Here is the correct sequence when the handle is at the bottom: Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left.


Find a table near the rock. Look the hint with the image of circles and arrows:


Move to the right of the table. You will see some kind of device on the right side at the location. There are metal circles right on a stone. There is the second key on the table. Take it.

Go back to the pier the same location (his back to the entrance of the location, turn left) and check the trunk. Open the two locks on the chest. Inside the chest you'll find another clue with circles (inside the cover), and the handle.


Go back to the stone with eight circles and the device with the light. Insert the handle into the hole right of the circle:


Go to the device with the light. You can move the beam between the four rounds left and four right-wing circles by using two levers on the left and on the right. Aim the beam of light on the second bottom circle in the left column and on the second top circle in the right column. After that, pull the handle to the right of the eight circles. It will light up one of the four lights next to the handle:


Next, leave the second bottom circle in the left column and place the light on the upper circle in the right column. Once again, pull the lever to turn the second lamp on.


Then you need to set the light to the upper range of the left column and the lower range of the right column. Pull the handle and the third lamp is lighted.


Finally, lift the right beam for the second circle on top (right column), and in the left column on the top beam, leave the circle. Pull the handle.


Take a huge key right of the handle with four glowing bulbs.

Find a boat the back of the device with light,. Stand on it and apply the key. You need to go by boat to the other side of the island.

Take a first jar.


The second jar is on the ground near the wall (left of the stone slab which is blocking the way). Drive across the bridge to get to the alchemy lab. There is third jar on the table along the walls of the laboratory (right round the window). Move along the same wall in the laboratory and find the fourth jar to the right side (on the shelves next to the rope). The fifth jar is on the table in the center of the room, next to an open chest.

Exit the lab and go down the left path that leads to a wooden door. There is the sixth jar left of the door on the shelf.

There is the next tip on the wall of the laboratory:


When you have six jars, go back to the stand, one of which you have found the first jar (at the beginning of this location, next to the closed stone stove). Install the first two pitchers in the following way:


There are two other jars:


Take the last pitcher:


Nearby there is a lever. Pull it to play a tune on the jugs. Open the stone slab.


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