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Deliver Us The Moon: Walkthrough

Read the walkthrough of a fascinating sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us The Moon. In it, you go to the moon, where you will have to launch a device that generates energy and transfers it to the Earth. Because of its breakdown, the Earth was left without energy, because of which it was covered with magnetic and dust storms.

Walkthrough Deliver Us The Moon

Launcher complex Fesenkov

Go to the spacesuit in front of the left, click on the red button and equip the suit. Press on TAB to open the communication device. Confirm contact. Come out. Go down and scan the nearby satellite dish (mission 1/4). Go ahead and look at the trailer on the left. Scan the cabinet on the left wall (Johanson family 1/6). You can scan the monument a little further “To the Stars” (mission 2/4). Try to call the elevator but nothing will work. Go up the stairs and turn the valve. Take the elevator up.

Go through the complex. The password is written on a leaflet attached to the front desk. Enter 3548 and continue. In one of the distant rooms there will be a table with a chip, and on the wall there is a blackboard with inscriptions. Scan this board (mission 3/4). In the next room on the table is a broken robot. Scan it (incident 1/4). Follow further, go from the dining room to the recording doorway and press TAB to listen to it (mission 4/4).

Scan the rocket model on the table in the left corner (Johanson family 2/6). Use the computer on the right (in the control room) to restart the system. Go through the door on the left, which is now open. It is necessary to close two valves. Go out into the courtyard, go up the stairs in the far left corner, climb up and close the first valve. Try to climb the other stairs to the second valve, but it will break. Call the lift in the middle and go down.

Drag the bookcase (ladder) onto the lift, return upstairs and use it to climb to the second valve. Return to the control room and interact with the main console. Then run onto the rocket and launch it. Simple actions await you. In the case of the scale, you need to activate the lever, and then deactivate it when the slider is in the blue zone. Also activate all the levers A and B that are marked on the screen. Then quickly activate the three toggle switches. Follow the second step and get to the station.

Pearson Station

Interact with the monitor, and then take aim and approach directly to the docking gate. There should be yellow lines on the left, top, right and bottom.

Fly forward and press the blue button to go to the next compartment. There is a red corridor ahead, but now it is impossible to open it. Left and right are two rooms. One of them flies a white energy battery. Take it, fly into the red corridor and insert into the hole on the right. A passage will open.

You will find yourself in a compartment with a life support system control monitor. If you try to start it now, you will see an inscription about a lack of energy. Fly into the room on the left and pick up the second energy battery. Go back and insert it below the open door through which you got here (opposite the monitor). After that, take the first battery out of the red corridor. The door will not close because you inserted a second battery on the other side. Place the battery to the left or right of the monitor, take the second one, thereby closing the door back, and insert into the equipment on the other side of the monitor. Launch a life support system. Now you can not worry about oxygen.

To be continued…



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