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ShowGamer.comAll Endings Little Hope — How to Save Everyone


All Endings Little Hope — How to Save Everyone

In this guide, we will tell you how to get all the endings in The Dark Picture's Anthology: Little Hope and what you need to do for this.

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Little Girl

Mary is accused of witchcraft, and Abraham must state his position. Keep in mind that the solutions you make will determine the ending you get in Mary's storyline.

Main solutions:

  • Concern. If you choose this option, then you will be offered another. You can choose to be hopeful or heartless.
  • Furious. If you choose this option, you may be persistent or impatient at the next request.

Note. I'm still not sure if these options will remain relevant if you make different choices during Little Hope. In my case, I avoided the obsession that Mary was evil, but I managed to shift the blame onto the priest. Perhaps this led to the options above.

Good Ending - "The Priest is evil"

Choose rage and persistence. As a result, Priest Samuel Carver will be charged with devil worship. The judge will open the priest's Bible with runic inscriptions. Mary will hug Andrew and thank him for saving him.

Note. Playing as Daniel, you need to solve the secret of the Bible in the Museum of Witchcraft. When you flip through its pages, you will find the marks left by the priest. This will allow Andrew to tell Abraham that the priest is hiding something.

Neutral Ending - "Destroy the Doll"

Choose rage and irritability (impatience, or anxiety and hopeful). The judge will throw the doll into the fire. A terrible fire will start that will engulf the courtroom. Mary will hold on to Andrew. It looks like you could have saved the girl, but you did not find the true evil Little Hope. I'm not sure if burning the doll in the Witchcraft Museum affects this ending, however I did not do that during the game.

Bad Ending - "Mary is Evil"

Choose concern and heartlessness. Mary will be convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake.


Regardless of the choice you made during the trial in 17th century, Andrew and his companions will try to leave the house. However, your decisions will have consequences.

In addition to surviving every battle with demons, you must make the right decisions for the survival of each hero.

How to save Taylor

  • Instead of going it alone, choose teamwork.
  • Disagree with John's plan to go to town.
  • Agree to cross the bridge to find the rest.
  • [Sympathy] We understand what happened to Daniel in the bell tower.
  • Ask Daniel to leave her and fight for your life.

How to save Daniel

  • Daniel has to prove he can be a hero.
  • Take the knife found in the museum.
  • [Resist] Use the knife to kill the demon near the church - you must complete the QTE successfully, otherwise this method will not work!
  • Demand that the priest release Mary.
  • Persuade Andrew to leave himself and let go of the metal bar.

How to Save Angela

  • Angela begins to relate better to other people's feelings.
  • Interest in a double.
  • [ANDREW SHOULD CHOOSE ANGELA AND PULL HER OUT OF THE PIT] Trust Andrew to get out of the pit.
  • [Tactfulness] Rejoice that everyone got out of the pit safely.
  • If you took a pistol with you, then in the fourth act you will have a choice - "remove the pistol" or "aim properly". Select REMOVE PISTOL or Andrew will shoot Angela.

Note: even if you have completed all the points of the guide, in the third act a creature will attack Angela and drag her into the sewers. Complete all QTEs, follow to the end of the sewers and open the door. At this moment, the screen will switch to other characters and you will hear Angela's scream. This action cannot be avoided.

How to save John

  • John becomes a more assertive group leader.
  • Refuse a drink at the Black Cat bar.
  • Meet the girl at the covered bridge and ferry her across the broken bridge.
  • Ask Andrew to leave him when the demon knocks on the door.

If you saved Mary

The group will be able to successfully leave the house if the correct decisions from the list above have been made.

If you burned a Doll

Even so, your group may still be able to survive. Look, if Mary was saved, the characters will survive as long as there is at least one negative trait blocked. If the doll is burned, then there must be two blocked traits to survive.

If Mary was judged

Andrew will be saved, but the rest of the group will die under the rubble of the destroyed house.

Moral principles

Team Taylor

  • Taylor did not agree with John's offer to go to town;
  • Taylor agreed to cross the bridge to find the others;
  • Taylor felt sorry for Daniel after what happened in the bell tower;
  • Taylor told Daniel to leave her when her life was in danger;
  • Taylor escaped the demon outside the church;
  • Taylor did not take the knife she found in the museum with her.

Local Hero (Daniel)

  • Daniel intervened to help Mary when she was captured by the priest;
  • Daniel survived an encounter with a demon in the woods;
  • Daniel took with him a knife he found in the museum;
  • Daniel didn't lose his knife when he ran to the church;
  • Daniel stabbed the demon near the church, and this allowed him to escape;
  • Daniel asked Andrew to lower the iron bar and leave, deciding to take care of himself in the basement of the factory;
  • Daniel escaped from the demon in the factory basement.

Deep understanding (Angela)

  • Angela approved that John took over the conversation with the girl;
  • Angela relied on Andrew to help her escape ashore;
  • Angela was glad everyone made it safely to the shore;
  • Angela escaped with difficulty from the demon on the shore;
  • Angela asked John to hurry up when meeting the demons at the destroyed house;
  • Angela disappeared into a dark sewer after meeting a demon;
  • Angela broke free from the demon's embrace.

Face of authority (John)

  • John refused to offer Vince a drink at the bar;
  • John indignantly demanded that everyone stick together;
  • John spoke to the girl on the covered bridge;
  • John was the first to cross the destroyed bridge;
  • John told Andrew to leave him when the demon started knocking on the door.

Lost (Andrew)

  • Andrew decided that the girl they met with Angela didn't want to hurt them;
  • Andrew decided that Mary was just a child and could not be guilty of what the courts had led to;
  • Andrew showed sympathy for Mary by telling John that she was just a child;
  • Andrew told his double, Abraham, that Mary was the victim.

Survival tool

  • Andrew found a pistol in an old hut;
  • Andrew showed Angela the gun and decided to keep it despite her objections;
  • Angela told John that Andrew had found the gun;
  • Andrew shot the demon pursuing them as the group ran into the church;
  • Andrew did not shoot at the silhouette emerging from the fog, and the glades were relieved that it was Angela;
  • Andrew shot the demon that attacked Taylor in the woods;
  • Andrew shot the demon that attacked Daniel in the woods.


  • The old man introduced himself to the group as Vince;
  • Vince drove away from the group after emerging from the fog outside the cemetery;
  • Andrew ran into Vince when he ran to the church to hide there;
  • Andrew shot the demon, but nearly hit Vince, who was standing in front of him;
  • Vince assured Andrew at the church that he would go for help (you need to tell Vince that your girlfriend is missing);
  • Vince shouted to Andrew outside the factory that it would be over soon.


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