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ShowGamer.comLove Esquire: endings

Love Esquire: endings

Read how to get all the erotic scenes of the game for adults Love Esquire.

All endings of Love Esquire

And here is what you have to do for each heroine:


  • Thanks for the snack, sister.
  • It's good that there is someone to watch over my back.
  • I am ready to listen.
  • Pops loves you.


  • Is there a way to help people.
  • I would like a drink.
  • Cheer her up.
  • It's not too late.


  • Get rid of anger.
  • Beatrice won't like it.
  • Nothing of the kind.
  • I checked, she is clean.


  • No.
  • It…
  • You must not give up.
  • Can you handle it.

Vel (provided by developers on the forums)

  • Make an example.
  • She can handle it herself.
  • You admitted your mistakes.
  • He was grateful.


  • Relations should not be lower than 5500.
  • Get romantic endings for 4 months 29 days.

The ending "Harem"

You need to complete the game by building an affair with five girls in each run. That is, five separate walkthroughs will be required. The ending "Harem" will be launched on the fifth novel, regardless of the sequence in which you chose the girls.


The screenshot below shows what gifts to give to different girls in the game to get special bonuses from them:

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