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ShowGamer.comAssassin's Creed Valhalla Guide — How to Go through All Anomalies

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide — How to Go through All Anomalies

Animus Anomalies are special challenges that you will face in some regions of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. We will tell you how to get through them.

The essence of any anomaly is simple - you need to get to the very end and pick up a fragment of the memory. When you collect all the fragments, you will see a long cutscene featuring the same gods of Asgard.

The anomaly consists of different blocks:

  • Blue stable block - never disappears, can be stationary or mobile (move in a circle, up and down, and so on), can have white crossbars.
  • Transparent unstable block - if it is transparent, you cannot use it. You need to direct the energy beam from the spotlight.
  • Spotlight - Shines an energy beam that can be used to stabilize an unstable unit. An ordinary fixed spotlight is at a distance and cannot be touched. There are rotating spotlights that you can point in any direction. There are also unstable floodlights that periodically shut off the beam. Finally, there are movable spotlights. You cannot change the direction of the beam, but you can move the spotlights along the plane.
  • Reflectors are of two types. In the form of a pyramid, the beam is divided into two. Spherical reflectors define the direction of the beam, which is shown as a thin green line emanating from the sphere. Usually the reflectors are movable.
  • Orange blocks. You can't touch; otherwise the game will throw you back a little.


Move the first reflector to the left to activate an adjacent unstable block. Follow to distant objects. Do not touch the spotlight yet. Set up two reflectors so that one directs the beam from the bridge, and the other is in its path and sends the beam to the distant unstable unit. Then apply this beam with a spotlight, return to the first reflector and put it in place.

East Anglia

Turn the first spotlight towards the unstable block in the center. Take your time as you continue upward. The rotating blocks block the path of the light, so the unstable block will disappear. Run as soon as it stabilizes. Turn the next spotlight towards the center. Take a moment and go up.


Turn the spotlight over to the other and turn it over to the pyramid reflector. Elsewhere, jump across the center to the platform in the far right. There is a tall block in the center, and the orange barriers won't hit you. Turn the spotlight to the furthest one, follow it and direct the light to the unstable block. The third place is more difficult with spotlights. Swing the left spotlight onto the right block. Go to the back part; turn this spotlight on the nearest block. There will be a reflector here. Point it at a tall vertical block. Take a step back and turn the spotlight in the direction of the pyramid. Go to the first spotlight and stabilize the last unstable block.


Move the only way, sliding down the hills. Fix the first unstable block directly under the slide (it changes positions). Use the second floodlight to stabilize the block in the upper position. Go down a little to the third spotlight, remove it from the stabilized block, and then lock it in the lower position.


Turn the spotlight onto the reflector on the right. Go to another spotlight where the light has gone and turn it onto the pyramid. Climb onto the blue block with a spotlight and turn it onto the unstable block opposite. Climb it to another spotlight and stabilize the nearest block. Get to the far reflector with no light and aim at the large block above the ruins on the left. Take a step back and turn the spotlight to the second unstable block above the ruins. Go downstairs, go up to the reflector that stabilized the block, and turn to the reflector that you aimed at the left unstable block above the ruins. It remains to climb the blocks above the ruins.



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