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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Walkthrough Vikings Wolves of Midgard

Characters are divided into five different classes in the Vikings Wolves of Midgard. Each of which is associated with a certain Scandinavian deity. You can choose the gifts of Torah, Loki, Tyur, Skadi or Odin. At the same time, you can use any weapon in the game at any time, but you can apply skills, for example, Torah, only if you have a two-handed hammer, a sword or an ax in your hands. If you chose the gifts of Tyur, then you will have to exploit only one-handed weapons, and so on.

Chapter 1. The ambush on Jotun

Make your way through the location and kill enemies. The most difficult thing here is to find three iron skulls. These collectibles are hidden inside three unobtrusive chests. At the beginning of the game you need keep to the right edge of the screen and go down gradually down. After 20-30 meters there will be the first chest among the trees.

Continue to move below and you will see the second chest behind the fence, again next to the trees.

Finally, you can find the third chest a little higher from the character you will need to save (Helderbrand).

Otherwise, you must learn to use somersaults that perform the function of evasion. Use the Space, W, S, A, D keys.

You will receive the first totem of healing from Volund. It has three charges. Later you can find more and more totems. When the charges are over, you can’t activate it. But you can restore all the charges of any totem at the altar of healing, one of which will be in the village.

Save two characters, and then enter the house of the jarl.

Chapter 2. Dangerous Neighbors

Go to the altar on the left and sacrifice blood to raise the level.

The End of Yokula

At this location you need to look at the blue scale under the health scale. If it is full, you will get a frostbite effect and begin to lose health. Therefore, from time to time you need to linger at the fires marked with orange markers.

This time in ordinary chests there will be various resources, but not iron skulls. You will have to find three gold trunks to find the skull. In principle, if you carefully explore the location, then find them.

There is another golden chest in the upper right of the location, located on a remote tower. You need to raise the bridge to get to it. The bridge is lifted by levers hidden across the entire territory. Just destroy the wooden boards inside the stone towers and activate the lever - 4 or 5. When all the levers are activated, the cat-scene will AUTOMATICALLY start and you will be shown the bridge.

Go and take away from the chest various resources, but most importantly - for the handguard of Luka Scandi. This is an artifact weapon with great damage. Even if you are not an archer, you can sell it and earn a lot of money and a lot of resources. But this is only one of the three parts of the weapon!

When you destroy all the idols of Yokul, then go to the very boss marked with a skull icon. Go to the location and fight with the enemy.

How to kill Yocul?

Destroy the enemy. Avoid the blue auras that appear on the earth. Stand on the orange circles to keep warm. Kill the wolves, approach the throne of Yokula and attack him. You will have to destroy the throne, so that Yocul will not return to him again.

It will be good if you save the regime of rage for him.

Bug with Yokul

If nothing happens after the murder of Yocula, you can try to go through the location again, returning to the village via Esc. While not kill anyone, run straight to Yokul. Destroy and see what happens next.

Another option is to be patient and wait 5-10 minutes.

Another method - after the murder, die from the cold and go through the level again. Bag will not be this time.

Old enemy

Quest "Hunting for wolves" you can walk through several times. The items are located in the same place as in the mission "The End of Yokula."

Go on the execution of the plot task "The Old Enemy".

In the screenshot above you see the notation for all the items you need to find:

  • Chests with iron skulls - a red marker.
  • The Swanung banners are a green marker.
  • The Psalm is a blue marker.
  • Chest with the legendary accessory "Gusli" - a yellow marker.

Wait when enemies with shields will start attacking you, and then counterattack. Or use active skills.

When you are in the house of the jarl, you will have to kill him. Understand with two warriors, and then it is advisable to attack the jarl of svanungs in rage mode.

The reward for the task is:

  • The legendary "Belt of Life".
  • Leather ring.
  • Rune Algiz.
  • 700 blood.
  • 0 gold.
  • 30 iron.
  • 150 trees.

The horror of Fangskar

At this location you need:

  • Destroy 30 caps of Tomte.
  • Deal with 20 Fenwaits.
  • Find 3 iron skulls.

Aafter defeating the high troll, go into the water on the left and right banks to kill the Fenwaits. Fenwaits appear exclusively in the water. There will be more than 20 of them.

Caps of Tomte are huts of small goblins. Approximately four such huts will be near the entrance to the cave, and inside it - all the rest. In total, you can find 31 huts.

As for the iron skulls, you search for one trunk after defeating the tall troll, in the water on the left (you need to go into the water and go left). Another chest is in the water near the right bank, not far from the first. The third chest is located in the cave, in its upper left part on the map.

You need to set the same symbols on the stone disks from left to right, as above the entrance to open the entrance to the cave.

Iron fist

You are in the village, move to the upper left corner. Helda will propose you to undergo various tests. They are all battles in the arena. The more tests you pass, bigger the reward.

There will be a rune blacksmith next to Held. There you can insert runes into weapons and armor. If you do not improve it, you will initially only insert gray runes. You see all sorts of runes on the levels (bottom-up) in the window to the left. If somewhere instead of "0" there is another figure, then, so you have such a rune. You can’t buy runes from a blacksmith, you must find them yourself.

From this moment, the repeated task "Hunting for trolls" is also available. Pass it on the principle of "Hunting for wolves."

The plot mission "Iron Fist"

Within this quest, you can pass three additional tests:

  • Find 3 iron skulls.
  • Kill 20 warriors.
  • Destroy the 10 banners of Yarnung.

All these points will be indicated in the screenshots of the location map below.

Red circles are marked warriors, green - chests with iron skulls, blue - banners Yarnung, yellow - chest with a talisman (read below).

One of the chests with an iron skull is in the upper part of the swamp. There is a small passage inside the alcove, invisible in the usual location. Be careful.

As for the walkthrough of the plot, you will first need to get on a linear route to the gate, which, incidentally, will be locked. In front of the gate several powerful enemies will wait you, so you need find an altar of God on a round square.

Go left to the gate, to the swamps. Destroy all enemies; make your way to the left to climb the snow-covered hill.

Be careful here, because the fire is just one, plus all the distances are large and you can easily freeze.

Get to the cave and go inside. After the warning bypass the spines and climb the woods near the wall in the background. Do not hurry! If you want to find an additional talisman, which is very useful in a battle with the boss of this location, then pay attention to the three glyphs on the wall to the right, where there is no bridge. They will need to be introduced on the stone slabs.

There is an interaction point on the wall in the background - click to destroy the stones and open the passage. Get to the locked door, above which you see a four-digit code. Enter it on the stone slab on the left.

Further there will be a corridor with pendulum logs swinging like pendulums. There are three more stone slabs between the logs. Enter the code on them to open the door on the right.

Go to the opened room, take the loot from the chest, including a new talisman, and then kill the enemies.

Go back and down. You have to get through the village, where there will be even more enemies. And after you there is a fight with the boss.

How to kill the Iron Guard?

This opponent is much stronger than all the previous ones.

It will be great if you use equipment that increases resistance to fire.

Be sure to take the talisman Hel. It damages with dark magic, but it also restores your health.

Attack the enemy, and then dodge to the side. Avoid his fiery breath. When he will explode, run away. He will hide under the fire dome - do not even think of entering under it! Destroy iron fingers with a clockwise rotating nozzle, from which a fiery flame appears. You need to attack after the flame passes in your direction.

After the victory it will be necessary to decide what to do with the village of Yarnung - as in the case of previous enemies: either you will receive periodically 50 iron units, or take 250 iron at a time, but destroy the settlement.

Reward for completing the quest:

  • Legendary accessory "Svalyn".
  • Warrior's Necklace.
  • Simple rune Teyvaz.
  • 1100 blood.
  • 2460 gold.
  • 340 of wood.
  • 0 of iron.


You are going to destroy the lair of giants. As always, there will be three additional tests:

  • Find 3 iron skulls.
  • Destroy 15 idols of trolls.
  • Kill 9 troll witches.

Troll Witch

Trolls Idol

Cave map inclusive

Map of the location behind the cave

You can see the following symbols: blue circles - chests with iron skulls, red circles - idols of trolls, green circles - trolls of witches.

In addition, in the location you can find one part from two artifact objects - a sword and a shield.

When you are in the cave of trolls, then keep to the left. At the top there is a passage leading to a dead end. Here you have to fight with one of the troll witches with a high supply of HP and immunity to darkness. Kill her, you will get one-handed hammer of Myelnir.

Chest with the First Iron Skull

Exit from the cave go along the left path and turn at the first turn to the left. Sideways, in the direction of the top of the screen, there will be a hidden passage. Destroy the two logs and open the chest to find the artefact from shield "Praven".

Walkthrough of the location itself is not difficult - you just need to break down obstacles on the way, kill huge trolls (use talisman Hel) and move to the boss.

Chest with a second iron skull

Chest with the third iron skull

When you exit the cave, you need to solve a simple puzzle - use the levers on the left and right, move the lava to the nearest pails. The stone will go up.

How to kill Scully?

Scully either runs up and tries to knock you off your feet, or jumps when you're near to stun, or attacks with his club. In addition, cobblestones from top will fall on you.


Move around the edge of the location and wait when Scully will run at you. Roll back to the side, then attack Scully and run away.

If you are playing as a warrior, then approach the giantess and activate the talisman Hel and the mode of rage, if there are glasses, and then attack the opponent.

Reward for completing the quest:

  • Two-handed legendary sword "Syumbrandr".
  • The goblin blade.
  • The simple rune Uruz.
  • 1300 blood.
  • 3230 gold.
  • 450 trees.
  • 90 iron.

The Crusade of Paladins

From now on you can go to one more repeated task - "Hunting for Yotuns". Everything is the same as in the two previous cases, only the location is different.

In the new story quest there are three additional tests:

  • Find 3 iron skulls.
  • Kill 10 elite soldiers.
  • Destroy 10 carts.


You may search long time the last chest, which in fact could be the first for you. It is in the house of the jarl, where you appear at the beginning of the task. Look for the side wall on the right.

Chest with the First Iron Skull

The second chest with an iron skull you will find on the territory of the fortress. Find the only climb to the wall and find the chest there.

Chest with a second iron skull

The third chest with an iron skull is located near the shore in the lower right corner.

Chest with the third iron skull

Anyway, in the screenshot below you can see the location of all the trolleys and chests - blue and red circles.

Location Map

In addition, the location has another chest with another talisman, which is called "Heimdall Talisman." He scares the target and damages the darkness. When you leave the territory of the settlement and find yourself on the shore, then go up and to the right. Find a pier here and go to the ship, where the chest is.

Talisman of Heimdall

As for the plot, first you need to kill the soldiers, go to the marker and go back where the passage was formed. Get to the catapults and destroy them all. Then go to the boss at the location.

How to kill a paladin-champion?

They will be a paladin-champion. Not such a strong opponent. The only problem is that he will constantly use the shield and occasionally use a golden boar. It is best to kill this boar, and for this it is desirable to move away from the paladin.

After the victory, take away the runaway stone Kenaz.

Reward for completing the quest:

  • Talisman Freyr (now you can call a golden boar).
  • Blade of the goblin.
  • Runa Fehu.
  • 1000 blood.
  • 4070 gold.
  • 600 wood.
  • 120 iron.

Gambit Bishop

In this story mission, you will have the following additional tests:

  • Find 3 iron skulls.
  • Destroy 10 carts.
  • Kill 15 priests.

See the screenshots with map: red circles - chests with iron skulls, green circles - priests, blue circles - trolleys.

Top of the map

The lower part of the map

Unfortunately, you will not find any artifacts and legendary items on the location.

First Priest

The first chest with an iron skull

The second chest with an iron skull

Third chest with an iron skull

Follow the marker and enter the cave. Go down to the place where there are traps with spikes, you will see a pit. Click on it to chat with the hunter. Decide how to do it - help him get out or refuse.

Pit with trapper from Yarnung

The first trolley

Anyway, go to the swamp and find a marker. Talk to the witch and she will turn you into the Iron Guard. As the Guardian, go to the gate and destroy them.

Meeting with the Witch

Go to the meeting place with the boss.

How to defeat the Bishop of the Earth?

You need destroy three stones, between which he moves, and then break and wooden scaffold to kill the boss. You will not even attack the Bishop of Earth himself. Periodically, stone golems will appear on the battlefield – destroy them.

Bishop of the Earth

After the victory, talk to the Witch who will give you the second rune stone. Upon returning to the village, select any option in the dialogue with the seer. She will open the portal for the next assignment.

Reward for completing the quest:

  • Legendary two-handed staff "Gridarvelr".
  • The shield Tomte.
  • Ordinary rune Lesgal.
  • 1300 blood.
  • 5000 gold.
  • 750 trees.
  • 150 iron.

Unexpected ally

The game location is simply huge compared with previous tasks in this quest. The Utgarde world has its own peculiarity - there is poisonous air.

To be continued...



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