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ShowGamer.comAll Endings in Twin Mirror

All Endings in Twin Mirror

During the passage of the detective thriller Twin Mirror, you can get 4 different endings. Let's talk more about each of them!

How to get the Worst Ending in the game

  • Abandon the imaginary double.
  • During the attack on Declan, go to the halls, select the pistol, as a result of which Anna will push Sam.
  • Go back to the halls and try to attack Declan, who will shoot Anna.
  • Enter the palaces again, but do nothing. Have Declan shoot Sam. He will get into the phone, so the hero will not have time to call an ambulance for Anna.
  • Next there will be a scene from the funeral, Sam will be alone, and the palaces will allow you to learn phrases from an imaginary friend.

How to get Bad Ending # 2

  • Abandon the imaginary double.
  • When Declan appears, step towards him.
  • Say that you are interested in the truth. Invite Declan to confess everything.
  • The main thing is to make Anna act.

Again there will be a scene with a cemetery, but Sam will be able to communicate with other people, and Anna will shoot Declan before she dies.

How to get a Good Ending in Twin Mirror

  • In the palaces, discard your imaginary double.
  • Chat with Declan and wait for Anna to take action.
  • When the pistol is on the ground, activate the halls: throw a stone, attack Declan and move the pistol.

Anna will survive, and the hero will leave the city, paying for the girl's treatment.

How to get the Best Ending in Twin Mirror

  • Take help from an imaginary double.
  • Apologize to Anna and thank her for her support.
  • Don't get on the nerves of Declan, who confesses everything. Choose phrases suggested by your imaginary double.
  • Anna will eventually intercept the gun, shoot Declan, and he will shoot her, but the girl will survive.

After talking with all the people, Sam will say that he will stay in the city.



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