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ShowGamer.comAssassin's Creed Valhalla Guide — How to Get the Best Ending and All Important Choices

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide — How to Get the Best Ending and All Important Choices

During the walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Valhalla you have to make several important choices that will affect the ending of the game

Start with Jomsviking that you can hire for your settlement. These are special recruits that can be taken on tasks.

Where to Find Jomsvikings

  • Birna. Find the right traitor for Soma is important. The villain is Galinn.
  • Finnr. In East Anglia, after fighting Rued , kill or spare him. If you spare, he will appear at the wedding. You need defeat Rued. If Oswald dies, Finnr will be forced to take his place. And so he will join your settlement.
  • Rollo, Essexe. During the quest "Old Wounds" Rollo will ask you to find out who the traitor is - Gerhild or Lork. The real traitor is Gerhild. However, this choice only affects whether Estrid is wounded in the battle that will take place later. And Rollo himself will join you anyway.
  • Vili, Snotinghamscire. During the quest "Under the Skin", if you let Trygve burn you alive, you will not get Vili as an ally. Tell the region not to lose anyone else. At the end of the task, you will need to choose a jarl. If you choose Trygve, then Vili will go with you. If Trygve is dead, Vili will automatically take his place.

Sigurd's Fate

There are five important decisions. f you make 3 Choices against Sigurd and go against his brother, he will leave England and return to Norway. If you listen to your brother three times or more, he will stay and help you in the battle for England.

  • Prologue. Discard treasure before heading to England. This will have a positive effect on your relationship with Sigurd. If you take them with you, you will get a negative reaction.
  • At some point, you will be able to walk with Randvi in your settlement. You can just skip this quest. If you go for a walk, you may choose to be romantically involved with Randvi. But this will be a stab in the back of Sigurd. Thus, you say that you will remain friends, or skip the task.
  • In Oxenefordscire, during the quest "Blood from a Stone", you will argue with Sigurd and Basim. If you hit both, then it counts as a negative moment.
  • During the Ravensthorpe quest "A Brewing Storm" after completing the Central England Arc, Dag will challenge Eivor to a duel. After the victory, you can give him an ax or not. If you don't give Dag the ax, then Sigurd won't like it.
  • After the Essexe storyline Arc, go to Ravensthorpe. A video will play in the Long House. If you tell Sigurd that the verdict is unfair, he will be upset. Better support Sigurd.

All important Choices in chronological order

  • In the prologue, leave the Cargo  in Norway. Otherwise Sigurd won't like it.
  • In Ledecestrescire, you can spare Leofrith. If you spare, he will tell you about the scroll, and you can stop the hunt of the Zealots. On the other hand, if they hunt you, it will be easier for you with the destruction of the Order of the Ancients.
  • To hire Birna, tell Soma that Galinn is the traitor.
  • To recruit Finni, don't let Oswald fight Rued  at the wedding (or kill Rued earlier).
  • In Oxenefordscire, do not hit Basim and Sigurd during an argument. Otherwise Sigurd will be unhappy.
  • When you are given 650 silver and asked to decide who to give them to (quest "Wear Weary"). Regardless of the choice, the Battle of Quatford will follow. Even if you give the silver to Ivarr, he will still start the fight. So leave it to yourself.
  • During the quest "King Killer" at the end of the story arc, when you need to report everything to Ubba, you can tell him the truth or lie. Ubba will appear in the settlement later. What you tell him will determine how he feels about Ivarr. If told the truth, he will give a silver ring. If you lie, you will be angry.
  • Ravensthorpe . Give Dag the ax and Sigurd will be happy.
  • To hire a Rollo in Wessex, you just need to complete the storyline. Choosing who is a traitor doesn't affect anything.
  • Say Sigurd delivered the correct verdict (after the Wessex story).
  • Lincolnshire. You need to select a graph. If you choose Herefrith, the story ends. He would later become a member of the Order. And you have to kill him. If you choose Aelfgar or Hunwald, the bishop is immediately recognized as a member of the Order. You will have to kill him.
  • Jorvik. At the feast, you need to talk to different people. In a conversation with Ljufvina, accuse someone. The correct answer is Audun.
  • Also, it will depend on your choice whether Faravid survives or dies.
  • To hire Vili, you need to convince Trygve not to burn yourself, but why appoint him as a Jarl.



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