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Walkthrough TheNightfall

Full Walkthrough TheNightfall


Look around the house, find cartridges, audio cassettes and floppy disks. Also there is a lantern in the kitchen, and the batteries are scattered around the house. Use one of the cartridges on the game console in the living room with a fireplace and start the game. Be sure to play it - you can die right away. Climb up and find a room with a computer. Start 1-2 floppy disks (any). You can also insert the audio cassette into the tape recorder on the shelf in the small bedroom.

After these actions, when you go down, you will see a path from the shoes leading to the office. Inside, there is a note on the table. Read it to complete the level. Almost all levels will end with reading a new note.


We study the house. You can find several matchboxes on the first floor. You go to the street and run all the fireworks that are available there. If there were not enough matches, then you are looking for others. After a while you will need to go into the room with a fireplace. There are the chairs on the table in the back of the room. A note will appear on it.


Go to the second floor and look around. Look into the room with the computer and you will see that the hamster disappeared from the cage. It will not happen immediately, so be patient. Then it remains to pick up the hamster from the oven in the kitchen and return it to the cage. After that, a new note will appear. It will be on the table in the backyard of the house. You should have opened the door of the house earlier. If you did not do this, then look for the key on the hanger in the hallway or next to the phone.


Climb to the second floor and go to the bedroom where the tape recorder is located. There will be a doll of the boy on the bed near the suitcases. Examine it, and then leave the room. You will see the balloons. Run along the upper tier, approach with the balls to burst. Do the same thing below, run into other rooms. In this case, not all balls will burst. Then go upstairs. By the way, if the ball does not burst, then just go to the other balls.

At the top you enter the room with musical instruments. There will be a music box on the curbstone to the left. Interact with it. Listen to the melody. You will see the clown. After that, find the bathroom on the second floor and read the note on the sink on the right.


At this level, everything is unclear. First, take a walk along the corridor past the kitchen (that corridor where the door leading to the backyard is located). The door to the kitchen should open. Go there. Then go to the living room, where there is a TV with a game console, and then go to kitchen doors from the living room. Again, it should open slightly. Go back to the kitchen again. Turn the tap, you can wipe the microwave and blow up another egg.

Go upstairs and go to the room with musical instruments. The door to the left leading to the bathroom should open slightly. Look there and look around. Look at the other rooms on the second floor, go downstairs. The note should appear on the cabinet on which the answering machine is located.


Walk around the house, then look at the kitchen. There will be a key on the table. Use this key to unlock the far door at the end of the corridor, where you have not been yet. There are many useful items in the garage, including batteries, candles and matches. In addition, here you can find the tool. Also on one of the long shelves is the floppy disk.

Go upstairs and move into the bedroom, where there is a high mirror. There will be a doll of a girl on the chair opposite the bed. Examine it, and then go down to the first floor. There is a telephone on the wall near the answering machine. Apply the newly found tool to it to fix the wires. Click again to call.

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