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Delivery from the Pain: Walkthrough

Read detailed walkthrough post-apocalyptic action. The main character of which is alone in the middle of the city. He creates a shelter and tries to break through to the north.

Walkthrough Delivery from the Pain


Choose the main character - a man or a woman. In this case, we are talking not only about gender, but also about a set of different abilities and characteristics. Follow Morgan, go around a lot of zombies and exit through the door to see a map of the world.

You can go to the shelter or motel from the clinic. Move to the shelter and talk to Morgan again. Click on the character in the upper left corner and examine the injury - damage to the bones. Now you have no materials for treatment. Look for 2 bandages and 4 tires. Next, open the inventory by clicking on the backpack at the top right, then eat canned food and drink vodka. Go to bed, and when you wake up, go out into the yard and talk to Morgan.

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Go to the workbench and make a desk. It will appear next to the workbench. Use the writing desk to study the raw fence. Next you need to find wood for the fence. Talk to Morgan, take the knife from him and equip through inventory. Go to the clinic, grab the clock. You should be back in the evening.


Go to the right place and kill several enemies. Attack the zombies from behind to kill with one blow of the knife. Search the cabinets marked with a magnifying glass. Search all cabinets to find bandages and tires to cure bone damage. After that, look for residual wood and an antibiotic for Morgan, and then leave the clinic. Your character must confirm that he has enough materials for the treatment of Morgan and the installation of the fence.

Cure Morgana and move all the collected items to the storage box. Click on the book by the LMB to move it. Next, Morgan will offer to go to a motel nearby.


Once in place, you will see a zombie. Go to the room on the right and start searching the closet. The zombie will hear these actions and head to the room. Quickly hide behind the cabinet below and wait for the zombie to pass by to attack him from behind. After doing this, search the same closet and get a bat. You can equip it as a second weapon. To change weapons, use the icon with circular arrows in the lower right corner of the screen.

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Understand the second zombie: start to inspect the closet, and then hide around the corner. Search the closets until Morgan stops you. He will say that you can kill a weak zombie, then hide and go around a strong one. So do it.

Keep exploring the motel until you explore every closet. After that, Morgan will say that the building is fully inspected and it's time to get out. Watch the cut-scene, then get out through the nearest door and run to the shelter.

Chapter 1

Build a fence on a workbench, and then go to bed. The first day can be devoted to the study of various technologies on the desk and the production of what is enough resources. Next, head north to Smith Hospital.

Smith Hospital

Examine the first and second floors, go through the door to the north of the first floor and you will find yourself in the laboratory. Read the note, and then go through the door on the right. You will see a corridor with lots of zombies, but a doctor will appear. Follow him back and talk. He asks to kill those same zombies.

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Just search the hospital and kill as many enemies as possible. After that, you can return to the doctor. He will introduce himself to Duke. Bring him laboratory equipment to receive medications in return.

Important notes:

  • Learn how to navigate the mini-map. Zombies are marked with red, green - doors and stairs leading to other rooms of the object, blue - exit door.
  • To distract the zombies, you can turn off the automatic sit-up (right bottom of the screen) and click on the icon of character. Run behind the wall from the zombie, and he will turn in your direction.
  • Take time to completely clean out the hospital and bring all the possible loot.
  • You should not carry more than one weapon with you.
  • Explore the satchel on your desk as soon as possible and collect resources for crafting. There will be 2 additional inventory cells.
  • The farther you are from home, the earlier you need to go back, since the journey back takes more time.
  • The clock begins to squeak, when you need to return to the shelter from the current place in an hour.
  • At the top right there is a “Supply” symbol. If you die three times, it will glow, and Morgan will offer help. Choose a weapon, food or resources. A box with them will appear in the yard.

Laboratory equipment for Dr. Duke is located in the same hospital. Go down to the first floor and go through the door on the left above. Find another door and go to the next room. Here, there is a cabinet with the necessary equipment behind the reception desk. When you get it, take it to Professor Duke.

You can find a safe in the far room of the second floor. Inside you will find tools for the car and an unknown pill. Also you will find various folders and newspapers. Read them to save information in the log and free up inventory cells. Technological journals temporarily increase intelligence, but the action lasts only until the next sleep.

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Watch an eye on the icons in the upper left. The first of them with the “pill” indicates a disease. If a character has injuries, the scale gradually falls, and at zero the hero dies. Treat any injuries as soon as possible. This will keep this scale and spend fewer resources. We remind you that you need to click on the character icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

The scale of happiness is replenished when you drink something, sleep, listen to music, and so on. Subsequently, you can create an inflatable doll that restores happiness much faster than conventional methods. The scale with the image of the "eye" indicates the fatigue of the hero.

In the future, we will pay attention only to unusual, plot locations.

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Shopping center "New Zealand"

It is located below and to the right of the shelter. In fact, the location is not a plot, but there are a few locked safes with useful loot, and you can also find a portable console. Like tools for cars, this item is unique.


Go down from the shelter. In this house, in addition to resources, you can find a character - Hunter Miller. You can exchange food for various resources with him.

Police station

Go down from the shelter. Once inside, you will encounter new zombies - screamers and fat men. They act in the same way as similar opponents from other games. Go through the door on the right to find a girl and a little girl. You talk to Catherine Solomon.

Central City Park (plot)

It is located to the left of your shelter, just below it. Once in place, you will immediately meet Dr. Duke. Talk to him. There is a car on the right. You will have to find tools and spare parts for the car. The tools are hidden in a safe on the second floor, in the Smith hospital. Here you can set traps to catch animals. In this case, an additional trap symbol will appear on the park icon on the map. When there is an exclamation point, then you can pick up a cage with game.

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When there will be tools and parts for the engine, then return to the park. This should be done in the morning to have a doctor. Talk to him and pass the details.

Note that after this the battle against the huge zombies will begin. Stock up on firearms and ammunition. Defeat your opponent. It is necessary to destroy 4 scales of health. After that, talk to the doctor. Now you will quickly travel the world, but the car will have to be repaired.

Auto shop

In the second workshop of the auto shop, you can find spare parts for the engine. In the same place in one of the cabinets is a postcard with the words “Do not go! It's a lie!". In total there are 3 safes.

Shelter (plot)

Upon returning to the shelter, you will meet Colin Lock. Chat with the guy.

Rest House

Visit this place, which is to the right of the shelter. There are 2 safes on the first floor, on the second - another one. Also here you will meet a banshee (a screaming zombie, attracting the attention of other enemies not to the place where he stands, but to you; that is, they immediately begin to pursue you, even if you are hiding from the banshee) and fat people. If the fat man's neck is swollen, then when you kill him, he explodes and gives off a fetid odor. If you are close, then the odor will fall on the main character and within 80 minutes zombies will smell him.

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On the second floor, you can find an electronic board. It is one of the important plot items.

Police Station

From the main hall, you can go through the doors on the right, left and bottom. A door to the right leads to a room with a girl and a little girl. Talk to the girl. She will offer a good reward if you find clothes for a girl. You will find baby dress in the central market north of the shelter. Read about it below.

In one of the rooms of the police station, you must find a detonator that looks like a bunch of dynamite sticks. This is a plot items.

Central Park (plot)

Climb north to the very edge of the accessible region to find the central park. Chat with Avery Float and Lock, who also arrived here. You will find out that things are even worse in the northern city, and Lock has deceived you to find shelter. You can buy melee weapons and gunpowder from Float. He will say that it is impossible to pass beyond the fence due to electricity.

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Chapter 2

Central market

Visit the central market and find a baby dress in one of the boutiques. Take it to the police station and give it to the girl. You can agree to free sex services. They raise the mood of the character. In the future, in exchange for this, you will have to give the old cloth, clothes, potatoes or products.

You can find the plot items - a cell phone on the second floor of the market.

Backup power station

At this station there are two halls. In the first, there will be a lot of additional rooms fenced with an electric fence. In the second, there is a large generator. You must examine it!

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After meeting with Lock and Avery in Central Park, you’ll talk to Lock again when you return to the shelter. He will say that he is ready to leave you. Also, a man steals the weapon of the protagonist, if any. Go to the police station and see that Lock is in contact with the very girl.

Power station

In a conventional power station, there is nothing necessary in the plot — only resources and a few entries for a magazine.

Central Park

Return to Central Park after exploring the generator at the backup power station. There must be Lock, Dr. Duke and Avery. You need to choose what to do - try to crack the password or create a bomb and blow up the generator. In any case, it will be proposed to prepare for both options. However, you can tell Duke that this is too dangerous, and then he will not try to crack the password. Avery needs a cell phone, a detonator and an electronic board to make a bomb. All these items we found earlier (read the walkthrough above):

  • The cell phone is on the second floor of the central market.
  • The detonator is located at the police station.
  • Look for an electronic board on the second floor of a rest home.

Pass the items and visit Avery the next day to pick up the bomb.

Reserve Power Plant

Follow there, go into the room with the generator and talk with Dr. Duke. The alarm will turn on. Get out of the station with Duke. Look at the minimap to avoid the zombies. Kill if they find you. Once outside, return to Central Park and talk to Avery.

Now stock up on the best weapons and medicines !!! Go to the backup power station and set the bomb. The countdown will begin - 4 minutes 30 seconds. Go to the door to leave the room, but a huge zombie will appear. This is the second boss of the game. Use all the weapons you have to defeat the enemy. Let him get close to you, and then run back. While he is swinging, shoot a couple of times or hit with an ax / knife from behind. Leave the Power Plant. There will be an explosion.

Now you can go north. But first, return to the shelter to meet a mysterious stranger. His name is Adolf (Big Brother). He will say that the next day you need to visit the central park, where a meeting will be held with all the survivors. You can’t skip it!

Central Park

The next day, visit Central Park and listen to Big Brother. He will say that the next day he will go to Hunter Miller (the guy from the residence who can exchange food with) and will deal with him. This is a hint that you have one day to help Hunter.

A new survivor will also appear - Moira Alfrade. All survivors will move to the Northern city, where Big Brother wants to build a common shelter. He asks you to start looking for the opportunity to go even further north. Dr. Duke will continue to work on the vaccine.

Agree to help the mother and girl move to the Northern City. When the meeting will end, talk with the two girls. Return to the shelter where Moira is already waiting for you. Listen to her.

Old house

In the north, to the bridge you can find an old house. It has only one floor, there is old teddy bear in one of the pedestals.

Canterbury Shopping Street

There are many resources inside this mall, however there are no things related to the plot.

Coast Guard Station

Apart from the usual resources, there is nothing here. You can open one safe.

Sanatorium Waverly

New enemies will appear here - in yellow costumes and the usual exploding zombies. In the case of the latter, the character will be hit by gas, attracting the attention of enemies. But the monsters in yellow suits inflict very strong blows.

There is a staircase and a door on the right. Go through the door to the right and find yourself in Dr. Duke's new laboratory. Chat with him to find out that he needs instant noodles. In addition, you can exchange with him in the same way as before. However, for the noodles, Dr. Duke will still not give you anything, but you can get it as supplies if you die three times and ask for food from Morgan. You can also find noodles at the Orm store.

Rise to the second floor. There are two rooms here. In the first one you can find a cabinet with a mask, which is necessary for crafting a gas mask. You don’t need it yet. Open the door to another room and you will see that it is all filled with poison gas. So far, you do not have a gas mask that allows you to explore the room.

Shop "Orm"

On the ground floor, there are instant noodles in the safe, which can be taken to Dr. Duke at his additional request. Also here you can find a protective grid, which is needed for the manufacture of a gas mask. The second floor of the Orm store, like one of the rooms of Waverly sanatorium, is filled with gas, so you need a ready-made gas mask.

However, on the second floor there is nothing interesting, except for ordinary resources. There is also ventilation, using which you can get rid of the poison (but you need an extractor hood).

Big Brother's apartment

If you go to this location now, then hit the closed door.

Jim Johnson Police Station

In addition to the first room, all other rooms are filled with gas, so you need a gas mask.

Hypermarket "Salem"

On the ground floor of this store you can find an air filter - the third part needed to produce a gas mask.

Big Brother House

This is the base that all survivors have gone to. Upon arrival, speak with Avery. You will find out that his brother took most of the goods from him, but you can still buy melee weapons from this character.

Talk to Moira and convince her that Big Brother is a dangerous person. There is nothing more to do here.

Hotel "Green Beauty"

On the ground floor, you can find another Air Filter, necessary for the work of a gas mask. The second floor is filled with gas.


Return to your shelter, study the gas mask drawing on the desk and create it from previously found objects:

  •     The mask is located on the second floor of Waverly Sanatorium.
  •     Look for a protective net on the first floor of the Orm store.
  •     The first air filter is hidden on the first floor of the Salem hypermarket.
  •     The second air filter is located on the ground floor of the Hotel.

Sanatorium Waverly

Come back here when there is a gas mask. Climb to the second, third and fourth floors. Collect various resources. Here you can also find a unique magazine. In addition, on the top floor, on the left side there is ventilation equipment, for the operation of which an extract hood is required.


After some time, Big Brother will come into hiding and say that Duke has left, leaving something for you at Waverly Sanatorium. Visit the sanatorium and find the medicine in the room where Duke was.

Chapter 3

Car factory

It is the northernmost point of the map. There you will meet all the other people, including Big Brother. Avery will run away after a quarrel with his brother. Talk to him on all topics. You will learn how to make a gas mask (read the document from the inventory), as well as the fact that in the depths of the plant there is a very strong monster and the source of infection is probably hidden there. In the depths of the plant, you will encounter a boss. Defeat the poisoned nurse, and then go to the far door. An identity card is required to open it.

Go back and run away from the monster. When he appears a second time, run back and see how the green buds explode, opening the way to the door. Use it and talk with Big Brother. Listen to his plan. Need to restore backup power at the Jim Johnson Police Station!

Big Brother's apartment

Go to this location the next day and see the wounded Big Brother. You will need to break through the apartment building, go up to the second floor and get to the back room where Avery is located. Escort him back to Big Brother. Then, the next day, Avery will visit your shelter. He will say that he must prove his worth to everyone.

Car factory

Return to the factory and meet Big Brother. Chat with him. He will say that he cannot find his brother Marvin. Go up and through the door to the right. Consider that you need to do this after you make a gas mask. Climb to the upper left of the room and find a room with a ventilation unit. And next will be Marvin. Talk to him. Kill as he turns into a zombie. You will earn the Marvin Bridge achievement. Go back to Big Brother and report what happened.

In the depths of the plant, you will encounter a boss. Defeat the poisoned nurse, then go to the far door. An identity card is required to open it.

Run away from the monster. When he appears a second time, run back and see how the green buds explode, open the way to the door. Use it and talk with Big Brother. Listen to his plan. We need to restore backup power at the Jim Johnson Police Station.

You will also get Hoods. Study many locations in the northern part of the city, you probably drew attention to ventilation installations. So you need to use hoods on these plants to collect as much toxic smoke as possible. The more smoke there is, the weaker the monster will be. If there is no room in the inventory, return to the asylum, discard excess items and visit Big Brother at the car factory again.

Go to the Jim Johnson Police Station. Go down to the very bottom and go to the upper right room. Interact with the generator and activate it. Return to the section above and on the right find the room with the ventilation unit. Use a range hood to collect a toxic gas bottle.

Collect gas in other places:

1. Hotel. Go up to the third floor and go to the upper left corner.

2. Shop "Orm". Second floor, upper right corner.

3. Hypermarket "Salem". Second floor, go straight up.

There is no gas anywhere else. Go to the car factory, go to the room on the right and go up, where they found Marvin. There is also a ventilation unit. First, collect toxic smoke from it, and then load inside one cylinder each (until the inventory is empty).

Go to Big Brother, talk to him and come back here the next day. Climb to the door from above to start the battle. Go to the room. You will see that Big Brother is dead. Go left to fight the formidable boss. This is the final opponent in the game. After defeating him, you will have a key card.

Ending 1. Bad Ending

Talk to Locke. He will say that walking through the door is not worth it. You will receive the achievement. Locke will die. If you go through this door, they will kill you. You will learn that Luke and Big Brother are doing some kind of experiment. You will get the achievement.



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