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ShowGamer.comDisco Elysium Walkthrough

Disco Elysium Walkthrough

When you wake up, pick up your pants and jacket. Do the same with a tie on a ceiling fan. You will have to pass a test with different attributes.

Walkthrough Disco Elysium

Pull it, and then select the first line, as the chances of getting a tie will be higher. Find and pick up the shirt in the bathroom. You can look in the mirror hanging on the wall. Examine the hole in the window (get a diary with tasks) and remove the first shoe from the hanger on the right. Open the front door (the key is in the back pocket of the pants you want to click on).

Talk to the girl in the hallway and examine the ashtray. The goal "find cigarettes and smoke" will appear. There is a table with money on the left side. Pick them up. There is a door. Go out through it. Once on the balcony, pick up the second shoe. Return to the building, go right and go down the stairs. Examine the microphones and the sign to their left and to the right of the bar. The task will be updated: you need to sing in karaoke. Examine all the objects on the stage!

There is medicinal source Nosaphed on the bar. Pick it up. The visitor is sleeping in the lower left corner. There is a bottle next to him. Inspect it to get a new goal - to find and drink alcohol.

Talk to the guard at the front door on the left to find out about the crime. Now you need to examine the victim’s body, interrogate the cafe manager and report the missing icon.

Talk with the bartender on different topics to update tasks. New goals will appear - to find out who reported the crime and to pay for the abrasions received. Talk to Kim, your partner, and ask for a job to complete a secret task. Talk on other topics and get new goals - a competition of writers, summing up the day with Kim and call the infirmary of your site. Talk to a woman in a wheelchair again, choose different topics and get a new task - lower reality. Go outside.

Chat with the girl on the right and get yellow gloves from her. Outfit them. On the left is a blue car. Check it and contact the office to report a missing badge. You will get a new goal - to track your token. Continue the conversation and get another task - to track your weapons. Turn on the radio again and select the link to the infirmary. Talk to your doctor about all topics to complete the task. Select the second item to get three items from the box. Use the radio to contact Sylvia to make sure she didn’t report the crime. Note that incorrect answers will lead to a decrease in morality. A complete decline in morality is tantamount to a complete loss of health - death.

Go right, talk to the music seller and grab a pack of cigarettes. Outfit her and click on the icon on the hero to smoke and perform an additional task (if any). Go right, talk to the protesters, climb the gate and chat with a big man. You get the task - to find out what kind of race, Enigma. Enter the building just to the right of the music seller.

It sells medicine and other things. Talk with the saleswoman on all topics and study the contents of the store, go outside.

Return to the cafe entrance and go up to the back yard. Talk to the boy who throws the stones and examine the orange container on the left. A new goal will appear - to open the container. Try to inspect the corpse, but if you do not pass the test, you have to look for ammonia. The item can be obtained from the gardener or purchased at a drug store next to the music seller. It will allow you to pass a difficult test. Examine the body to advance on some tasks.

You will get new goals - to find out where the armor went, remove the body from the loop, pick up the shoes from the corpse and study the tattoos (Kim will take a photo).

To be continued…

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